Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping At Bed Bath & Beyond

If you love shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, there may be some benefits that you might have overlooked. Known for its infinite selection of home goods, including bedding, bathroom, kitchen, home and patio furniture, décor, seasonal, and wedding registries, the big box retailer periodically modifies various deals and offers to its customers. From hitting the clearance rack to downloading the Bed Bath & Beyond app, you can start saving more than before. Never pay full price — there are ways to be as savvy as possible when it comes to shopping, but generally, it's vital not to stray from your original list while loading up on coupons, discounts, and sales, either through snail mail, email, or the store's app (via Conn's Home Plus).

When browsing online or the shelves of a Bed Bath & Beyond store, you want to consider the cost of your desired item and whether you really need it overall — this is being a smart shopper. Since retailers want you to buy, there's no reason to miss out on savings through sales and coupons, which are typically offered year-round. As an avid consumer, there may be some ways to retain your wallet and/or receive the best deals when shopping for back-to-school items, gift card purchases, or registries. Keep reading to discover more details about these shopping oversights.

Don't pay for overpriced items

Besides pencils, pens, and markers, Bed Bath & Beyond carries a large assortment of back-to-school items to consider, including college dormitory products. While it's good to supply your young student with essentials like a hamper, hangers, pillows, rugs, a comforter, and linens, among other necessities, evaluate what they will necessarily need and use. Instead of a designer hamper, you might choose something more functional like a plastic laundry basket or jute rope carrier. Also, it's okay to mix and match without going over budget. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, it may tempt you to purchase that entire bedding ensemble or desk set when you'll most likely be spending more than projected ($60 to $150).

This goes for furniture as well. As dorms often supply the basics, you could end up overspending on superfluous chairs and furniture sets unless your student requires more in an unfurnished loft apartment. Additionally, while bean bag chairs are often cozy and stylish, they can also be costly and may be worth skipping, especially when combined with other items.

Always keep your receipts

Bed Bath & Beyond is known for its exceptional customer service on returns and refunds, so it's best to hold on to those receipts before discarding them. Currently, if you bring in certain items within the 90-day return policy along with proof of receipt, you may receive a full refund in cash or credit.

If you lose track of your paper or emailed receipt, the store can claim it in their system, although you may only receive store credit at the product's current price while extracting 20% of the cost. Although the beloved home goods store maintains a customer-friendly return policy, some items may not qualify for a profitable return, like bulk items, electronics or technology, maternity or baby products, and mattresses, plus registry and seasonal items, per DoNotPay.

Pay attention to these additional exclusions and products, as you may only have 30 to 60 days to return them. Keeping a product unopened will also be a bonus for the customer. In addition, gift card purchases will only receive a refund through merchandise credit or the purchaser's store credit account.

Receive discounts with bulk gift card purchases and coupons

Shopping for gift cards can get expensive fast, especially when buying for more than one person. Bed Bath & Beyond features volume discounts on various bulk gift orders through their Corporate or Bulk Sales Program, which you can receive upon signing up via their website. They advertise no fees or expiration dates. Offering promotional programs like this is potentially a great opportunity for managers and companies to satisfy their employees in the long run. You can also receive these types of vast gift card discounts like 15% off $25.00 through other coupon websites (via Card Cookie). If none are currently available at the time of your search, you can enter your address to receive more options, as their inventory may update frequently.

Another way to save with Bed Bath & Beyond is by connecting with their newsletter or phone app to receive physical and/or digital coupons while also browsing for them online. Also, utilize savings by applying their store competitor and manufacturer coupons, and take advantage of their price match policy.