Dimitrius Jones

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Dallas, TX
McMurry University
Health & Wellness, Home Décor, TV
  • Dimitrius Jones aims to entertain, raise important questions, and uplift his readers.
  • He has previously written for Into More Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly, and the Arlington Voice.
  • His first self-help book is called "Life After Low Self-Esteem" and is available on Amazon.


Dimitrius has been a professional writer since 2012. His writing journey began with working for his university newspaper, leading to becoming a published author today. He published his first self-help book, "Life After Low Self-Esteem," in 2020, furthering his passion for uplifting and inspiring his readers. He joined Static Media in 2022 with the goal of using his extensive knowledge of home décor, health, and mental wellness to provide tips and advice for anyone looking to revitalize their living space.


Dimitrius has a bachelor's degree in Music from McMurry University, and has developed a thorough knowledge-base concerning artistic expression. He continues to expand his knowledge by regularly researching a variety of topics.
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