How To Decorate A Porch For Summertime

With the summer season in full swing, now is the time to prepare the porch for exciting fun in the sun. Before going into decorating mode, clean any glass or furniture around the porch area, per Busy Bee. Mix water, vinegar, and ½ teaspoon of dish soap, and use this as a home remedy to wipe off dirty windows and furniture with glass details. Outdoor furniture that needs a quick wipe-down could use a solution made of detergent, water, and one tablespoon of borax to remain clean. Don't neglect barbecue grills and follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Seal concrete, stone, and brick flooring with a protectant and clean regularly.

Find patio furniture that won't rust easily by looking for pieces made of high-density polyethylene, which is recyclable plastic (via MultiMan Services). Clean debris with a leaf blower or broom and pan to sweep up dirt, leaves, and branches. Avoid using harmful cleaning solutions on furniture or decks because they can erode cloth, plastic, or wood. Once your porch is clean, it's time to start sprucing it up for summertime. The following tips and tricks will help turn your front porch into an outdoor oasis.

Make use of small space

Decorating a patio doesn't have to be elaborate. Live in an apartment or townhouse where space is limited? Think of establishing simple coastal decor, as per My Wee Abode. Mix and match textiles like a polyester blue and white striped rug and fluffy overstuffed cotton pillows. Place the rug on the porch and arrange pillows on a traditional rocking chair to complete the look. For additional comfort, look for patio furniture that's cushioned and soft. Since space is limited, look for small chairs and tables. Even kid-sized outdoor furniture may work in a pinch.

Check out a local greenhouse for potted plants in terracotta bowls or mason jars if plants need to be newly potted. Potted plants can instantly freshen up the space. You can bring light to the porch area without spending too much money by placing LED candles on tables or hanging them around the door frame.

Pay attention to window treatments

An effortless way to add decor to a porch is to craft window designs for your aesthetic, per Kidadl. Let kids in on the fun by finding plastic or clay window cling-ons in rainbow, animal, and flower shapes. You can paint these with acrylic paint and suction them onto porch windows near the front door. Another way to add style to your porch windows is to crumble crayons on wax paper and press another piece of wax paper on top. Iron them together to create a colorful art piece and tape them onto windows. Hang hand-made butterflies around the door and windows. Go the nature route by cutting a butterfly design from paper and folding one painted side to the unpainted side to create symmetry.

To add prettiness, decorate with popular curtain styles like sheer drapes to block out the glaring summer sun (via Be Home Blinds Galore). Not only do sheer drapes look ethereal and refined, but they block harmful sun rays. Cover large windows with cellular shades. Cellular shades are energy efficient and keep rooms cool.

Opt for summery paint colors

Decorate the porch with colors appropriate for summertime. According to Dunn-Edwards, light colors are popular to design during the warm season. Neutral-colored painted potters reflect sunlight and lessen toxic heat from infiltrating the pots. Those who love pink but don't want to commit to painting the whole porch can buy pink furniture and cushions. While light or bright colors are preferable during summer, some people prefer to go dark and paint their porch sidings gray or brown.

For a sunny look, paint the front door lemon yellow (via Semigloss Design). Find a painted rug or paint a plain-colored rug a mix of bold rainbow hues for the entryway. Garden gnomes are popular to collect and station around gardens. Find gnomes that aren't painted and color in the blank spaces with acrylic or oil paint. Use spray paint and create an ombre green to blue effect by spraying metal containers for outdoor use.

Embrace festive welcome rugs

When finding the right rug for your porch, consider size, per The Rug District. A larger porch space calls for a larger rug, whereas a small porch space may need something more compact. Be knowledgeable about cleaning your rugs properly. Rugs can become seriously warped due to harsh UV light rays and too much rain. Keep synthetic polypropylene rugs clean by scrubbing them with simple household products.

Black and white stripes are a popular rug design for dressing up a porch (via StoneGable). Think about layering your rugs by placing a statement rug on top of a plain black and white one. Using two rugs for design reasons may be a clever idea for switching one out if it gets damaged or just having options. Invest in a few summertime rugs that feature beach, nautical, or floral schemes to make a chic statement. You can change these out seasonally.

