How To Clean Your Tile Grout Without The Intense Scrubbing

There's a task in the bathroom that's nothing short of difficult, often creating sore muscles and lots of frustration. Scrubbing the grout between your bathroom tile is typically a long process and doesn't always work well. You may have put it off long enough, and now that there's significant discoloration, it's time to get serious about cleaning the grout, but spending hours scrubbing doesn't sound like fun.

It's critical to do so, too, because bacteria and germs can grow in those cracks and crevices, making your shiny tiles dull and dirty, according to Julington Creek Carpet Care. You don't want your loved ones sick from that bacteria build-up, either. Proper cleaning could help your tiles last longer, too. Is there an easier way to clean the tile grout so you don't feel like your arms will fall off at the end of the project? There could be a very effective and even better method that doesn't require rigorous scrubbing.

Consider the power of steam cleaning

Steam cleaners use heated water to clean away the grime on tiles and grout, breaking down the material so it's easily washed away. According to Cleaners Talk, steam cleaners are highly effective at cleaning and shining the surface of the tile and disinfecting it. Best of all, you don't have to worry about using harsh chemicals in your home as there's no need to use steam carefully. Using a steam cleaner loosens the dirt from the surface, which you can then wipe or spray down to get rid of it for good.

Can steam cleaning actually damage the grout, though? The answer here is no, as the steam doesn't penetrate the grout to cause damage to it. It's possible to use this method on both unsealed grout and grout with a protective sealant, as it's not likely to cause any breakdown of that adhesive. 

How to steam clean tile surfaces

You can use a steam cleaner on floor or wall tile in any area of your home. My Tidy Corner offers a few helpful tips for the process. It's a good idea first to wipe down the surface to remove any soap buildup or debris on the tile's surface. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using the steam cleaner, including how to fill and clean it, to ensure you get the best results.

You'll often run the steamer slowly over the tile and grout, moving at a steady pace but allowing enough steam to build over the surface to get into the dirt and grime. For wall tile, start at the top and work down the wall going slowly along the grout lines. Once you finish the entire area, rinse the surface to wash away all of the dirt. You can also take a damp towel to wipe and shine it to improve the overall finish, but there's still no scrubbing involved, making this one of the best grout cleaning methods.