Top 14 Cities Millennials Should Consider Moving To

As the millennial generation enters adulthood, they have plenty of decisions to make. They can follow the millennial home buying trend, decorate with millennial pink, and figure out where to set up a home base. Finding a city to call home with everything you want and need can be overwhelming. Plus, there are the financial hurdles of relocation. According to Investopedia, millennials are born between 1981 and 1996 and are the largest generation in American history.

When scouting cities to move to, there are some features to consider. Does it have good opportunities for your career field? Are there housing options within your budget? If you have kids, does the city have a family-friendly vibe? It's also good to think about the leisure activities in the area. Are there things to do on the weekend? Is traveling to nearby attractions and destinations accessible? These questions can help you make the most of your downtime and enjoy the activities you love most. From coast to coast, here's a list of the top cities millennials should consider for their home. Of course, each has its own unique characteristics and will appeal to different personalities. Check out each one and see if it sounds like your perfect next home.

Columbus, Ohio for Midwest tech jobs

The city of Columbus is a quickly growing capital city in the heart of Ohio. The area has tons to offer residents, from its expanding tech job sector to its diverse culture and fan-favorite sports teams. Plus, its central location makes traveling to several destinations more doable. According to TechCrunch, Columbus is becoming an epicenter for tech jobs in the Midwest. It's home to many startups and growing mid-sized businesses. The area's promising outlook has prompted tech-giants Intel and Amazon to build nearby facilities. Columbus can be a big win for your career if you are in the tech industry and looking for great jobs.

The Columbus area is home to many neighborhoods to put down roots. Places like the Short North and German Village have their own identities and culture (via Experience Columbus). You can also head to one of the many quieter, nearby suburbs that each have its own benefits (via Niche). Columbus is a sports fan's paradise (via Ohio Secretary of State). You can cheer on the top-ranked Ohio State University football team and the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnatti Bengals just a few hours away. Columbus is also home to soccer team The Crew and pro hockey's Blue Jackets. No matter what sport you're into, Columbus has an event for you.

Austin, Texas for the food and music scene

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the music scene, food options, and the job market. These factors make Austin, Texas an attractive place for Millennials to call home. According to Culture Map, Austin is the second-ranked job market in the nation. It's bounced back from the pandemic and has even added jobs since early 2020. The city boasts plentiful jobs in many sectors, ideal for those looking for a long-term career path or wanting to try something new.

The city also allows you to enjoy your weekends to the fullest. Austin is named "The Music Capital of the World," and the streets are filled with venues large and small to enjoy various styles of music and shows (via Marriott Bonvoy Traveler). The musical experience here is second to none, with festivals and cozy dive bars. There's also plenty of food to experience in this city, starting with the infamous BBQ dishes (via Thrillist). The city is also known for its delicious breakfast tacos. There are tons of food trucks and yummy bites in all parts of the city.

Savannah, Georgia for history and walkability

If you want a charming spot with tons of history and activities, look no further than Savannah, Georgia. The city is a popular tourist destination and loved by its residents. The city is incredibly walkable, earning high marks from WalkScore for its accessibility. Most errands can be run by walking, and the area is accessible by bike. From your new home, you'll be able to walk to shops, restaurants, and entertainment destinations.

Many millennials value uniqueness and ways to express their personalities. Living in a historic, one-of-a-kind property is the perfect way to achieve that. More than 40 percent of the city's buildings have architectural or historical importance (via Savannah). There are also many styles, including Greek and Gothic, to express your unique taste and make a statement. Savannah is a prime location for millennials looking for diverse travel experiences. Living on the coast gives you access to watersports, beaches, and recreational activities. Plus, as USA Today points out, nearby Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world. Catching a flight to your next dream destination will be easy and convenient.

Portland, Oregon for green-minded millennials

If you care about sustainability and the environment, surround yourself with like-minded people in Portland. This Oregon city is known for its green initiatives and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Portland has tons of features to make it an eco-minded haven. According to Urban Green Blue Grids, the city features miles of bike paths and public transportation networks to clean up your commute. There are also green roofs, eco-friendly buildings, and robust composting and recycling systems. Portland has the highest concentration of veg-friendly eateries and more parks per capita than any other American city.

There are many unique areas and neighborhoods to choose from in Portland. Residents praise the walkability and access to parks and nature. Many parts also feature highly-rated schools, a plus for young families. The Portland area also features impressive job growth for millennials looking to bolster their careers. The city was in the top ten nationwide for job growth in 2021 (via Oregon Live). With a strong bounce back from the pandemic, the area's low unemployment rate and promising outlook make it a great place to call your new home.

