How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're An Aries

Ruling the night skies between March 21 and April 19, Aries is the first and youngest of the twelve zodiacs. Aries is a fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius and cardinal, as are Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It is the only zodiac member ruled by the planet Mars, which is considered the god of war, per Cafe Astrology. As such, Aries are known to be highly driven, passionate, if not aggressively motivated people.

The ram represents Aries, and some of their most known character traits include being incredibly brave, take-charge, courageous individuals, via Astrology Zodiac Signs. They also tend to be positive thinkers and very honest. Aries have a natural tendency towards leadership and physical activities like sports or thrill-seeking. The first of the zodiac tend to be very organized, as is expected from their cardinal quality. Aries energy is a lot to keep in check, but decorating your bedroom by your fiery zodiac sign can help balance and regulate your energy.

Red accents

Each zodiac sign has a particular color that represents and reflects its energy. This shade can be added throughout your room to enhance the best qualities of your zodiac sign, and for Aries, that color is red, per Colors Explained. Aries is one of the boldest of the zodiac and the fieriest of the fire signs. Therefore, it would make sense that the equally bold and vibrant red would represent the ram. Red is a very polarizing color emotionally, though, and can be tricky to use when decorating your bedroom. As London Image Institute points out, red only represents the strongest emotions. On the positive side, it enhances feelings of love, passion, strength, and courage. 

On the negative side, though, it represents anger and danger and is even believed to raise blood pressure. Painting your entire bedroom red may not be the wisest decision, and neither would be heavily featuring bright shades of red throughout. However, there are great ways to incorporate the color more subtly in your bedroom, focusing on the strong and positive features of the shade. Rugs Direct recommends opting for a darker shade of red, like burgundy, paired with lighter colors. A red throw blanket or pillow paired with a softer cream bedding, a red rug, or even very dark pinks can embody the color red for the Aries' bedroom.


Aries is a fire sign and embodies the values of the fire element much better than its counterparts, Leo and Sagittarius. A great way to decorate with Aries' energy is to incorporate the fire element in your décor. Luckily, decorating with fire is easier than most other elements, as you can easily add candles around your bedroom.

Not only do candles look great and literally represent the fire element, but they can also help create a particular atmosphere in your bedroom. Per Our Sleep Guide, there are three main moods to enhance in the bedroom — energy, relaxation, and romance. Consider bright scents like eucalyptus, mint, or citrus in the morning. At nighttime, lavender is a fantastic scent to help relax you and enhance sleep, as are chamomile, vanilla, and bergamot. Finally, to create a romantic atmosphere, scents like jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, and-or amber are great options.

Sunburst mirrors

Similar to the zodiac, the practice of feng shui also deals with decorating according to the elements. Per Peace.Love.FengShui, some ways to decorate with the fire element include showcasing art or items with sharp edges, bright colors, and images of the sun, stars, or other triangular shapes.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate sun and star imagery in your bedroom to enhance Aries' fiery energy. The easiest method is to find artwork with bright, bold, warm colors depicting suns or stars. A trip to your local thrift or antique store can also prove useful with an abundance of wall art depicting suns or stars that you can paint in your desired color. Another stylish way to incorporate sun imagery with sharp edges is a sunburst mirror. Sunburst mirrors are reflectors with a bold, radiant frame that originated in Catholic churches in the 17th century, according to Talie Jane Interiors. They are beautiful statement pieces while still functional and perfect for your bedroom.


Another item that represents fire in feng shui practices is cactuses, per Peace.Love.FengShui, or any other similarly spiky and edgy plant. More than representing fire, cactuses are also very symbolic of Aries' specific energy — captivating, edgy, bold, and a little dangerous. A cactus is a great addition if you want to add some life and greenery to your Aries bedroom.

What kind of cactus you should get depends on a few factors. First, most cactuses require full sun, so you should ideally have a south, west, or even east-facing window. There are still options if you have a north-facing window or otherwise low light in your bedroom. A few great cactuses for low-light environments are the scarlet ball cactus, crown cactus, zebra cactus, and Christmas cactus, via CactusWay. You can get a few small cacti for your bedside table, a large and mature standing cactus, or a trailing one hung from the ceiling — just be careful you don't get pricked.

Show off sports gear

Aries is a very physically energetic sign, and those who were born under the ram constellation tend to be very active, sporty people. A great way to fill up wall space in your bedroom while also showing off this side of your personality is by decorating with sports equipment. This is a prevalent technique at ski or snowboard lodges, but that doesn't mean it's exclusive to them.

If you have a particular sport you enjoy, the best option is to try and show it off in any way possible. The easiest way to do this is to mount your sports gear to the wall, but there are also more creative ideas. For example, you could repurpose tennis or badminton rackets into cork boards or blackboards, as seen here on House of Hawthornes, or turn an old pair of roller or ice skates into a fun and unique planter, per Oh Hello Handmade.