How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning is a fantastic service that often flies under the radar for many people. Zerorez Atlanta reports that the average household should consider standard shampooing services for their home's carpeting about once per year or every 18 months. Greater frequency may be needed in homes with pets or significant foot traffic throughout the property. Regularly cleaning your carpets can preserve the life of the carpeting and prevent these soft surfaces from taking on odors, stains, and debris. Regular cleaning is essential for both the financial preservation of flooring in the home and maintaining the visual aesthetic and comfort that carpeting brings to the table. Cleaning your carpets is a great way to spruce up your living space and make your home shine.

An average-sized, three-bedroom home will typically cost around $175 for professional carpet cleaning services (via HomeGuide). Prices are often quoted per room or a square foot-based charge, so the larger your home (and the more carpeting you have), the more you can expect to pay.

When cleaning up carpeting to enhance the quality, comfort, and longevity of your flooring, there are a few key things to keep in mind. A professional company will typically perform the best overall service. However, for those looking to cut costs or relish the opportunity to tackle a project as a DIY enthusiast, there are high-quality alternatives available. Here is everything you need to know about cleaning carpet and the associated costs.

Factors for cost

The primary factor that determines the cost of the project is size. The amount of floor space in your home covered by carpeting will provide an indication of the total price. However, some other features weigh in on the equation of any carpet cleaning quote you might receive.

The size of your carpeted floor space

The primary feature that determines the overall cost of a carpet cleaning service has to be the size of your carpeted area. The more carpet there is to clean, the more expensive the job will become. If you have carpet in your living room, bedroom, and hallways, you should expect to pay more than someone with carpet in a single room.

A larger space takes longer, requires more cleaning product volume, and perhaps even additional technicians to operate several cleaning devices. Larger spaces just cost more. Yet, the more carpet you have in the home, the more impact this cleaning opportunity will have on the home overall.

Local pricing fluctuations

Labor costs can fluctuate (either in small measure or even significantly) based on the location you call home. Whether in terms of minimum wage, which can vary dramatically by state, according to the United States Department of Labor, or as an owner-operated business price. Cost of living figures vary across the United States, as does the price of routine services and goods. Carpet cleaning is no different from any other feature in the consumer marketplace.

Getting a few quotes from service providers can help you determine whether a higher-than-expected price tag is the standard in your region or community or if you're being taken for a ride by a company trying to overcharge you.

Scheduling and potential surge pricing

Another essential consideration when hiring a professional to clean your carpet is scheduling issues or pressures that may give rise to additional price features. Scheduling conflicts or peak seasons in your local market can make finding a professional cleaner a little more challenging. As a result of increased demand, service providers may amp up their pricing over a few weeks or months each year.

About 80 percent of moves in the United States happen between April and September, aptly dubbing this time as moving season (via Moving Labor). Many moves happen from apartment to apartment (or any combination of rented spaces, for that matter). This process makes cleanings between tenants a condensed affair that often occurs during this time of the year. Factoring potential surges in price or limited availability into your search is essential.

Additional costs

In addition to the primary cost factors, considering these additional elements will help you home in on an accurate price tag for carpet cleaning services in your home.

Professional cleaning versus the DIY option

Carpet cleaning services make the process of eliminating tough stains, revitalizing carpet fibers, and removing odors and other problems in the flooring a simple endeavor. Hiring a pro to complete the service takes the pressure out of your hands, but it adds to the project expense. Angi notes that homeowners can expect to spend between $50 and $75 on a steam cleaner rental and the necessary carpet shampoo solution to remove stains and finish the job right.

It might be attractive for many, but there are some considerations when approaching this cleaning process yourself. For one thing, a homeowner will need to be careful not to damage the fibers of their carpet with the equipment. Professionals cost more, but they are experts at handling cleaning supplies and equipment.

If you are hoping to tackle large-scale staining or a carpet that hasn't seen a cleaning in years, it might be better to hire a professional to complete the task.

