The Best Way To Make The Most Of A Small Front Porch

When the weather turns warm, you probably start to envision lively dinner parties al fresco with your friends, nights spent watching the fireflies with the kids in the backyard, and relaxing evenings watching the sun go down. There's only one problem — where is everyone going to sit? If you have no outdoor space except your tiny porch, you may be wondering how on earth to make these dreamy sunshine days come true. But with a little know-how, DIY, and smart shopping, you can have the front porch straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Not sure if investing in outdoor furniture and décor is worth it? WebMD notes that spending time outside can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and boost immunity, but you are less likely to get this crucial time in nature if you don't have easy and comfortable access to an outdoor space. So instead of relying on daily walks to the park or driving up the mountain, creating an outdoor space you genuinely want to spend time in your own front yard is a great investment for your home and your health.

Never underestimate the power of décor

You don't need to have a mega budget to give your porch some TLC. Styling the porch can immediately make it feel more inviting and cozy. You can do this by buying a few plants, a vertical shelf, and a can of paint. A fresh coat of paint on the floor, front door, window trim, shutters, or all of the above can drastically change the look of your veranda and make it more inviting, says U.S. News & World Report. Yellow, blue, pink, and greens are very much in style, but white and black painted porches never go out of fashion.

Next, think about décor. A vertical shelf is a great way to add storage space without taking much space and an even better place to show off the décor. In addition to typical garden décor, be sure to visit your local nursery or hardware store. Pre-potted plants add character, splashes of color, and life to your porch. Get a variety of planters for an eclectic boho veranda or a matching set for a classic, polished look.

The best trick for small porches

While thinking about the décor is excellent, the best way to make the most out of your small porch is by investing in slim profile furniture. While it can be tempting to stuff a wide outdoor sectional onto your veranda, this will actually make the space feel more cramped and less inviting. Instead, look for backless benches, small chairs, and end tables. Yahoo Life also notes that a slender rocking chair is a great, comfortable choice that won't take up too much room but allows for lounging. This will allow you to maximize seating options without overcrowding your porch and create a dynamic area you and your family will actually want to enjoy time on.

Don't worry about losing out on comfort with these furniture items. It is much more affordable to buy cushions for smaller furniture pieces, and pillows and throw blankets go a long way to warming up the space. The most important thing to keep in mind during your porch makeover is to only add what you have the space for.