Incorporate summer themes

There are plenty of summertime themes to choose from when decorating a porch. Nearly Natural says mid-century modern styles with clean color schemes are popular. To accomplish this style, stick with porch furniture made from natural materials such as wood. The mid-century modern aesthetic is classic and won't go out of fashion. Desire a farm style or country vibe? Add wooden barrels and wreaths to create a rustic theme. Look up DIY crafts online to make a wreath by hand. Hang up statement wood plaques on the sides of the front door to complete the design.

Favor vintage styles? Add wrought iron potted planters with overflowing plants around the porch area. You can pick these up at local home and garden stores. Install wrought iron lamps near the front door for some soft light. Bohemian style isn't all tie-dye and hippies. It's about playing with textures. Purchase woven handcrafted rugs at open markets or thrift stores to place on the porch. Think of seating placements. Knitted ottomans can be placed on the porch and are comfortable and soft enough to sit on.

Bring in shelving

Not only do shelves accommodate space for outdoor nick knacks, but they could also add to the beauty of the porch. As stated by Happy DIY Home, take proper measurements of the outdoor area to ensure shelves aren't too big or too small. Tiny shelves in a large space look lost, whereas big shelves in small spaces feel overwhelming. Before installing shelves, have tools, screws, brackets, and hooks on hand. Buy a weather varnish protectant from a local home store to prevent your shelves from warping and rotting due to the outdoor elements.

Construct fixed bracket shelves with scaffold planks for a unique appearance. For a boho aesthetic, add macrame hanging shelves to your porch. For those who think hanging shelves are unstable, create faux rope supports to give the impression that shelves are hanging. You can also go nautical by purchasing a shelving system that looks like a boat.

Have potted plants that need a place on the porch? Complete a shelving project with a drill, lumber, brackets, screws, tape measure, and stud finder (via Jess Oakes). Cut three pieces of lumber evenly and use brackets on either side of each piece. Keep them in place with screws. To create an even flow, paint the lumber the same color as the potted plants.

Install awning coverings

Not only do awning coverings add to the porch's appeal, but they can also increase your property value and protect the porch from severe weather, according to Deavita. Two common types of awning coverings are fixed and retractable. Fixed awnings stay in place, whereas retractable awnings open and close manually or with a remote. Metal retractable awnings offer UV protection but can get too hot during scorching summer days. Canvas awnings are attractive but take extended periods to dry after heavy thunderstorms. Awnings are available in concave, convex, and dome shapes.

Want to be crafty? Create an awning with a DIY project (via DIY Crafts). Want to craft a small triangular awning over the front door? Gather wood, saws, screws, and brackets from a home store to build something suitable. What about a canvas awning? Find canvas fabric and measure how much material you need to stretch above the porch. Punch holes on either side of the canvas and use ropes to stabilize the shape. Wood or metal rods may be required to ensure durability and maintain the shape.

Consider portable snack bars

For those summertime evenings filled with pool parties and get-togethers, why not find an uncomplicated way to serve food and drinks? Portable snack bars are easy to maneuver and store when not in use, per Foter. Multi-use patio bars can be used for meal prep on top, while the underneath cabinet holds plates and other cooking utensils. Wicker-made portable bars typically come with a metal storage compartment to hold ice. These are perfect for drinking parties where the host acts as an expert mixologist.

Outdoor portable bar cabinets have enough compartments to hold anything from alcohol to fruits, glasses, and everything in between. Since summertime is the perfect time to hold outdoor parties, make it a mini vacation by purchasing a portable bar with an umbrella as a topper. Family and friends will feel like they're at the beach going up to a snack stand. The umbrellas are foldable and can be used continuously throughout the summer.

Stock up on outdoor tableware

For summer gatherings and eating together, it's essential to find sustainable kitchenware. According to Sirena System, staying within budget and finding something durable should be a top priority when shopping for kitchen sets. Copper and stainless steel pans retain heat and keep food warm for long durations of time. Aluminum pans work fine, but the material can erode due to acidic food dishes and sauces. Copper and cast iron skillets are praised for their sturdiness and are no fuss, but they're harder to clean versus stainless steel ware. When shopping online, look for positively reviewed kitchenware products and check into protection warranties in the case of breakage or damage.

Are you searching for summertime-specific kitchenware? Incorporate light blues and floral designs (via Nina Williams Blog). You can play up floral kitchenware on table porches by placing floral centerpieces on top. Bright colored flowers in purples, oranges, and reds are sure to spruce up any small area. Think outside the box by purchasing kitchenware with flavorful citrus fruit designs in oranges, lemons, and limes.

