The Best Sheet Colors If You Have A Purple Duvet

When selecting sheets to pair with your purple duvet, it's important to keep in mind what the color purple represents. Nix explains that purple is the color of power, wealth, and dignity, so you want your bed sheets to elevate that feeling, not diminish it. In addition, Sampleboard says that this hue is so versatile that it works in virtually every space in your home, no matter what theme of décor you choose. So whether you prefer a funky vibe or a sophisticated aesthetic, purple will help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

The color purple also has some romantic benefits as well. According to Medical Daily, it enhances intimacy in the bedroom (no matter what color sheets you have). Still, the sheets should reflect your style regardless of your reasoning for having a purple comforter. So if you're unsure which color suits the décor style of your bedroom, keep reading to find out the best sheet colors for your purple duvet.

Citrus shades

For those of you that aren't afraid of a bold and vibrant color scheme, try pairing your purple duvet with orange or yellow sheets. According to Graphic Design, yellow and purple are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them match perfectly. Though the name implies otherwise, complementary colors actually contrast one another, says Designing Idea. The stark contrast works in their favor, as the two hues come together to produce a gorgeous, balanced appearance.

With that same idea in mind, consider orange or mustard sheets if you have a purple duvet. New Idea suggests pairing deep oranges and purples together specifically. Feel free to add orange accent pillows to really tie the look together. At the same time, this color combination is still bold; the deeper shades tone down the vibrancy. This means you can still have a unique shade palette, but in a color scheme that suits your style.


If bright colors aren't your thing, perhaps neutrals are. Designing Idea says dark purple and muted shades are excellent color combos. According to them, when paired together, purple and beige are associated with warmth and relaxation, as purple emits feelings of wealth and nobility, while brown represents security and longevity. That being said, a purple and light brown color scheme will leave you feeling confident and ready to start the day from the moment you roll out of bed.

To ensure this sense of accomplishment and class, select a gentle brown shade, such as cream, coffee, or beige, for your bed sheets. You can even go for soft greiges. No matter which neutral shade you pick, it is sure to complement your purple duvet. By pairing these neutral shades with purple, you're designing a more elegant-looking and sophisticated space; at the same time, you're also creating a cozy and inviting bedroom.