Crate & Barrel Took The 15 Percent Pledge. Here's What That Means

The 15 Percent Pledge requests large retailers to support Black-owned businesses in order to create a healthy, diverse, and prosperous environment for all to succeed (via 15 Percent Pledge). Companies can do this by changing the structure of their funding, resources, and working style to build a more equitable relationship with Black businesses. The belief behind this pledge is that since 15% of the U.S. population is made up of Black people, then businesses should offer at least 15% of merchandise created by Black-owned companies.

Over 28 retailers have taken this pledge, including Crate and Barrel, per Cision. This home décor store has created a three-year plan and is expecting to successfully accomplish its 15 Percent Pledge by 2024. Other home décor retailers have also joined the pledge, such as West Elm and Macy's. We'll show you a breakdown of Crate and Barrel's plan, including their budget and change in the work environment, as well as thoughts from the CEO.

The three-year plan

For Crate and Barrel to succeed in their 15 Percent Pledge, they have created a three-year plan, per Cision. By 2022, they hope to increase their BIPOC influencer base by 33%, which will total their influencer representation by 50%. They also plan to raise media investments for Black-owned companies and partners by $500,000. By 2024, Crate and Barrel is also dedicated to raising the percentage of Black employees in the corporate setting by 40%.

"It is incredibly important to us that our designers, collaborators and collections reflect a diversity that helps everyone see themselves in the homes we inspire to furnish." CEO of Crate and Barrel Holdings Inc. Janet Hayes noted. Crate and Barrel also plans to pay $225,000 over the course of this three-year plan to help with various tasks crucial for the success of the 15 Percent Pledge. This is in the hope it will help construct even-handed economic opportunities for Black business owners.