Ellen Kershner

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New Jersey
American University
Restaurants, Cookbooks, Gourmet Cooking
  • Ellen sampled and wrote up reviews for established and up-and-coming regional restaurants like Treno and Capital Grille. She also interviewed restaurant owners like Crux owner and chef Joe Stewart and wrote insightful articles highlighting their contributions.
  • Ellen compiled, tested, wrote, and edited reader recipe submissions for biannual cookbooks published by Shopper’s Guide. These cookbooks contained hundreds of original recipes that needed to be fact-checked and rewritten for accuracy.
  • Ellen is a gourmet chef experienced with a wide range of ingredients, cooking, and baking methods. Her favorite chefs are Rachael Ray and Thomas Keller, and her most-enjoyed creations include horseradish-encrusted salmon, water chestnut-infused ground chicken meatballs, and homemade birthday cakes.


Ellen has been a content writer since 2017. Before that, she wrote for regional print publications and served as a full-time marketing administrator. Her roster of clients has included Wordsmyth Content Writing, Neighborhoods.com, NGM Media, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She currently contributes to Daily Meal and House Digest.


Ellen received a B.A. in Public Communications at American University and graduated summa cum laude. She completed classes in advertising copywriting, magazine writing, public speaking, and persuasive writing.
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