How To Decorate The Home With Polka Dots

Decorating with polka dots is fun, versatile, and could be suitable for all ages and room design ideas. Pastel, neutral, and black and white colored polka dots have increased in popularity when it comes to décor, as per Lushome. That's because they're easy to decorate with and their simple hues are easy to mix and match. For a modern twist, design a living room by incorporating a navy blue couch with white polka dots. When it comes to kitchens, having wallpaper with pink polka dots on light blue walls could add a retro spark to an otherwise average eating space. For a child's bedroom, have an accent wall of multi-colored polka dots for pops of color without overwhelming the room.

Polka dots could add youthfulness to a "serious" space (via Arizona Foothills Magazine). Liven up an area with priceless antiques or steely architecture by purchasing polka-dotted home accessories or mixing them with other designs such as stripes or hearts. Have we sparked your curiosity? Here is how to use these cheerful dots in your own home.

Incorporate it in your porch decor

Start simple when decorating with polka dots by adding some to your porch, as suggested by The Sits Girls. According to the bloggers, you can create polka dotted party lights with an uncomplicated DIY project. Grab ping pong or Styrofoam balls, battery-operated fairy lights, a knife, and oil-based pens. Take the knife to make holes in the ping pong balls and place the pointed part of the individually stringed lights inside each of the balls. Then, add a design to the ping pong balls by drawing colorful polka dots with the oil-based pens. Once the ink is dry, hang the lights around the porch area along an awning.

For those who'd like to create another outdoor décor, there are tons of other DIYs to try. For example, you can try crafting wooden monogram letters by going to a craft or hobby store with ready-made wooden letters (via The Crafty Blog Stalker). Use paint to cover the whole letter and use a contrasting color to paint polka dots on the letters. Choose letters that spell out a short word or the first letter of each family member's name. You can also introduce a touch of polka dots by adding spotted planters to your porch. Find ceramic pots at a home or garden store and paint polka dots to display along porch ledges. Or, if you don't want to craft, go the no-fuss route by buying polka dotted cushions to put on outdoor seated furniture for added comfort and relaxation.

Add dots to your window treatments

Apply a playful window treatment to a room by incorporating polka dots. According to Love Grows Wild, sheer curtains are chic and light. Search for polka dotted sheer curtains to add a splash of vibrancy. Be sure to find curtain rods that are sturdy and durable to withstand the weight of the curtains, and do a craft project by painting polka dots onto the curtain rods. Think of complementary colors that may go together to add spice to a regular room, like yellow and orange polka dots painted on a curtain rod.

For best results, find curtain fabrics that are washable and long-lasting, such as cotton, polyester, and linen (via Kwik-Hang). Though adults may prefer fancier curtain fabrics in silk and velvet, parents with young children and pets should be mindful and stay with inexpensive, easy-to-wash materials. You can layer curtains by having a solid-colored curtain underneath a polka-dotted curtain. For example, a sky blue curtain under a white curtain with cerulean blue polka dots will look classic and eye-catching.

Add life to your living room with spots

In the living room, paint the walls a neutral color with the ceiling a lighter color, as stated by Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. This will give you a neutral background, allowing you to spice up the room with polka dots by painting one wall as an accent. If accent walls aren't for you, add spots to your lighting by installing ceiling lights with a polka dotted cover or placing polka dotted table lamps on side tables. If you don't want to get rid of the lamps you already own, check into buying interchangeable lamp shades in polka dotted designs instead.

Coffee tables could play a vital role in living room design. Find polka dotted placemats or tablecloths for the coffee table to add uniqueness. If you want something a little more permanent, check out secondhand shops and buy a wooden table to refurbish with paint to make polka dots. Or, for something a little more understated, establish dimension in the living room by hanging a mirror on a wall or painting a plastic, wooden, or ceramic picture frame with colorful dots.

Add variety with throw rugs

According to Sarah Joy Blog, rugs come in all distinctive styles, ranging from industrial to bohemian to farmhouse motifs. Placing patterned rugs in various rooms adds style, so why not layer rugs by placing a polka dotted rug on top of a solid colored one? Switch up patterns by gathering a polka-dotted rug to put on top of a plaid patterned one. Red and brown plaid patterned rugs look country chic and would work in a country-style kitchen. Similarly, pair striped and polka-dotted rugs together for extra patterns and to break away from boringness.