Patch repairs

Patching holes in carpeting is a service that carpet cleaning specialists often provide for homeowners that require repair works on top of the cleaning. Patching damaged sections typically cost between $100 and $250 (via Fixr). This process involves matching a new segment of carpeting to your existing flooring — mirroring the color and pile in the process.

Carpet re-stretching services

Carpet re-stretching is a great way to eliminate wrinkles and bunching in your home's carpeting. A cleaning professional can often add this service into their package for refreshing your carpet, with typical prices costing about $35 to $80 per hour, or $80 for the first room and $50 extra for each additional room that requires this treatment (via HomeGuide).

Water extraction and water damage repairs

A carpet in your home may require water extraction and repairs alongside cleaning services. Water extraction can cost between $450 and $2,000, varying, of course, based on the amount of work to be done and the size of the area in question (via HomeAdvisor). If you require an extraction to remedy an underlying issue in the carpet, you will need to complete this before your professional can start the cleaning process.

Additional upholstery cleaning

Carpet cleaning service providers also do a great job on upholstery in the home. Not only can you breathe new life into the carpeting, but cleaning the couch or chairs in your living room can enhance the quality of the room and your ability to relax in the space. Upholstery cleaning services will add $50 to $80 per item to the cost of cleaning services.

DIY carpet cleaning is a potentially beneficial alternative

Performing carper cleaning services without professional help is something that nearly any homeowner can tackle on their own. Whether you're seeking to deep clean an entire home's worth of carpet or want to steam and polish up a living room rug that sits prominently in your home, working on this project without professional assistance can be a good option.

According to Angi, DIY carpet cleaning is cheaper than hiring a pro to perform the service for you, and with a few essential tools and some elbow grease, the task doesn't have to be that difficult or time-consuming. If you're up for a weekend project, consider cleaning your own carpets.

Start by vacuuming the area with reckless abandon

Vacuuming should be your first stop in the process of really cleaning the carpeting. Vacuuming picks up debris, hair, and other elements that have become stuck in the carpet pile. During this first step, it's important to take your time and work the vacuum over the carpet from several angles and for a lengthy period of time. Lift any loose debris in the carpet fibers with the vacuum before starting any other part of the cleaning process. This process might require three, four, or even five passes over the surface from different angles, but it will be worth it in the end.

Use a scraper to remove embedded pet hair

Pet hair is one of the main culprits for dirty-looking and feeling carpets. Pets shed like crazy, and their hair ends up deep in the carpeting and trapped in the fibers. A pet hair scraping tool is an ideal addition to any home that plays host to a dog or cat, and using one is a necessary step for any homeowner sharing space with a beloved animal. Over 80 million U.S. households include either a dog or cat (via American Veterinary Medical Association).

These scrapers require manual labor and potentially a lot of it, but the difference they make in removing pet hair from a carpeted surface is immense (via YouTube). There isn't anything like a hair scraper when lifting out this entrenched feature of pet ownership.

Select a soap and apply it to the carpet

You'll want to take some time to find a cleaning solution that works (via YouTube). Generally speaking, you'll purchase a concentrated soap and dilute it with water before use. Mixing your solution following the product's guidance is essential to protect your skin and carpeting. Then, apply the soap evenly across the surface and allow it to take root in the fibers for the best results.

Power up the steamer and finish off the job

Steam cleaners release hot water into the carpet fibers and apply significant heat to the surface to steam away the liquid, leaving a cleaned surface in their wake. Renting a steam cleaner is relatively cheap and can be highly effective if utilized correctly.

It's always a good idea to acquaint yourself with the controls and directions for use before starting on this project. The equipment isn't particularly hazardous, but improper use can burn or warp your carpet. Reading any instructions that come with the unit will help you avoid potential setbacks in the home. Likewise, you usually rent carpet steamers by the day, so it's a good idea to make two or even three passes over the surface to make the most of your rental and get the carpet as clean as possible.

Why you need to clean your carpeting

Cleaning the carpeting is an essential task for homeowners in all corners of the United States (and beyond). It's easy to forget about this part of the home since it literally lives beneath your feet. Yet, the carpet can act as a sponge for all the potentially smelly, harmful, and damaging things that come into your home. Regularly cleaning the carpeting keeps the surface looking and feeling its best. This step gives you and your family a sense of maximum comfort.

