Breegan Jane's Best Tips For Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Space

Even in the chilliest climates, you likely have a certain period in the year where the weather is nice enough that you're spending nearly all your time outdoors soaking in the sunshine. After all, why not make the most of the summer season? However, many individuals focus heavily on their interior decor, finding all the right pieces to create the perfect space, and leaving their outdoor space as an afterthought.

As Sweet Softies writes, there are plenty of things you can do to completely overhaul the outdoor space you have, from planting flowers and trees to adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to building a barn for all your storage and entertaining needs. However, don't fret — not every project requires a ton of time, money, and skill to execute. If your patio, balcony, or backyard — whatever outdoor space you have — is a little lackluster, there are a few quick and easy ways to spruce it up without breaking the bank, according to HGTV personality and interior designer Breegan Jane.

Jane spilled all her tips and tricks to The Root, sharing how you can turn your outdoor space into the oasis you've always dreamed of. And, it requires little more than a strategic shopping trip or two — you could head out in the morning and enjoy your new space by the afternoon.

Read on to learn more about what Jane suggests incorporating into your outdoor space for a significant aesthetic impact with minimal effort.

Turn to accessories

Patio furniture plays a big role in how your outdoor space looks, but it's also something that's a bit more of an investment. According to How Much Is It, a set that includes a few key items like seating or a dining table can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. For pieces like that, you'll likely spend a fair bit of time researching and finding the exact items that best suit your space. That's why accessories are so important when it comes to refreshing your outdoor space — they can quickly liven up an outdated patio set or help bring your outdoor space more in line with your desired aesthetic.

One of the best ways to freshen up your space is to add a few accent pillows, as Jane told The Root. A few new throw pillows can totally change the look of a room inside your house, as per Gartsy, and they'll do the exact same thing outdoors — Jane refers to them as "makeup" for your outdoor space. Even if your outdoor furniture already comes with pillows, adding a few extra accent pillows can make a big difference.

Jane also suggests mixing any live plants you have with a few faux plants. New planters or pots can make a big visual impact, and both the vessels and the faux plants within them will give your space a few pops of color without adding more watering to your to-do list.

Go bold with color

If you have a green thumb, your outdoor space may already be bursting with all kinds of gorgeous hues, from vibrant green shrubs to flowers in every color of the rainbow. However, just because the great outdoors already has plenty of stunning shades doesn't mean you should avoid color in your outdoor space — especially if you're not working with a lot of square footage.

As Jane told The Root, color is a great way to freshen up a small outdoor space. While you shouldn't shy away from any vibrant hue that catches your fancy, Jane recommends sticking to one brighter color. Your shade of choice can be incorporated into a variety of accessories, from planters to pillows. Live in Your Backyard also suggests adding color through vases, plants, hanging baskets, or your furniture, if possible.

Not sure which color to bring into your outdoor space? Check out the shades that are trending to see if you find any inspiration. As per Veranda, you can keep your outdoor space updated for 2022 by shying away from neutrals and selecting one of the bolder trending shades — vibrant greens and golden yellows are both popular at the moment, with shades like citron and chartreuse getting a lot of attention. For something a bit moodier, you might opt for a deep aubergine hue.

Incorporate texture

While some people love surrounding themselves with all kinds of color and vibrant accessories, others prefer a more neutral aesthetic in their home — and if you fall into that camp, you can freshen up your outdoor space in your preferred style.

Jane advises via The Root that a great way to add visual interest and create a more timeless look is to go for textured neutrals. You can select whichever hue goes best with your home's exterior and patio furniture, from earthy browns to chic cream shades, and find accessories or small items that bring in some texture. As MyMove explains, texture can help level up a space and make it come to life — and there are a huge variety of options, from jute to wicker and more. Plus, Jane explains, going for textured neutrals will lend your outdoor space some luxurious resort vibes, so you can sip your icy beverage of choice in style.

Jane also suggests adding texture through one key piece — an outdoor rug. While outdoor rugs are more decorative than necessary, Jane explains that they can help define a particular area of your outdoor space, making it easier to create distinct zones to maximize your outdoor space. Just be mindful of the size and location — if you're using it under a dining table, for example, Patio Productions suggests leaving 24 inches of space around the table to avoid any chair leg mishaps.