Denver, Colorado for mountain adventure

Denver is ideal for outdoorsy millennials to establish a home due to its location, job market, and natural beauty. It's full of things to do year-round, and your next adventure can be in the city or a quick trip away. Plus, it's full of diverse housing choices for different budgets. The winter months make Denver the place to be. Skiing and snowboarding allow residents and visitors to enjoy the area's trademark snow. However, the summer months welcome hiking, boating, and other fun adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

When looking for homes in Denver, there are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from (via Niche). Many areas have a community focus with friendly neighbors and stellar schools. The city also has a solid job market (via Denver Business Journal). The earning potential here is promising, with wages steadily rising. This hot job market means that moving to the Denver area can give you a boost along your career path.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for historical fun

Pittsburgh is getting some major love from its millennial residents, according to The Atlantic. Young adults move to the city for its beauty, walkability, and reasonable cost of living. Not to mention there is plenty to do for sports and entertainment. The Pittsburgh metro area scores decently for walking and biking (via Walk Score). However, if you choose to live in the downtown area, you'll be able to complete most of your daily errands on foot. The city's public transportation system makes getting around easy and cost-effective.

The overall cost of living is below the national average (via Best Places). The affordable housing market is attractive to budget-minded millennials. You can rent everything from a studio apartment to a four-bedroom house here for well below the US average. When it comes to sports, the city has it all. Check out the Steelers at Hines Field for Sunday football fun in the fall. Watch the Pittsburgh Penguins take the ice to fight for another Stanley Cup. Or, watch the city's oldest pro team, baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates, compete with opponents playing America's pastime.

Chicago, Illinois for a friendly big city

Many millennials crave the big city lifestyle. However, places like New York and Los Angeles can be overwhelming, unattainable, and simply unaffordable. That's where Chicago comes in. This more accessible big city provides an option for those looking for a fast-paced lifestyle, tons to do, and a promising job market. Chicago's midwest location gives it a more welcoming feel than its coastal counterparts. Plus, it has a ton of suburbs that provide a quieter lifestyle with easy metropolis access. According to Chicago Agent Magazine, Evanston, Skokie, and Forest Park are the best Chicago suburbs for millennials. Each is convenient to the downtown area thanks to the CTA train line.

Chicago is also one of the best places for job-seeking (via Money Geek). The overall job growth is promising for millennials looking to expand their careers. Plus, it boasts reasonable housing costs, especially compared to other large cities. The Windy City offers plenty to do in your downtime, no matter your interests. The area is famous for its pizza, but there is no shortage of other eateries, including high-end steakhouses. There are also lots of museums and historical attractions. With the Chicago River, you'll also find fun cruises, watersports, and even a beach to enjoy.

Ventura, California is a surfer's paradise

Laid-back millennials looking for that West Coast lifestyle often find moving to California fiscally impossible. However, Ventura can provide the quintessential California vibe without the hefty price tag. It's also in a prime location with plenty to see and do. According to MarketWatch, Ventura is one of the most affordable places to live in The Golden State. Living here can mean more reasonable housing options and price points than in other areas on the coast. Plus, there are top eateries, shopping spots, and art museums.

Ventura is home to the infamous Surfer's Point. This spot is prime for surfing and windsurfing (via The Whale Trail). Visitors and residents can enjoy the trails, beach, and picnic facilities. Plus, you can spot whales and sea lions at different times of the year. Living in Ventura also gives you some great transportation options. Getting around is simple with the Metrolink service (via Go Ventura). It takes the guesswork out of commuting daily to Los Angeles for work. Ventura also has an Amtrak station with routes to destinations like San Diego and Seattle for fun and convenient getaways.

Jacksonville, Florida has a promising job market

Florida has a rep for being full of retirees and snowbirds. However, Jacksonville is seeing an influx of growth in the millennial set. The Florida Times-Union reports that the city's average age is just 33 years old. The rebounding job market, great housing choices, and prime location make Jacksonville a must-live area for younger Floridians. Jacksonville is one of the top metro areas leading post-pandemic job recovery (via Economic Innovation Group). This robust recovery is promising for the future of the city's job market. Millennials can find diverse and long-term career opportunities here.

