3 Trending Shades Of Green To Incorporate Into Your Home Decor

Green was accurately predicted to be the top color of 2022 as green living and sustainability continue to trend, per TZR. With the ongoing movement to lean into the natural world and all that's connected to it, it's not surprising that green is trendy in the world of decor and beyond. It spurs feelings of comfort and makes us feel like we're safe at home. Emerald has been trending since last year, with Etsy dubbing it a go-to shade for homes, according to YOU Magazine. Mint and olive are two other trendy shades that can be used in various innovative ways.

Before you paint everything green, however, try smaller elements that are easier to switch out. HomeGoods expert Beth Diana Smith recommends integrating trendy colors with furnishing and accessories first (via TZR). You can also experiment with green in other creative ways, like decorating with houseplants, putting up green wallpaper, or even installing green tiles. Learn more about mint, emerald, and olive and how you can incorporate these trending shades of green into your home décor.

1. Mint

Mint is a mixture of green, white, and blue. While it feels calm, it also brings a light energy that can make your home feel both cool and comfortable. Mint green is quite versatile and can achieve most design themes because it feels fresh and can be the gentle but lively pop of color that a space needs. Combining this shade with gray is very common if you're going for an elegant look, while dusty pink is a bolder move to achieve a Boho style (via Treehouse).

The stylish kitchen pictured on Armac Martin with a mint island and cabinets shows how the coolness of this color can be balanced out. With the much warmer tones and the abundance of natural light, the mint-dominated kitchen still feels charming and welcoming. According to Treehouse, mint shines when chosen for accessories like bedding and lamps in the bedroom and devices in the kitchen. Are you considering mint green for your walls? Try incorporating it into a multicolored wall with other neutrals like beige or terracotta.

2. Emerald

Named after the gemstone, emerald is a strong, dark shade of blue-green that resembles the green of the ocean. It represents ideas like strength and harmony, and is an ideal color to build your décor around, says Treehouse. You can have it all in this color — walls, accessories, and furniture — simply because of how great the effect is. If all you want is to make a statement, "The Block" judge Neale Whitaker says emerald is for you (via 9Now).

While emerald green can be the dominant color for a living room, it's usually used to accessorize in places like the bedroom and kitchen, so it is less overpowering, per Treehouse. To really nail this color in your living room, interior design expert Margarita Bravo advises staying within the bounds of rich colors and jewel tones (via TZR). If you want to do something even bolder, Bravo suggests combining emerald green with statement patterns.

3. Olive

Olive, like the Mediterranean fruit, is a dark shade of green that is obtained from yellow, blue, and a bit of red. Even though olive is a muted green, it adds a calm strength to a space. It is a neutral color that communicates peace, just like the concept of an olive branch, and can be combined with many colors (via Paintzen). One tip from Whitaker on 9Now is that olive green is safer if you intend to bring many colors together. Paintzen recommends combining it with colors like tan, gold, maroon, plum, red, and gray.

Olive Sprig was PPG's Color of the Year 2022 for its soothing feel and ability to create a natural environment right in your home, according to The Nordroom. The stylish olive kitchen pictured on Armac Martin is a great example of how a space can be designed around this color. The combination of light-colored natural materials like rattan and wood, brass fixtures, and the dark olive island makes the kitchen look modern but comfortable.