The Best Bedroom Color For A Regal Vibe

Close your eyes and imagine a bedroom for royalty. What color are the walls? Of course, the color purple automatically comes to mind, as it is the color most associated with royals, according to History. Purple fabric was incredibly pricey because of how difficult the dye was to come by, so only kings and other royals could afford to wear it. Later on, during the Elizabethan Era (1558 to 1603), Queen Elizabeth I deemed purple exclusive to those in the immediate royal family and even enacted Sumptuary Laws, which forbid commoners from wearing the lush color, Live Science explains.

Fortunately, by the mid-19th century, purple was much easier to create; therefore, it became more affordable for those in the lower classes to purchase. Today, purple is still linked to royalty, which is why many people choose the color to paint their bedroom walls; however, there is another color that will give your bedroom a regal vibe that you may not have considered. Let's take a look at what it is.

Royal blue

If you take a look at the historic royal paintings throughout the centuries, you'll notice a large majority of royal figures dressed in various shades of blue, which is associated with royalty and piety (though many people don't recognize it as much as the color purple). You're probably familiar with the color royal blue, which has been connected to the United Kingdom since 1661, says Color Psychology. Royal blue not only represents royalty, but authority, trust, and confidence as well. That being said, royal blue is an excellent choice for a regal bedroom vibe.

To keep the rest of your bedroom on theme, Badcock Home Furniture suggests adorning your bedroom with a large, ornate mirror to mimic those used by members of the royal family (the bigger, the better). Additionally, you can enhance the regality of your bedroom with long, lush curtains and ornate lighting, such as wall sconces and chandeliers. For bedding and furniture, stick with a gold and royal blue palette to emulate the feeling of royalty in your bedroom. By using these colors together, you'll be feeling like a member of the royal family.