The cost of living is another attractive aspect of Jacksonville's living. Here, housing is 13 percent cheaper than the national average (via PayScale). Transportation and health care are also below average, creating long-term stability for young adults new to the area. Jacksonville's location makes it perfect for those that enjoy the city and the beach life. The metro area has plenty to do and see, including dining, shopping, and pro sports. However, plenty of beaches are accessible so residents can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

Ann Arbor, Michigan for great livability

For millennials looking for a high quality of life, check out Ann Arbor. Not only does US News & World Report rank it the best place to live for quality of life in the nation, but its population has a median age of around 34, demonstrating its appeal to young adults. The diverse combination of city life and nature makes it a great place to live. The exceptional liveability score makes it an attractive place for relocation (via AreaVibes). There are tons of amenities and unique neighborhoods to choose. The low crime rate and highly-ranked schools make it ideal for young families.

The city is home to the University of Michigan, giving it a college-town feel. The campus area features hip eateries, fun shopping, and culture in a walkable setting. The college's museums of natural history and art and the botanical gardens are some of the best free things to do in the city (via US News & World Report). Another perk of Ann Arbor living is the close access to Lake Huron and Erie. Spend your weekends relaxing lakeside or participating in fun watersports. Or, head to Detroit to check out Henry Ford Museum, the largest museum in the country (via Expedia). This indoor and outdoor attraction has so much to see that multiple visits are a must!

Scottsdale, Arizona for access to nature

If you love nature, why not move close to some of the nation's best hiking and scenery? Scottsdale is a haven for sunny weather and boasts attractive housing options and job prospects. It's also a great place for millennials because of its prime location. Of course, Arizona is home to The Grand Canyon. However, the state's landscape gives it countless other natural attractions and regions to explore. Living in Scottsdale puts these wonders within a short drive or a fun day trip.

There are also plenty of indoor activities in Scottsdale to escape the frequent heat waves. USA Today calls it, "the place to be, even — no especially — when it's 100+ degrees." There are indoor retail facilities to explore and keep cool. Or, you can pop over to Phoenix to check out the many museums and the delicious food scene. The job market in Scottsdale makes it an ideal place to live and grow your career. The city ranks in the top ten best job markets (via WalletHub). Scottsdale boasts a low unemployment rate and impressive median annual income. Plus, its proximity to Phoenix can provide even greater access to job opportunities.

Portland, Maine is a paradise on the coast

Portland, Maine can be the perfect spot for millennials looking to live in a New England retreat. The coastal location provides plenty to do both on and off the water. The city also has a low crime rate and a promising job market. US News & World Report ranks Portland as the eighth-best place to live in the country and the fourth safest. The low crime rates make it an outstanding place to raise a family.

The economy is an appealing feature of living in Portland. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average with projected job growth (via Best Places). The city also boasts a lower than average sales tax rate and higher family median income than the US average. Portland's scenic location is a bonus. The Atlantic coastline offers water recreation activities like sailing and boating. There are many beaches in the area, including quiet spots and action-packed piers (via Planet Ware).

Boston, Massachusets for family-friendly living

For millennials wanting to raise a family on the perfect East Coast spot, few cities are better than Boston. This iconic city has tons to do, good schools, and diverse job opportunities. Plus, the historical charm oozes into its stylish suburbs. Rocket Mortgage ranks Massachusetts as the best state to raise a family, with Boston being the top choice city. Not only do they have one of the best public school systems in the country, but they also have impressively high-ranking health care. The family-friendly activities around the area will keep everyone entertained.

The average annual salary is well above the national average (via US News & World Report). For millennials in the medical field, facilities like Boston Children's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital provide outstanding employment opportunities. There are also multiple colleges and universities for those in the education sector. There are 23 neighborhoods that Boston has to offer (via Pods Blog). Many are on the train line for easy access to downtown. Each has a unique style and vibe to help you find the perfect home base for your preferences.

Albany, New York provides a great value

The city of Albany, New York offers high value to budget-conscious millennials. You have a low cost of living and a great location. Plus, there are plenty of things to do, see, and explore. Per Best Places, the cost of living in Albany is below the national average. Housing costs are more affordable than the US average, making homeownership more attainable for millennials. Transportation is also lower than average, making daily commutes lighter on the budget.

Entertainment is also budget-friendly in New York's capital city. There are plenty of free things to do, including parks, museums, and architectural attractions (via Tripadvisor). You'll also find cozy pubs, breweries, and casual restaurants in the city for low-cost eats and drinks. Living in Albany gives you access to plenty of nearby natural attractions. It's also close to other New England cities for day trips. This location makes traveling and experiencing new places affordable, convenient, and fun.