How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're A Sagittarius

Those born between November 22 and December 21 fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the ninth sign out of 12 (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Sagittarians are fire signs, along with Aries and Leo, and ruled by Jupiter, as is Pisces. It is also a mutable sign, alongside the zodiac signs Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. They are known for being adventurous free spirits with an inclination for travel, exploration, and philosophy.

This idealistic sign is known for their sense of wonder and imaginative mind, as well as their humor and social skills. They also tend to be quite hard to pin down, and their imaginativeness can work to their detriment if left unchecked. Some famous Sagittarians include Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears, Jimi Hendrix, and Winston Churchill, per On This Day. Sagittarians are one of a kind, and they deserve a space that reflects their individuality and personality. That's even more true for the Sagittarian bedroom, where they rest their racing minds at night.

1. Add some purple

To make your bedroom a Sagittarius-inspired retreat, first consider some of the key elements natural to the sign. For example, each zodiac sign has an associated color — for Sagittarius, that color is purple, according to Colors Explained. They explain that purple is a creative, thought-provoking color that matches the Sagittarian spirit perfectly. It is also a calming color, which can help counteract the abundance of energy the fire sign may carry into rest.

Purple is also a very rare color in nature, which is why it used to be reserved for regal classes in society — purple dye was costly to produce before artificial pigments were introduced, explains Live Science. It is a majestic, unique color, perfect for the reflective and creative Sagittarius. There are various ways to include purple in your bedroom, including swapping out your bedding for a purple duvet, painting your walls purple, adding violets, lavender, or lilacs around the room, and more.

2. Daybed

When deciding what bed you should get as a Sagittarius, consider opting for a daybed. As Thought Catalog points out, Sagittarians are incredibly social and tend to have lots of casual friends, as well as a tight-knit group of very close personal friends. They should have space for guests to come over and spend the night, and a daybed is an excellent option for that.

Daybeds are beds that sort of look like couches — usually having railings or support on three sides. Since they can function like couches, they're a great option if you want a place to sit and hang out with friends in your bedroom. They usually also have a small pull-out bed underneath, which means you can convert them from a large sofa into two comfortable beds. This versatility, noted by Dr. Sofa, is totally in line with Sagittarian energy. Plus, a daybed is a very casual piece of furniture, which is in keeping with Sagittarius' easy-going, not-too-serious personality. It is easily transformed from couch to bed and is incredibly functional while still being decorative.

3. Maps and globes

One of the major identifying characteristics of those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign is a love and passion for travel, as noted by Astrology Zodiac Signs. What better way to express that side of your personality than displaying it through maps and globes?

Globes are a great staple for any room, especially for filling space on a dresser or nightstand in your bedroom. You can find stylish and unique new globes or go hunting for a vintage globe. Plus, as Retro Planet points out, vintage globes can show the progress of political change, with new countries being added or removed throughout time. You can also embrace your Sagittarian creativity and turn a collection of old globes into light fixtures. Maps are another great way to display your love for adventure and travel. You can frame a new or vintage world map or create a collage of multiple state or country maps (via UTR Decorating).

4. Decorate with books

Above all else, Sagittarians are known for their reflective ways. They are incredibly deep thinkers, known as the philosopher of the zodiacs. As Astrotalk points out, this is where their love of travel comes from — the need to explore and learn about the world outside of themselves. It is not unusual for a Sagittarius to be deeply invested in philosophical texts or to be an avid reader.

As such, it is not a bad idea at all to incorporate lots of books in your bedroom. A simple bookcase or dedicated shelf is always a great idea to display your books, but there are plenty more creative ways, too. For example, Book Riot recommends looking for planters designed as books, to stack multiple books under a plant, or use plants as bookends. If you don't mind destroying an old book, you can even create wallpaper out of its pages, as seen here from House Nerd.

5. Vintage clutter

With their love of traveling and exploring, it isn't uncommon that a Sagittarius would collect lots of vintage knick-knacks and clutter items. Each piece holds its own unique history, culture, and memory, which is right up the deep-thinking Sagittarian's alley. What better place to display them than in your bedroom?

While simply displaying your unique collection of knick-knacks and collectibles is fine, there are methods to make your decor feel a bit more intentional. For example, RentCafe recommends organizing your pieces by group for more cohesivity. For example, if you have some souvenirs from a particular trip, keep them in the same spot. This is ideal for multiple small items. You can add them to open shelves for a beautiful display. For larger items, consider dedicating one specific display area in your bedroom. A beautiful vintage vase, mirror, or statue should stand alone, whereas multiple cluttered items and knick-knacks look great in small groups.