3 Headboards To Pair With White Bedding

Have you ever wondered why hotels use white sheets and white towels? According to Vision Linens, it's to show guests that they're clean and fresh. Even though it's not always foolproof, being able to see that the fabrics are free of stains gives some peace of mind that the hotel makes an effort to maintain cleanliness. This is also why people love white bedding in their homes. In addition to getting that clean look, white sheets brighten up a room and can add a sense of calm.

White bedding is a classic, versatile look that acts as the perfect backdrop for a wide range of design choices in the bedroom, too, per Pottery Barn. For example, white bedding complements bright, bold colors on the walls and on a headboard, as white sheets and pillows are a neutral base to start from. If you're interested in trying something different with your headboards, here are three other types that will go very well with your plain white bedding.

1. Wood

Wood is a staple when it comes to building, design, and furniture. It looks good, lasts long, and comes in various grains and colors. These days, it has also become ideal for contemporary interior design as the desire to be sustainable and connected to nature continues to grow, as manufacturer Thermory explains. The familiarity of wood and the warmth it brings make it a great option to have in the bedroom, especially as a headboard.

From various shades of brown to all kinds of natural wood designs, you'll be able to find a headboard that complements your white bedding and matches your vision for your bedroom perfectly. Note that unlike fabric or padded headboards, headboards made from wood won't be comfortable to lean on or bump into. On the other hand, they're easy to clean and you won't have to worry about dust and pet hair sticking to them (via WiseGEEK). Proper care and polishing, if needed, will go a long way to maintaining your wood headboard.

2. Natural fiber

Natural fibers are materials that are sourced from plants and animals. They're popular for being highly absorbent, durable, and environmentally friendly. Wool, linen, cotton, jute, and silk are some examples, and there are various reasons you might opt for each, like their water resistance, lightness, or shine, per MasterClass. This material is about adding an edge of texture to your bedroom. The feel and beauty of a natural fiber goes perfectly with white bedding and can really tie together a tropical, country, or coastal theme.

You'll have to make sure that dust and debris don't build up on this type of material, however. Some types won't be able to withstand excess moisture well, so try to keep the fiber dry and adhere to its specific care guides. When cleaning natural fiber furniture, Interior Furniture Resources advises using water-based cleaners and doing your best to lift stains instead of rubbing them in.

3. Leather

Is your dream bedroom all about luxury and elegance? Then a leather headboard, paired with white bedding, may be perfect for you. And a white leather headboard, like the one above, can prove to be an interesting design choice. Since the bedding is white, a matching white headboard will really pull off a strong look that is uncomplicated and timeless.

Note that if you're getting real leather, it's expensive and will require added care to maintain its appearance. As furnishings retailer C. S. Wo & Sons advises, keep the headboard out of direct heat and sunlight; also, avoid using sharp objects on it and regular household cleaners.

Your leather headboard should come with recommendations for care, and so as long as you stick to the guide, the material should be fine. Generally, you can wipe the leather with a cloth to clean it, and then with a towel to dry it. If there's a stain, especially if you're thinking of a light-colored headboard like white, a lemon juice mixture, hairspray, nail polish remover, and eucalyptus oil are some of the simple home remedies (via Interior Furniture Resources).