30 Blue Nursery Ideas Perfect For Your Bundle Of Joy

When it comes to painting certain rooms in your home, there are definitely things you should consider first. For instance, painting your bedroom red could be a big mistake while opting for white walls in your office could be a big no-no. On the other hand, there are some iconic paint colors that are timeless classics for a reason, like cheerful yellow and beautiful blue. "I love using serene, understated blue and neutral shades to create a sense of instant calm in a space," Nicole Gibbons, the founder of Clare Paint, told Better Homes & Gardens

While blue can certainly be a relaxing shade, it can also be playful. In fact, there are plenty of ways that a blue room can help you create a place that will be perfect for your little one to rest, grow, and start to make happy memories with you. Keep scrolling to find a few awesome ideas for blue nurseries that you and your bundle of joy with both adore.

1. Scandinavian simplicity

Super-stylish Scandinavian design doesn't just have to be for the adult areas of your home. Use a cool blue shade of paint on the walls with a few minimalist items as well as one or two special momentos on a sleek, knobless dresser and you'll end up with a nursery that's both perfectly trendy and wonderfully personal.

2. Co-ordinated canopy

Accenting a light blue wall or using blue elements as the base of a nursery's color scheme can be a great way to come up with a design that's cool in more ways than one. Consider using additions like a lovely blue canopy that matches your baby's blanket or the room's pillows and rug.

3. Funky blue wall

If you have a feeling that the baby you're designing a nursery for will be rather cool or you want to spark creativity, then you might want to stay away from walls that are painted with one color. Instead, you may be interested in a wall that boasts a funky blue design with splashes of other shades.

4. Colorful star accents

Turn your baby's nursery into a dreamy galaxy with colorful star accents that glow at night. They will pop against dark blue walls.

5. Frosty blue

Frosty blue isn't as chill as it sounds. In fact, when used for a nursery, it can help to create a warm space that could be modern, traditional, minimalist, or a little wild depending on the specific décor.

6. Whimsical animal friends

Create a sense of whimsy in the nursery with bold blue painted walls and coordinated stuffed animals. Add clouds and a plant for a nod to nature.

7. Eggshell blue

If you've ever found a robin's egg, then you know how beautiful they can be. Use that as an inspiration for a nursery that uses both a soft eggshell blue paint and matching egg-shaped details in the décor, window shades, or bed linen.

8. Purple-ish blue paint

Opt for something a little different for your little one's baby blue room. Instead of a classic blue, perhaps go with a stunning shade that has both hints of blue and purple. You'll adore the way it looks when hit with different light.

9. Two kinds of blue

You don't have to settle for one kind of blue when it comes to a nursery. You can do both soft and bright blues by painting the wall a passive shade and laying down a rug with the same tone while adding furniture that's an extra pop of color in a brighter tone.

10. Blue wall slats

Who doesn't adore the perfect paint color? However, if you want to do a little something different in the blue nursery that you're designing, you should certainly consider putting up horizontal wall slats (or wallpaper that mimics the look of slats).

11. Blue mountain mural

Painting a mural on a nursery wall doesn't have to be intimidating. Just opt for a simple and adorable design like mountains in gorgeous shades of blue.

12. Blue rug

Blue walls are lovely. Blue furniture is divine. However, you can also bring a blue touch to the floor with an irresistible rug.

13. Heavenly blue wallpaper

Talk about heavenly wallpaper! With little fluffy white clouds on a light blue sky, the baby who wakes up in this room will be greeted by a beautifully serene scene every morning.

14. Play with complimenting colors

Blue is the kind of color that stands up on its own, but can also go oh-so-well with many other attractive shades. In a nursery, try playing with fun colors that work with blue like cute pops of yellow, green, and pink.

15. Sea-theme

Instead of painting a nursery's walls blue, get the same kind of base for a color scheme with blue-colored accent pieces. And what better way to do that than with sea-themed items like boat art and a small fishy sculpture?

16. Starry night blue wall

A blue nursery wall that looks like it's the shade of the sky when it's about to transform from evening to nighttime or nighttime to early morning is lovely enough. Adding red, gold, and silver stars makes it even more magical.

17. Accent with wicker

Keep things cool and calm in your nursery with natural shades and materials. Along with a sweet blue shade, use complimentary wicker to add accents.

18. Sky blue and sunny yellow

Stars and wicker aren't the only ways to complement a blue baby room. You can also use pieces in bright yellow to create a fun and stylish space.

19. Navy blue

Don't be afraid to go dark. While you might first think that a lighter blue would best suit a nursery, it is a place to sleep, so a dark shade of blue — like navy blue — might be more ideal, especially in a room that gets a lot of light

20. Top a wall off with blue

You don't have to let one color dominate your nursery. Instead, you could choose two colors and do one on the lower part of a wall — such as cream or white on vertical wood paneling — and top it off with a lovely blue.

21. Blue on the bottom

Opting for a wall that's half blue doesn't necessarily mean that the cooler shade needs to be on top. You could choose to do the opposite and have blue on the lower section of a nursery wall.

22. Soften blue with light and fluffy decor

It's hard to imagine any shade of blue not suiting a nursery. However, if you feel like a shade that you're interested in might be a touch too dark, then try to soften it will light and fluffy décor and colorful accents.

23. Bold rug

Using blue paint doesn't mean that the walls have to be the main focus of a nursery's design. Try keeping it in the background somewhat while letting a bold rug take center stage.

24. Let blue frame special pieces

Blue can be the perfect background color for pieces of artwork. Use the ideal shade in a nursery to set off sentimental pieces like handprints of the proud parents and beloved baby.

25. Modern blue nursery

Pass your love of modern style onto your little one with a slick nursery. With trendy blue walls and matching décor, add a contemporary red chair and a big ball in the same shade.

26. Simple details

There's no need to stress out about filling a nursery with countless elements. Instead, focus on a few key aspects, like the ideal crib, meaningful details, and the perfect blue wall.

27. Blue walls and dark wood

You may need to have a little design savviness in order to use dark wood furniture in a nursery. However, balancing it with stylish blue walls is one way to make it work.

28. Contemporary cool

Geometric arty shapes? A sleek yet comfortable chair? Dusty grey-blue walls? All these elements come together to equal a cool and contemporary nursery.

29. Dreamy doodles

Some wall art offers detailed images and intricate scenes. But this enviable nursery uses dreamy doodle-like designs to decorate a gorgeous blue wall.

30. Clouds inside and out

Having a window in a nursery that offers light as well as an impressive view is a fantastic bonus. However, you can also use that as inspiration for a blue nursery by mirroring the clouds outside on the wall inside.