5 Items At Ace Hardware That Have The Best Reviews

Want to discover some of the best products at Ace Hardware? With over 4,000 stores nationwide, the dependable hardware retail chain has been producing various tools and home products for nearly 100 years, from paint and plants to tools and rentals, including repair and maintenance services. According to DealNews, the big box retail store is often locally owned or franchised, making the shopping experience potentially more neighborly and laidback for those typical odds and ends.

What are Ace customers shopping for these days? From domestic necessities to outdoor luxury, many customers have raved over various items like one of their reasonably priced stainless-steel smokeless wood fire pits. Besides common tools, some of the top sellers are a functional tool storage center and a wet/dry vacuum, both manufactured by the distinguished Craftsman brand. Additionally, Ace Hardware carries a selection of quality paint brands with a wide assortment of colors and shades to choose from. Keep reading for more exclusive information about some of Ace Hardware's top appraised products.

1. Clark+Kensington Satin Tint Base Ultra White Base Premium Paint Interior

Silky and smooth, Clark + Kensington's Satin Tint Base Ultra White Base Premium Interior paint is top-notch among numerous Ace Hardware customers. Priced at about $42.99 per gallon, several paint buyers gave it five stars and said the paint is rich, creamy, and rolls out smoothly. With a brilliant, pearl-like texture, the interior paint is also beloved for its durability and stain-resistant shine for a variety of walls and trim. The satin finish is advertised as a paint and primer within an acrylic latex enamel coating. Additionally, Ace Hardware advertises over 1,000 various colors within the Clark + Kensington palette to choose from.

Overall, the Clark + Kensington brand first received high ratings nearly 10 years ago, as it has established itself as a popular choice among the semi-gloss and low luster satin finishes, per Consumer Reports. Although a customer stated the consistency was a little thin, most have raved that it has great coverage and quality.

2. B&B Charcoal All-Natural Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal 20 lb

A long-standing product, B&B Charcoal All-Natural Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal has a great reputation for burning hotter, longer, and cleaner on the grill than other brands. Available for $19.99 for a 20-pound bag, the "better burning" lump charcoal is advertised as 100% natural and environmentally sound. Besides lacking chemical additives or fillers, the lump charcoal may help cook meat quicker while retaining its juicy flavor. Known to preserve and enhance the flavors of various grilled foods through its natural creation process, B&B Charcoal has also remained "The Expert's Choice For the Outdoor Barbequer" for several years, per Ace Hardware.

Besides a thorough burn, customers have said that B&B Oak Charcoal cooks clean, smells nice, and comes with nice-sized lump charcoal, all for a reasonable price. The all-natural product may come in a variety of other types like mesquite, hickory, hardwood, and quebracho blanco, although the oak is by far a best seller at Ace.

3. Craftsman 26.5 in. 5 drawer Metal Ball-Bearing Tool Center

Need a handy place for your tools? Ace Hardware customers love having them all in one place with the Craftsman 26.5 in. Drawer Metal Ball-Bearing Tool Center. Sleek and black, the tool cabinet features five drawers that can contain hand tools and other power tool accessories, including a larger storage area for your bulkier items. Priced at $259.00, the popular high-end tool center is made in the U.S. with outside global materials. Although on the lighter side, many Ace customers agree that the piece fits all their working necessities, the drawers slide in and out well, and it's a good price.

What's included? A five-drawer gizmo center with tool chest, rolling cabinet, mat for the cabinet surface, a caster set, and a set of keys for the locking system. The entire piece measures 45.5 inches in height by 14 inches in diameter. Originally a well-known power tool brand at Sears department stores, the Craftsman label has a standing reputation among various tools, including hand, mechanical, power, lawn, and garden, per Handyman's World.

4. Craftsman Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum 10.5 amps 120 V 6 HP

Ace Hardware offers an assortment of shop vacs not always on the shopping list but surely an occasional home damage necessity. The Craftsman 12-gallon Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum with 10.5 amps, 120 volts, and 6.0 peak horsepower is a high-performance machine with powerful dual-flex technology. According to Vac Master, the peak HP for a wet/dry vacuum may range from approximately 1.5 to 6.5 depending on the product, as it gives an estimate of the motor's power and productivity.

Currently listed for about $120, the compact shop vac is built to clean up medium to large spills or projects within the home, garage, or job site. Ace customers clearly state how superb and powerful this Craftsman item performs, including being easy to use and having a practical price. The shop vac comes with a 2-1/2-inch diameter hose, onboard storage and cord organizers, and an ample size drain with additional accessories like a 20-foot long power cord, two extension wands, utility and car nozzles, a quick lock filter, and dust collection bag.

5. Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Wood Fire Pit

If you want a clean and convenient campfire, you might explore the Solo Stove Bonfire 19.5 in. W Stainless Steel Round Wood Fire Pit with Stand. For only about $350, most Ace Hardware customers have expressed their admiration for this petite and portable fire pit that can be ignited in your backyard space and beyond. The bonfire features a signature 360 Airflow design, which adheres to a smokeless flame effect.

According to Ordinary Adventures, smokeless fire pits may not remove all campfire smoke; however, they do administer the reduction of heat while promoting the movement for cooler air to pass through the vents, thus minimizing the fumes. The fire pit measures about 17.5 inches in height and 14 inches wide, comes with a stand and carrying case, and is log friendly.

Ace customers are extremely happy with the sleek steel fire pit, as it has received a multitude of 5 stars reviews. The chic fire pit has been said to be safe, efficient, easy to transport, and worth the cost. Weighing about 20 lbs., the Solo Stove Bonfire can also be used in various heat-sensitive areas, which makes it highly transportable.