Before buying rugs, remember that family room rugs should go over the entire length and width of the furniture (via Ballard Designs). Carpets for the dining room should be big enough to contain chair space when chairs are pushed in and out. As for rug designs, while you can work with patterned rugs for artistic effect, polka dotted rugs should match colors with couches and armchairs for a seamless design.

Craft decor for a spotted look

For people who'd like to be artistic and construct their own DIY projects, look no further than Stagg Design's idea for framing polka dotted art. To make a canvas art piece with polka dots, there are a few materials needed. Find a wooden frame, blank canvas, white primer, paints, paint brushes, and gloss top coat. Measure out the canvas to be sure it fits in the frame. Paint the whole canvas with white primer and add polka dots using bright paint colors. Let it dry after the painting is done, but cover the artwork in a glossy top coat to preserve its style.

For those who desire to make other polka-dotted crafts to fit their home aesthetic, try making polka-dotted garlands (via Glorious Treats). A way to make garlands would be to gather colored construction paper and cut circles of assorted sizes. Once the circles are cut out, measure out a piece of long string and glue each circle to the string. You could hang the polka-dotted garland onto a wall for a party or get-together. Another way to make art with polka dots would be by painting acorns with a white base and making colorful dots on them. These could be placed on a dish on a front entryway table as subtle nature décor.

Invest in polka-dotted kitchen items

Regarding kitchenware, there are ways to establish polka dotted styles, as per Taste As You Go. One way would be to purchase ceramic polka dotted dining bowls. These kinds of bowls come in all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, mason jars have grown in popularity over the years, and you can find glass or plastic mason jars that have polka dotted tops. Sometimes these jars come in four, five, or six packs, making it easy to stock up on sets. For those who love their daily dose of coffee, find polka-dotted ceramic coffee and tea sets with saucers and sugar bowls. Go retro by finding red and white polka dotted teapots.

To produce a quirky vibe, check out polka dotted scrub brushes made to look like people or animals (via The Inspiration Edit). Those who enjoy baking need spatulas and measuring cups for their cooking projects, so why not seek out polka-dotted spatulas and mixing bowls? To be cohesive, look for matching sets. To alleviate messes, buy dish rags in polka dotted patterns, and don't forget kitschy polka dotted oven mitts to complete the look!

Add dots to children's bedrooms

Burst with imagination by establishing a polka-dotted bedroom for children. As children phase into the teenage years, they may favor darker wall colors, as said by Remodelaholic. If black is too harsh, go with dark brown painted bedroom walls and turquoise or seafoam painted polka dots. Or you can mix primary colors with secondary colors by painting bedroom walls purple with yellow polka dots. Go with a patterned bed set to produce more color. It may be a clever idea to match the color of the walls with one of the colors in the bed sets.

Light blue painted walls with gold polka dots are chic and appropriate for children of most ages (via Design Dazzle). Ballet slipper pink walls with white polka dots look ethereal and feminine. To play with the concept of polka dots, think of painting "flowing" dots on a wall. This draws the eyes upward. Construct a wall with polka dots on one side and leave the other side bare to create some negative space, allowing the eye to rest. Other than painting bedroom walls, decorate with polka dots by finding pillows, furniture, and throw rugs with multicolored dots.

Add sophistication in adult bedrooms

Playing with polka dot prints in the bedroom doesn't have to look childish. While polka dots are youthful, they could look mature combined with monogrammed bedsheets, according to Decorating Theme Bedrooms. Having a personalized monogrammed bedspread embellishes the preppy vibe without trying too hard. Go bright by incorporating bold colored polka dotted bed sheets in pink, orange, and sage. Color match a bedside polka dotted table to build cohesion against the bedroom furniture and bed's styles.

Be playful with patterns. Check out floral bedsheets mixed with polka dotted designs, or add floral inspiration to the bedroom by placing bouquets on shelves. Create a romantic vibe by replicating Valentine's Day permanently. Place heart-printed red and white pillows up against a polka-dotted bedspread. For a soft romantic aesthetic, tack framed drawn photos of lipsticks or the Eiffel Tower on the bedroom walls. Utilize blush and mauve tones to create a subdued atmosphere. Or, for an industrial vibe, add metal furniture or accessories to balance softer design elements.

