The Best Bedding Color If You Have A Red Room

If you've chosen the color red for your bedroom walls, you've made an excellent choice. According to HomeQuestionsAnswered, there are several benefits to painting your bedroom red, the first being that it makes the room look larger and warmer. Secondly, the color red creates a livelier space due to its vibrancy and boldness. Live Science says that red represents passion, courage, and love, so it's crucial you highlight these feelings of intensity throughout the rest of your bedroom. To get started, take a look at the color of your bedding.

There are nine colors that work well with red, which include navy blue, turquoise, black, pink, white, rose gold, charcoal, gray, and mint green, says Quiet Minimal. Any of these nine colors would make an excellent color match for your red space, but which is the best? For those looking for bedroom inspiration, this is the best bedding color if you have a red room.


Before you toss this bold idea aside, consider this: Turquoise is made up of green and blue, which are opposite red and orange on the color wheel, Irreverent Gent explains. Because of their positions on the color wheel, shades of red and shades of green are complementary colors; therefore, turquoise bedding looks marvelous against your red bedroom walls. The two work together to create a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing look throughout the room. MyDomaine says red accentuates the vividness of turquoise while turquoise tones down the harshness of red.

In other words, the stark, contrasting hues of red and turquoise create a sense of excitement but, at the same time, produce a relaxing ambiance to any room. Of course, you could always choose a more subtle color for your bedding, such as cream or another muted neutral shade, but we say, why not shake things up? Surprise your guests (and yourself) with this vibrant color combination.

Mint green is also great

We know bold choices like turquoise and red aren't for everyone, which is why we have a second — yet equally as beautiful and unique — color scheme for you. Let us introduce you to mint green. Even though mint green is much softer than turquoise, this color combination can initially seem intimidating. When you think of green and red, odds are you think of Christmas; however, mint green and red actually work well together, says Quiet Minimal.

Again, green and red are opposite on the color wheel, which is why they complement each other so well. Instead of the bright, vibrant turquoise, you're simply swapping it out for another shade in the green color family. The brightness of the red heightens the pastel hues in the mint green, and the mint green cools down the bold factor red possesses, CollegeFashion explains. Opt for a deep red to further contrast the fresh, minty green for a sophisticated look.