Get creative with lounge chairs

Every porch needs lounge-type furniture. If the area overlooks a railing or balcony, do a chair test to see how the height complements the space, per UTR Decorating. Sit on regular chairs and stools before purchasing sets and test the view. You can buy two small comfortable chairs and pair them with an ottoman and a side table to set drinks and food. The area will look full but not overcrowded.

When entertaining guests on the porch, finding plastic or metal stacking chairs in assorted colors may be a plausible choice (via Gardener's Path). Another option is to buy chairs made of eucalyptus and resin wicker. Couples may prefer conversation sets with two chairs and a table in between. For adults who like a bar atmosphere, search for tall chairs and tables that are pub height. Cozy and soft sofas are another option. Before committing to a particular style or design, consider the space around your porch.

Have some fun with pool supplies and floats

Keep children occupied by having pool toys and floats around the porch. Even if a family doesn't have a pool, these accessories are ideal for heading to a friend's house or going to the community pool, beach, or lake. WSYR-TV explains that floats like rings or pool noodles are popular swim toys. For the child learning how to dive, a way to help them improve their skills is by swimming for lightweight diving rings underwater. To get into the spirit of playing sports, buy a net and waterproof volleyball to play a few water games. Get a floating pool basketball hoop and basketball to shoot hoops.

Use pool toys to add decor around the pool or porch (via Santa Rosa Blue Hole). Make sure there's enough room for toys and other flotation devices inside the swimming pool without overcrowding and safety hazards. For families with young children, make sure to have age-appropriate toys so that children don't get bored or potentially hurt themselves. Be sure to buy products for longevity that won't break easily.

Turn up the volume with outdoor speakers

An outdoor speaker system may be necessary for entertaining guests on the porch and around the front yard. Who doesn't love some fun tunes on hot days? According to Audio Advice, you can mount outdoor speakers to a wall, floor, or deck. Regular outdoor speakers feature better bass sound systems and can be positioned for guests to hear better. Outdoor speakers come in different colors and are usually waterproof. This feature allows speakers to be near a pool during parties without being seriously damaged.

Want to replicate the sounds of an outdoor music concert? Landscape outdoor speakers could do the trick. Install these speakers in the ground for the best results. They usually come in packs of four to six speakers with an additional subwoofer to add bass. You can place these speakers however you want. Before installing anything, read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper use.

Design game areas

While porches typically provide a small amount of space, it's still possible for families to play games on or around the area, per Elite Outdoor Expressions. Why not set up a game of cornhole with two rectangular wooden boards? Each board needs to have six-inch diameter holes cut out. Grab a handful of bean bags and start playing. It's one point if the bean bag goes on the board, three points if the bag lands inside one of the opponent's holes, or none if the bean bag doesn't land on the board. Beat the heat by playing water balloon baseball with wiffle bats to put a unique spin on America's favorite pastime. Want to play an old-fashioned game of checkers or chess? Buy the large ones with oversized checkers or chess pieces to add to the fun.

For children who want to be crafty, let them make a birdhouse from a DIY kit (via Fun in the Yard). After painting, grab bird seed from a pet store and hang it on a tree near a porch. Children could also make wind chimes to hang up. Tie multiple strings onto the hanger and tie bottle caps, seashells, and buttons to the ends.

Don't forget outdoor lights

Porches need outdoor lights not only for curb appeal but for safety as well, per Build With Ferguson. Though they aren't stylish, safety flood lights have built-in motion sensors and could be used to dissuade intruders and wild animals. Regular post lights are installed on posts, light up nooks, and beautify outdoor landscape features. Sconces are installed on the walls around the porch and act as efficient light. You can also install ceiling lights on top of the ceiling.

Look for weather-resistant lights with aluminum or brass coverings that prevent snow, rain, or excessive heat from damaging the porch lights. For energy efficiency, check out LED bulbs and light bulbs that are specifically used for the outdoors. Don't buy porch lights that distract the neighbors or call too much attention to the home. Find lights that shine minimally. Avoid incandescent bulbs because they attract unwanted insects (via American Association for the Advancement of Science). Make sure that when the front door opens, it's not hitting and disrupting the porch lights along the wall. For those living in humid climates, buy an outdoor ceiling fan with a built-in light to keep cool. With a splash of home design, suitable furniture, classic games, and proper lighting, a summertime-styled porch is a sure way to attract family and friends during the season for fun in the sun.