3 Headboards To Pair With Black Bedding

Your bedroom should be a welcoming safe haven in the home. Bedding and other aspects of the room should provide as much comfort as possible, which is why we tend to splurge and experiment in this part of the house.

White, blue, and pink are some colors that you can choose to dominate a room's decor. Maybe it's a kid that wants their whole bedroom to be their favorite color or an adult that loves the clean appearance of all-white. Whatever the reason, a strong color theme is common and can be very interesting.

If you want a more sleek look, a black theme can be an uber-sophisticated way to style a bedroom. When combined with a statement like stripes or gold accents, the color black can elevate your bedroom, says Livingetc. If you have chosen a black theme for your entire bedroom or just the bedding, here are three headboards that will create a perfect pairing.

Velvet upholstery

Black bedding, especially in luxurious materials, is associated with elegance and a clean look. As opposed to light colors, which open up a space and make it feel airy, dark colors like black bring an air of sophistication and mystery into a room. As the dominant color of a bedroom, black does a great job of minimizing visual busyness and creates more opportunities to experiment with textures. Velvet is a silky material that also represents luxury and quality. An upholstered headboard in this material will complement the sophistication of black and soften it.

You can choose between plain or printed velvet with many pattern options available, from stripes to flowers (via The Headboard Workshop). If your bedding is simple, you can be more daring with a pattern on the headboard; if your bedding has a busy design, then a plain headboard is perfect. Extra care is needed for an upholstered velvet headboard. Clean spills right away and vacuum or brush it regularly so that dust doesn't gather. You should also keep it out of direct sunlight, so it doesn't fade, advises Hunker.

White leather

According to Worst Room, leather is the second most used furniture material! Synthetic materials have made it possible to get the look without committing to authentic leather. It also makes it possible to have leather in various colors. Why not pair an oversized white leather headboard with your black bedding? The largeness of the headboard will make you feel cozy, and the colors will create a strong contrast in your bed area. Black and white is a classic combination in design, but the size and material of the headboard will offer something new.

A headboard can be the main focus of a bedroom when it makes a statement, and leather is an excellent material for that. Woman&Home sees statement headboards as one of the top bedroom trends and reports that more people are seeking taller headboards with exciting shapes, patterns, and colors. Because of the color and material, this type of headboard may need extra care to prevent cracking, discoloration, and staining.

Gold metal

Metal headboards are a great option because they can be made into any style you want since the material is easy to shape. They can also be painted colors like silver, black, and gold if you don't want the natural color (via Worst Room). A gold metal headboard is a classy yet simple option to pair with black bedding. The warmth of the gold does wonders to soften up the room and make it feel cozy. It also adds to the luxurious feel you get from the black bedding. On the other hand, the black is a great backdrop to be creative with how you use gold metal finishes beyond the headboard.

To take care of your headboard and preserve its quality, know what type of metal it is. Of the commonly used metals, aluminum is inexpensive, light, and easy to manipulate; iron is weighty and more prone to rust; steel is very durable; brass offers a shiny, bright gold color (via HotelContractBeds). Steel and iron need more maintenance, while aluminum is durable, says Inside Out Living.