The Best Paint Color If You're Seeking Positivity

In today's world, there seem to be so many reasons to be worried and stressed out. There are many ways to stabilize your mood during hard times — counseling, medications, relaxation techniques, and upbeat music are all great ways to up your mood when you're having a bad day. But did you know that you can also obtain a more positive mindset by painting your rooms a certain color?

According to 99Designs, warm colors can bring feelings of positivity, while cooler colors can be calming but also tend to cause sadness at times. Did you know that purple sparks creativity while red increases your appetite? Whatever hue you choose, color therapy is a very real thing, and the shades you select for your house can make a big difference in your home's vibe and your emotional wellbeing while you're spending time there. Fortunately, when it comes to colors that give you a pick-me-up, there are a lot of options.

Paint your way to happiness

Out of all the moods we experience throughout the course of our life, happiness is the goal as much as possible. There is a wide variety of colors that will increase your happiness, leaving you plenty of choices for your home; you don't need to paint a room an overtly bright or obnoxious shade in order to experience a mood boost.

According to The Paint People, five main colors will bring positivity into your life. The first is yellow. Just like natural sunlight, a sunny yellow hue will cheer you up and generate positive energy. Sky blue, on the other hand, is a rejuvenator. Its calming vibe helps you refocus when you've had a stressful day. Silver gray is more like an actor behind the curtain, allowing you to enjoy what matters day in and out, while violet was recently recognized as a darker hue that triggers positivity, as it inspires focus and reflection.

Finally, green-yellow provides energy and a sense of renewal. In fact, out of all these colors, it is shades of green that tend to be considered one of the best positive colors. Green also allows for a lot of creativity, but you don't need to paint a wall to enjoy it. Instead, you can create a nature mural with leaves, flowers, or trees incorporating a lot of the color. This brings an upbeat feel to your home and an artistic one too.

The new color of rest

When it comes to the various rooms in your home, probably the most important paint color is found in the bedroom. Our bedroom is where we rest and recharge. Safety and relaxation are positive things, and you will also find yourself in a more positive mood when you've gotten good sleep and have a true sanctuary in your home.

Due to its ability to both rest and relax you, green reigns supreme when it comes to positive colors. Choose a soft green that helps you settle and relax, and you'll feel your mood improve in no time. You can also accent your walls with a soft blue, peach, or white for a truly zen feel throughout.

According to Insider Envy, green has been known to help with insomnia and hyperactivity. The softer and more subtle the green, the more relaxing, so choose a mint or seafoam shade. If you can't paint your bedroom, you can still benefit from green's benefits by working some live plants into your room's décor.

However, green is not only relaxing but also a great source of positivity. According to Verywell Mind, for many people, green can trigger what is known as "optimism bias." Psychology has shown that green causes individuals to have an increased sense of hope and decreased fear of failure.