The Best Place To Keep Your Plunger In Your Home

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A plunger is an essential tool in any bathroom; it's the quickest way to solve a plumbing issue, whether it's your toilet, sink, or shower. Big or small, your plunger has your back. We know what it's used for, so the only question is, where do you store it? Well, it depends on what concerns you have regarding where to keep it. If you're worried about convenience, that calls for a specific placement. If your main concern about where to keep your plunger is preserving your bathroom's aesthetic, there's a very different solution.

If your concern revolves around maintaining your gorgeous bathroom, don't neglect purchasing a plunger for the sake of the aesthetic. A plunger is still a necessity for your home. According to Any Hour Services, there are different types of plungers, and each has its own job to do. Now, let's take a look at how to solve both concerns regarding your plunger storage placement.

For convenience

There's nothing more awkward than having to trudge across the house to retrieve your plunger when you need it most. If you don't mind the look of a plunger, keeping it in a holder or caddy near the toilet is a good option. This way, you can save yourself the panic (and embarrassment) of having to run around your home looking for it. If you want to keep it hidden, but would like it nearby in case of emergencies, think about storing it under your sink or in a bathroom cabinet if the space allows.

In the event you have a small bathroom that doesn't have enough room for any extra bathroom accessories, we recommend storing your plunger in a nearby hall closet. Even though it isn't in arm's reach, it's still close enough to the bathroom that you won't have to sacrifice your need for convenience.

For the sake of the aesthetic

We can all agree that a plunger isn't the most aesthetically-pleasing part of a bathroom. Yes, there are covered plungers to make this bathroom staple more appealing (like this one on Amazon), but if you aren't sold on that idea, there's a place besides the bathroom where you can store your plunger. To keep your plunger out of sight and out of mind, consider storing it in the garage. This way, you won't have to worry about your bathroom aesthetic being tainted by the unattractive look of a plunger.

Even though it's out of your bathroom, it's still a good idea to keep your plunger in some sort of caddy. This will prevent it from collecting dust when it's not in use (especially if you find yourself using your plunger on very rare occasions). To properly clean your plunger, Ultra Sanitary suggests cleaning it with water and detergent, then disinfecting it with bleach to ensure all germs are gone.