The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're A Taurus

If you are into astrology, you know that the different zodiac signs can give you valuable insight not only into your personality, motivational drivers, and career paths but can do the same for those around you. In conjunction with the different zodiac signs, there are also complimentary elements (fire, water, earth, and air) that give further insight into personality. In this particular post, we'll be covering the Taurus zodiac sign, which is defined as being born between April 20 to May 20, as per Horoscope.

Did you know that not only do these signs and elements define personality, but they can also be important when thinking about home design? From crystals to feng shui, we've been fed information on the right and wrong ways to bring positive energy to our houses. Colors have a huge impact on how we feel, but designing a room with your personality's power color can intrinsically affect your productivity, mood, and feelings. Want to know the best paint colors for your home if you're a Taurus? Read on to see our recommendations!

1. Green

The most popular color for this zodiac sign is green. Taurus is an earth sign, which means there is a solid connection to nature and everything involving the outdoors. The zodiac description of a Taurus is sensible, down-to-earth, and dependable; plus, the emerald gem is the birthstone of this zodiac sign! For this reason, all shades of leafy green are great paint options for Taurus. Window World suggests using green to bring the natural world indoors, such as a sliding door in forest green or drapes in a pretty emerald hue.

Another way to incorporate green into the Taurus home is with accent furniture. Think soft, sage green pillows, throw blankets, and décor frames for the living area. Bedrooms can easily incorporate green in the form of sage bed sheets, table lamps, or night tables. And don't forget about greenery: So many low-maintenance indoor plants work perfectly in any room and are the best way to bring nature indoors in luscious green!

2. Gray

Gray is another shade that is ideal for Taurus homeowners. Since part of their personality is elegance and serenity, a neutral shade that compliments the rest of the home can work beautifully. Tinted suggests a shade like Gentle Grape SW 9074 for this zodiac sign. While grape shades are present in the color, the mixture is actually a beautiful combination of mauve and gray, which would work great in a bedroom, reading nook, or living area.

Since a soft gray is neutral and easily blends in with other shades, it can fade into the background. Using the shade with contrasting colors can help bring it out. Use it on area rugs, accent walls, dressers (in the bedroom), and furniture to focus the room on the color. Another great way to use the hue is to find gray pots for a patio to combine the natural green and calming gray for a zen-like outdoor space.

3. Alabaster

A creamy white may seem like a bland, dull color for a home, but there is just so much you can do with its neutral quality! Perfect for rented homes and where the paint needs to stay neutral, there are ways to accent a warmer white easily. According to Indigo Paints, Taurus are sensual beings who like to tie everything together. A neutral color like alabaster gives a blank slate to design a room that flows evenly.

Alabaster is a natural material, which is great for the earth sign, and this takes us to the zodiac sign's stone: If you are into crystals, one of the best ones to use for Taurus is selenite. According to Ancient Element Creations, this white, translucent, natural material is often used to evoke calming and peaceful energy, so if you want to paint the walls white, make sure you find a warm shade, which can bring elements of the sun into the room (another way of incorporating nature).

4. Pink

Stay away from the magenta and fuchsia shades when thinking of pink for a Taurus-themed room. In keeping with the palette of colors that evoke calmness, sensuality, and serenity, pink shades should be soft and delicate. Times of India suggests a gentle shade of this color can bring feelings of calmness, and its soothing properties bring out the femininity of the hue since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. This color would be beautiful in a bedroom or bathroom to create a space of relaxation and peace. Think flower vases, lamp shades, headboards, and picture frames.

Millennial pink comes to mind when thinking about warmer, soft tints that a Taurus would like. Try adding this shade on walls or using it as décor. For example, a lush comforter in pink-gray would be lovely in a bedroom, as well as an accent wall in an office or breakfast nook. If you're thinking of decorating your kid's room, this color would also give soothing, calming vibes, which may even help with bedtime.

5. Black

Mostly, nature-inspired shades complement a Taurus' personality dependable, down-to-earth, sensible, and elegant; however, another personality trait of this zodiac sign is strength and luxury, which is where the color black comes in. According to Color Meanings, the Taurus is represented by the bull, which is strong, resilient, and steadfast. Black symbolizes similar properties, which is why it's a great but perhaps unexpected shade for this zodiac sign.

Go bold and paint an accent wall in black in an office for focus and elegance. Accent a kitchen with black stainless steel appliances or elevate a guest bathroom with patterned wallpaper for a chic design. Since black is such a bold color, keep in mind that less is more, as you can run the risk of making a room too dark and cold, which wouldn't work for the nature-loving Taurus. Because Taurus-born signs are strong beings with a love of nature and animals, their personalities and traits can easily be highlighted with the power of color.