Amanda Finn

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Chicago, Illinois
DePaul University, Ripon College
Thrifting, Pet-Friendly Home Hacks, Small Spaces
  • As a small living space and minimalist packing nerd, Amanda has always enjoyed scouting new ways to make a house a home — even if it's a temporary one.
  • Their love of building aesthetics led them to HouseDigest as a way to help others make their spaces as unique as they are.
  • They have no shame for loving the Millennial teal vibe or a sealife-themed bathroom.


Amanda has been a professional journalist for almost a decade. At HouseDigest, they can usually be found writing about home trends, wildlife, or ecofriendly ways of keeping outdoor critters outdoors. In that time, they have written a little about a lot for outlets like Yahoo, American Theatre, Chicago Reader, Via Travelers, and more.


Amanda has an M.A. in writing, rhetoric and discourse, a certificate in women and gender studies and a B.A. in English, theatre, and film/media studies.
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