Remove stains and odors from areas of the household

Carpet cleaning has the immediate effect of removing stains and odors from the flooring of your home. HomeGuide notes that pet stains and related odors are concerning for many homeowners. There's a reason why the Febreze team once built an entire marketing campaign around supposed nose blindness to pets' smells and odors (via YouTube).

Eliminating stains and odors should be a priority for any homeowner, and the simple approach to carpet cleaning can efficiently take care of this need.

Eliminate viruses and bacteria for a healthier home

Your carpets can contain around 200,000 bacteria for every square inch, which is way more than your toilet (via ProTech Carpet Care). The high levels of bacteria are due to food, liquids, dirt, dust, hair, skin cells, pollen, and other icky substances that build up over time. Some of the harmful bacteria that can be lurking on your carpet include salmonella, E.coli, and norovirus. Carpets, especially those close to bathrooms and basements, are prone to moisture. Wet carpet is at risk for mold growth and other contaminants. Since vacuuming and dry cleaning your carpets typically won't remove harmful germs and bacteria, deep cleaning is your best option for clean and healthy floors.

Provide a more comforting foot feel

A newly cleaned carpet also feels great on the feet. Homeowners want to maintain a comfortable living space, and a dirty carpet doesn't suffice when trying to improve the comfort and quality of life. Carpet cleaning not only lifts stains and clears away dirt and other irritants in the fabric, but it can also stand up the piles of the carpet in a way that more closely resembles a new carpeting installation.

Increase the lifespan of your existing carpeting

Carpet cleaning is ideal for the atmosphere you want to create in your home and can be an economical approach to home maintenance. Professional carpet cleaning services and routine vacuuming and shampooing processes between significant cleanings can prolong the lifespan of your carpet (via Spots & Dots Cleaning). This approach leads to a better feeling on your feet and a perfect money-saving approach to flooring maintenance and replacement cycles.

Benefits of carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning is a cost-effective means of enhancing the lifespan of your existing carpeting. Protecting your flooring is crucial for maintaining financial balance within the property (as a real estate asset). It can help you manage your day-to-day finances with greater ease and mobility.

Improved interest level and potentially boosted resale value for the home

New flooring installations can make a huge difference in calculating the resale value of a property destined for the real estate market. Carpeting can be difficult to gauge when it comes to added value. However, an older carpet can dramatically reduce your ability to shift the property on the market and lower the value, per My Affordable Flooring.

The House Shop notes that new carpeting improves the home's aesthetic while creating a great first impression. Both of these become significant assets when trying to sell a home. New carpeting may or may not translate into a dramatic and one-for-one boost in direct fiscal value, but the swing works heavily in your favor when replacing older carpeting. With the reduced price tag for carpet replacement over other options, this is a fantastic opportunity to quickly and efficiently fix a glaring flaw in the home that can hamper your ability to sell it.

Better budget management on repair and replacement expenses long-term

Because routine carpet cleaning can extend the life of carpeting, it makes for much better budget management over the long term. Homeowners who take the time to care for their carpeting can expect to see a longer functional lifespan on their carpeting and enjoy the financial benefits that come along with this feature.

The option to install carpeting can be expensive, depending on the size of your carpeted area. On average, it costs $1,768 for a new installation (via HomeAdvisor). Of course, the longer you can put off this expense, the more effectively you can save for the total cost of removal, preparation, and installation of new carpets.

Enhanced comfort throughout the home's living spaces

New carpeting significantly boosts the comfort level of a home, but so too does a proper cleaning routine. Cleaning your carpets creates a much more attractive feature in each room. Routine care can maintain the color and softness of the material for much longer than one that's not cleaned as often. Combining standard vacuuming and cleaning practices with the professional service that elevates the flooring feature can make for a much more comfortable home in all its facets. A great floor provides the basis for everything that happens in a home. Maintaining clean carpets typically won't cost an arm and a leg, but failing to engage in this maintenance task can drain comfort, happiness, and productivity in the home.