The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're A Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, there's a good chance that you're an optimist who enjoys being around other people, at least those who give you the respect that you deserve, according to Times of India. As an extrovert, you like putting yourself out there. Why? Because you're brave.

All of these characteristics, as well as your tendency to be smart and compassionate, help guide us to which colors will be best for your home. That, and a quick look at your zodiac preferred color, as we'll call it, and the color(s) of your birthstone(s) (because, let's face it, most signs have more than one).

What can you do with the colors that are associated with your sign and the characteristics it elicits in you? Lots. Aside from wearing those colors in clothing and accessories, you can also paint your home in these inspiring shades. Here are five colors perfect for Sag!

1. Powerful purples

The color most associated with Sagittarius is purple. Freedom Moses says that this is a color that will encourage the Sag in good luck and enlightenment. VeryWellMind points out that purple is a color of royalty, but it also strikes the imagination and gives off an air of wealth and mystery.

These empowering traits of the color purple make it an excellent shade for a couple of rooms in your home. Consider painting your bedroom purple so that you can have more enlightened dreams and wake up feeling like the royal person you are. It's also an excellent color for your home office, where it can help spark your imagination while working. One other room to consider for shades of purple is the bathroom –- where you can prepare for your day of luck and mystery while pampering yourself.

If purple isn't something you want to paint an entire room in, consider a purple accent wall in an area you'll at least glance toward throughout your day as a way to boost your Sag characteristics in a positive way.

2. Birthstone blues

Sagittarius' birthstones, whichever one you prefer, seem to fall into shades of blue, from turquoise to blue topaz. In fact, according to Tiny Rituals, there's one other blue stone on the list of Sag stones, and that's lapis lazuli. Each of these crystals is a different shade of blue, and each shade would be perfect in a few key rooms in your home.

VeryWellMind points out the calming energy of the color blue, making it a perfect shade for any room you want to elicit this feeling -– bedrooms (especially children's rooms) and bathrooms (perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub) come to mind here. It's a color that is often associated with reliability, as well, making it an excellent office color. If you're trying to drop some pounds and eat less, put a blue accent wall in the kitchen to discourage overeating (because blue makes us think of spoiled foodstuffs, according to VeryWellMind).

Pick a shade that makes you feel warm and cozy, though, as blue can also stand for sadness.

3. Brave yellows

It's on the opposite side of the color wheel, making it an excellent complementary color for Sagittarius. This bright and energetic color can do a lot to enhance Sagittarius's playful mood, which Zodiac Fire says they have in abundance. It also counts as a brave option for Sag since yellow isn't always a top choice when it comes to painting rooms. Medium points out that this color can boost productivity and help you stay more aware and focused, so it's the perfect color for a home office. However, you may want to steer clear of putting this enlivening shade in a room of rest -– like the bedroom.

One negative side of yellow, when it comes to working in the color, according to Medium, is that some brighter colors can cause visual strain and make your eyes a bit tired, so pick a shade that is cool and not too bright. Or, stick with an accent wall that isn't the wall your desk faces!

4. Adventurous oranges

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign, and how can it not be when a bow-and-arrow-carrying centaur serves as its symbol? So get running with those horse legs of yours and do it with a positive twist! The Horoscope says that orange is probably the most motivational color for this zodiac sign — and it's definitely another brave choice. This stimulating color will not only soothe the savage stallion within, but it will also push you forth to find new adventures with all the confidence you need.

On the level of color psychology, not only does orange elicit thoughts of crisp autumn air, but it is a happy and energetic color. According to VeryWellMind, it is also a spiritual hue and grabs people's attention. Because it's a bright and powerful color, you may want to stick with an accent wall of orange rather than painting an entire room. Like yellow, it's the perfect shade for a home office but would also work well in a home gym or meditation space.

5. Soothing whites

According to Times of India, Sagittarius will find white to be a soothing color. The bonus of this idea is that many homes already have white rooms or off-white walls. However, you want to pick a shade of white that truly does bring you comfort and not something that makes a relaxing space seem too bright.

VeryWellMind says that white is a color associated with innocence and purity, while it can also come off as cold and sterile — think hospital walls. However, if you want to adopt a little minimalism in your home, white is a great start. Because it is an innocent color with a soothing effect on your zodiac sign, look for shades of white for your bedroom, bathroom, or even living room — areas where you tend to like to sit back and relax. If you don't want your rooms to feel too hospital-like, opt for an accent wall.