4 Creative Shiplap Alternatives You'll Love

When it comes to choosing an interior wall covering, the possibilities may seem endless. If you have shiplap on your walls, or if you've considered adding shiplap to your interior décor, but you're worried about installing it or the cost involved, then you might be looking for some alternatives.

Shiplap originally was a waterproof panel style siding for ships, made from wood, according to Angi. In a similar way to tongue and groove, the panels fit together and form a waterproof and windproof barrier that has become popular as an external siding for many homes. However, recently it has made an appearance as a popular interior décor choice too.

If you've moved into a home that already has shiplap, and it is just not your thing, or you would love to have it in your home, but you're not keen on the work or cost involved in installing it, what are some creative alternatives that you can choose instead?

1. Wallpaper

If you're not happy with the shiplap in your home, one simple fix is to remove it and put up some wallpaper that matches the aesthetic in your home. Wallpaper is easy to change regularly, and it comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you can be as creative as you like.

However, If you're considering installing shiplap, but your unsure, at Rocky Mountain Decals, you can buy peel-and-stick wallpaper with a shiplap pattern which will create the effect of this style of siding without the cost and work involved with installing actual shiplap.

Choosing a textured wallpaper can be a fantastic alternative too. Grasscloth wallpaper is a great way of adding depth and texture to your walls, as it is woven sea grass that gives a 3D-raised effect, states Jane Clayton & Company. It comes in many colors and patterns to match whatever look you need.

2. Wood paneling

If you love the idea of wood on your walls and you're happy with the cost and work involved in adding wood as a feature to your walls, there are many other patterns you can choose from if shiplap isn't your first choice.

Teer & Co has a range of different patterns, such as; 3D pyramids, triangles, diamonds, squares, and herringbone style — with so much choice; there is something for everyone. You could even combine both wallpaper and wood paneling, and have wood on the lower half of the wall and wallpaper above.

Another way of using wood paneling on your walls is to use board and batten. HomeQuestionsAnswered explained that to install this style, lay large flat sheets of wood on your walls and then use thin strips of batten to cover the joins in a symmetrical way until it creates large, neat rectangles or squares across the length of your wall, which you can either varnish, stain or, paint depending on your preference.

3. Reclaimed wood planking

This particular style of wall coving is similar to shiplap but has a much more rustic feel. There is plenty of variation in the pieces of wood, as it is reclaimed from places like old barns and factories. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber says that each piece has its own story to tell, and you can expect to find imperfections like knots and holes that add to the unique feel of this style of siding.

At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, there are plenty of colors and finishes to choose between, from the pale gray of the 'white wash' through the warmth of 'cinnamon toast,' right up to the dark antique look of 'old rafter.' There will be something to fit any aesthetic your home has.

It might seem like a big undertaking to transform your walls with individual pieces of this character-filled reclaimed wood, but Timberchic has found a way to overcome this. They provide beautifully finished wood with a peel and stick backing for ease of use. It also comes in over a wide variety of finishes to fit any style.

4. Nickel gap boards

Although similar to shiplap, this style of wall siding has a more modern feel. Rather than overlapping the boards as you do with shiplap, they are laid side by side with a gap in between that is the thickness of a nickel. Northern Log explains that nickel gap boards are in a tongue and groove style that creates a sleeker finish than shiplap, so if your looking for a modern, sleek, smooth overall feel to your room, then nickel gap boards could be the right choice for your interior.

Northern Log explains that you can get the nickel gap boards in white, gray, or a number of natural wood colors to fit your style. You can also lay the wood in different patterns to keep it looking really modern.

Homestead Timbers state that installing nickel gap boards is cheaper and easier than traditional shiplap, so if time or money is a concern, but you still want a wood effect wall, this would be a great alternative.