3 Rugs To Pair With A Brown Couch

According to Vogue, brown is currently a major trend in interior home decor. Its warm simplicity can help homeowners to feel more connected to the earth, and we want to feel grounded and calm in our homes. Brown is a neutral color that is known as a practical choice for a couch since dark shades can hide stains very well, but your living room doesn't have to be boring because it has a brown couch!

Rugs are a great way to balance a room and tie different design elements together, so don't be afraid to try something different. Instead, take advantage of the fact that brown is neutral and is therefore versatile when it comes to design. From uncommon combinations of bold colors to the wildness of an animal print, here are three rugs that you can pair with your brown couch that will definitely boost your living room's look!

Beige and geometric patterns

A beige patterned rug goes beautifully with a brown sofa because they are in the same color family. Beige and brown can create a warm yet muted calmness. Beige will especially complement all darker shades of brown well and brighten up the room. In addition, because a patterned rug also makes a statement with the texture, it is best paired with couches that are in plain, solid colors.

Even if your sofa is starting to look old and worn out, the look can be elevated when the style and material of the rug are chosen well. As pictured here by The Everygirl, a texture like velvet combined with lighter shades of brown is a great way to make a room feel more modern. Couches that have a more minimal design, can be paired with bolder patterns such as a tufted, striped, or even an animal print rug.

Blue marble design

Do you remember the color wheel? Blue and brown are complementary colors, which means they contrast very well when placed together, explains Color Amazing Designs. Blue is on the brighter side while brown is more neutral, which means they strike a balance. If your couch is a medium shade of brown, a solid blue like cobalt or navy will pair well, whereas a dark brown couch will need a very light shade, like baby blue, in order to lift up the color in the space.

This marble rug with hints of blue, white, and gold will complement your brown couch and also add visual depth to your living room. The material is soft and durable and can pair well with light and dark shades of brown. The different colors in the rug are rich and vibrant and can influence the other pieces of decor in the space.

Animal print

If you are looking for a bolder option, why not lean into the brown theme with an animal print rug? Whether you enjoy nature and really want to embrace the outdoors, or you just love a good pattern, this faux cowhide rug will pair nicely with many styles of brown sofas. It is available in two designs, either a brown and white or black and white. The brown and white will look better with a couch in a darker shade of brown, while a light brown couch will look better with the black and white version.

In addition to its vibrant print, the rug's large size and asymmetrical shape give it a unique look that can stand alone a statement piece in your living room. Animal prints, from tiger stripes to leopard print or fur, are a classic yet fun way to spice up any space, suggests ElephantStock.