Experiment with spotted wallpaper

Experimenting with polka-dotted wallpaper is an obvious way to incorporate the print, noted Wallpaper From the '70s. Be unconventional by hanging up quirky painted framed photos of birds or exotic animals against polka-dotted living room wallpaper. Find a small to medium-sized mirror with a decorated frame to put on one of the living room walls. Mirrors allow for openness and are good alternatives for people who don't care for framed art pieces. Decorate the top of tables in the living room with long candle holders and decorative plates. Think of light and cheerful accessories to brighten up the home.

Utilizing polka dotted wallpaper or making polka dots out of paint could add flavor to a nook (via Painted London). Use paint to make sharp shapes or edges on one side of a wall with painted polka dots inside the nook's corner. The size of the spots matters as well since they create different vibes. For example, having big polka dots painted on one side of a bathroom wall looks fresh, whereas small polka dots on one side of a home office's wall promote calmness. For those who aren't the most DIY handy, apply stick and peel polka-dotted wallpaper to walls. This option is no-frills and eco-friendly.

Add spots to the bathroom

Bathroom décor would look fantastic in polka dot prints. Wastebaskets, liquid soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and personalized bath towels could be designed with polka dots. Be consistent by purchasing bathroom accessories in the same color, or by pairing an assortment of colors together. Polka dotted buttercream yellow soap and toothbrush holders look quaint with polka dotted baby blue wastebaskets and toilet seat covers.

Freshen up a teenager's bathroom by instilling polka dots into basic adornments, as per Bathroom Wall Decorating Ideas. Think of establishing base color combinations. Black/pink and brown/blue all work well when paired with one another. For example, the bathroom walls could be painted black with pink polka dots and have pink decor. Too many polka dots are overwhelming, so keep an even balance between vibrant polka dots and vivid solids. Play with texturized polka dots in silk, velvet, and cotton materials, especially with washcloths, face towels, and bath towels. 

Transform backyard play sets with some dots

Parents who have dilapidated backyard playsets may want to consider remodeling. Nikki's Plate explained how using dark paint to cover a wooden playset in need of touching up hides imperfections. When shopping for paint, find paints that contain primer to provide an extra layer of protection. Primers fight against adverse weather conditions such as snow, sleet, and rain. Use the paints to create polka dots on the body of the playset and play with a spectrum of colors. An idea would be to paint the base mint green with pumpkin orange polka dots.

Before beginning any major paint projects, sand down any rough spots on the wooden backyard playset (via Darling Darleen). Ensure the area around the backyard playset is maintained by pulling weeds and mowing the grass. Change out swings with rusted chains, and scout out polka-dotted canvas roof covers with matching polka-dotted swings. They're a perfect way to maintain the spotted aesthetic.

Add dots to clocks

Add zest to any living space in the home by having polka-dotted designed clocks, as suggested by Great Home Décor Ideas. Bridge the gap between retro and modern designs by having a black and white polka dotted clock hanging on the wall in the living room. These statement pieces also look great in kitchens, where most appliances mimic those same colors. 

Or you can go the cutesy route by buying a red and black polka dotted clock made to look like a ladybug. The ladybug clock would look adorable in a children's playroom or a sunroom. For an edgy vibe, check out skull and cross bone clocks decorated with blue, black, green, or yellow polka dots. For people who would like to do something different, find antique wall clocks and hang them all up at once on a chosen wall in the living room, adding circle decals to the wood. 

Add the pattern with baskets

Baskets are suitable for organization or decoration, and a polka-dotted wicker basket can be used for both purposes. For a touch of individuality, make a faux flower basket. According to to In My Own Style, you can decorate a wicker basket by placing foam inside for the faux flower stems to stand in. Gather balled-up pieces of newspaper to put inside to maintain the shape and movement of the faux flowers. Can't find polka-dotted wicker baskets at the store? Grab polka dotted fabric from craft spools, measure the circumference of each of the baskets, and glue the fabric around the baskets.

If you have wooden baskets, you can easily paint spots onto them with the help of stickers. According to Our House Now a Home, you can stick circular labels to your basket as a stencil and then paint the basket while the stickers are attached. Once the paint dries, you can peel off the stickers, revealing the clean wood underneath and a playful spotted pattern.