20 Tiny Home Bedrooms That Show You How To Maximize Space

Embracing mirrored wardrobes, playing with vertical paneling, and sticking to lighter color schemes are just a few of the many well-known ways you can make a small bedroom look considerably bigger. But when it comes to actually fitting in all your furniture and belongings, you might want to get a bit creative with custom-built wardrobes and clever shelving solutions to make sure it doesn't feel too cluttered and cramped.

More so than in larger bedrooms, keeping clutter to an absolute minimum by finding great storage solutions is key if you're working with a smaller space. But according to Ideal Home, it's important to also remember that you don't want your storage to steal more of your precious floor space than is vitally necessary — so opt for hidden under-bed drawers and shelving solutions where possible instead of blanket boxes and bulky chests that sit flush to the floor.

To help inspire you, here are 20 different tiny bedrooms that have been decked out in a way that truly maximizes their available space — no matter how minimal!

1. Bookcase behind the bed

Even in the smallest bedrooms, there's typically enough room for a bookcase to slot behind the bed. If you don't have space for bedside tables, then you can also clear a little space on one of the shelves for a lamp and a glass of water.

2. Tall and slim bedside table

Tall and slim bedside tables are ideal if you lack width room on either side of the bed but still want a place to store some precious items and house a lamp or a candle.

3. Built-in bedside table

If you're going for built-in wardrobes in your small bedroom, then consider having a bedside shelf worked into your plans for added space-saving.

4. Under bed storage

Beds that have drawers fitted into them like this one are great for sneaking more storage into a small bedroom.

5. Chest of drawers for bedside table

When placed next to a bed like this, a chest of drawers will leave you with little need for a bedside table as there's still ample room on top for an alarm clock and lamp.

6. Custom wardrobes

This bedroom is a great example of how having custom wardrobes built directly around your bed can really help maximize space.

7. Floating bedside tables

Super chic, these bedside drawers look really modern and stylish while also taking up very little room. Thanks to their floating design, there's also ample space underneath them for storing a small trash can or laundry basket.

8. TV on the wall

If your bed fits snuggly between two walls like this, then placing a TV directly opposite it will create the ultimate home cinema set-up.

9. Bunk beds

Far cooler than your classic set of bunk beds, this custom job is great for maximizing space and also enables whoever takes the bottom bunk to have a slightly larger bed. 

10. More hanging space

If your closet is lacking enough hanging room, then let this image inspire you to affix some industrial pipes to blank wall space and create your very own custom space.

11. Vanity shelf

As gorgeous as they are, a proper make-up vanity can take up quite a bit of room. If you're short on space, simply fix a slim shelf to the wall, hang a mirror above it, and tuck a small stool underneath. This makes for the perfect mini vanity!

12. Desk as a bedside table

Desks can take up quite a bit of room in small bedrooms, so consider picking one that fits nicely beside your bed and can double as a bedside table.

13. Wall lighting

In this lovely set-up, there's ample room on the window sill for storing a glass of water and a book — and the adjustable spotlights on the wall make the perfect replacements for bedside lamps.

14. Bed with drawers

If you don't have room for an ottoman or blanket box, then under-bed drawers make the next best place for storing extra bedding, blankets, and towels.

15. Ceiling pendant side lamps

Pendants are normally used in the center of a room but here, they've been hung low and used to replace bedside table lamps. 

16. Ottoman bed

Great for smaller spaces, ottoman beds lift up to reveal loads of secret storage space — a far neater solution than squeezing items under your bed frame.

17. Clever fitted shelving

Providing far more storage space than classic bedside tables, this custom solution also incorporates open shelving for storing books and displaying personal artifacts.

18. Murphy bed

The original space-saving piece of furniture, this murphy bed folds up into the fitted cupboards when not in use.

19. Loft bed

Far cooler than your average kid's bed, this loft bed frees up more floor space for storage, playing, and snuggling up for story time!

20. Library ladder

To ensure you're getting the most out of the highest cupboards in your bedroom, install a library ladder. It'll make you far more likely to fill up every empty space!