5 Colors To Paint Your Daughter's Nursery That Aren't Pink

When finding out you're pregnant with a little girl, it may seem like common sense to choose a delicate pink shade for the nursery. However, before you spend all your time comparing only pink paint swatches, you may want to expand your color options. In fact, it's a little puzzling why pink is typically used for girls and blue is typically used for boys. The Smithsonian Magazine says that an article written in 1918 declared that pink was a boy color, while blue should exclusively be used for girls. More than anything, this displays the way connotations with certain colors are affected by our current culture. It also shows how colors are very flexible and change with time.

Therefore, it should go without saying that you don't have to paint your girl's bedroom pink. Other colors can also create the calming atmosphere you desire in the nursery. Below are five great color options for your baby's nursery that you could choose.

1. Lilac

Painting the nursery a light lilac shade can create a comfortable and colorful vibe. The color lilac is sweet and lovely, per Color Psychology. It's typically used to decorate for spring because of its connotations with flowers and new life. Lilac has also been found to reduce antisocial behaviors and give off a soothing feeling. While this color is similar to pink, it gives a less delicate appearance. This means that, when used as a nursery wall color, the room could easily be transitioned into a more sophisticated girl's bedroom later on. A lighter pastel lilac will provide a splash of color, while a darker shade will make more of a statement.

Amborela gives some tips on how to decorate a lilac room. They recommend mixing this shade with gray to create a soothing atmosphere. Or, to add more vibrancy, lilac could be paired with pink and blue. Interest can be added through patterned comforters, pillows, wallpaper, or curtains. To create a layered look, you could hang art pieces in various shades of purple on your lilac nursery walls.

2. Mint green

Pastel light mint green is crisp and delicate, per Designs.ai. This color can be the perfect calming choice for a girl's nursery. As a light green tone, this color has connotations with nature, which means that it can make a space feel extra tranquil. Kids Interiors says that mint looks especially great in natural light. Opening a nursery's windows or using sheer curtains will really allow this color to shine.

Mint green can be paired with many different colors. When used in a neutral room, mint will provide just a splash of soft color. If paired with black accents, the softness of mint will really stand out. Because this shade is a cool color, it could be paired with wooden accents to add warmth. According to Designs.ai, mixing lilac and mint will create a beautiful pastel contrast. Using forest green or teal will emphasize mint's connections to serene nature.

3. Turquoise

Turquoise is another great nursery wall color option. This shade is cool-toned and creates calming vibes, per Bourn Creative. Just like mint green, turquoise and other blue shades have strong connotations with nature and the ocean. This shade can look delicate and create a joyful space. It is also known to have healing properties that work to calm the mind and body.

Designing Idea says that this color is very versatile. It can be mixed with many other colors to create a more dynamic space. Pair turquoise with deep blues to add a tropical feel to your girl's nursery. Earthy browns and natural furniture will bring in a warm feeling. Mixing with yellow and pink will brighten the space. To really make this bold color stand out, pair it with neutral white, black, and gray. For an elevated and chic nursery design, use metal elements like gold light fixtures or silver furniture hardware.

4. Beige

A great shade to paint your nursery is beige. Beige may be a better option than bright white because it's more soothing and warm. The Home Depot says that painting a nursery beige will give it a minimalist appearance. It will also make your space easy to transform into an older child's bedroom as your daughter grows up. And, it's a great opportunity to add colorful elements to the d├ęcor because they won't clash with the wall color. Adding warm wooden elements can make the space feel even homier.

Beige is an earthy tone that can lean either warmer or cooler, making it a very versatile shade. Symbol Sage says that it gives a space a simplistic and safe feeling. This means that it can be a great option for the nursery, where rest is always needed. It's also a calming and undistracting color that can provide feelings of serenity and harmony.

5. Gray

Sensational Color calls gray 'the perfect neutral.' Because of this, it's ideal for a nursery space. Just like beige, gray can lean either cool or warm in tone, making it very flexible. Some people think that gray is a sad and depressing color. However, certain shades of gray can actually make a space more joyful and relaxing. And, when paired with pastels or other calming colors, gray is the perfect base for a beautiful nursery design.

Just like many other nursery color options, gray will age well. You could easily transform your gray nursery into a chic girl's bedroom. According to Charleston Crafted, light grays are best in the nursery. This is because darker grays will give a more sophisticated appearance, while light grays are playful and fun. You could also choose a shade of gray that has a colorful undertone like blue to provide more interest in your space.