5 Classy Ways To Incorporate Stranger Things Into Your Home Decor

If you can't get enough of "Stranger Things" (and let's be honest, who among us actually can get enough of that show), you may have thought about ways to bring the wonderful 1980s world of Hawkins and the Upside Down into your home. But it can be a little complicated to incorporate "Stranger Things” into your home decor scheme. You don't exactly want your house to look like it was designed by an interior decorator from 1983, nor is it ideal to have snaking black vines crawling up your walls, which your house guests may find a little off-putting.

Of course, there are people who go all out in their "Stranger Things" fandom, to the point of constructing a literal entrance to the Upside Down in their living rooms, as the Washingtonian reports. But fear not — there are plenty of more subtle ways to pay homage to one of the greatest shows of all time. Certain classy choices can make you feel like you're about to have an adventure with Eleven and the gang, without the overwhelming sense that the Mind Flayer may descend upon your house at any moment.

Bring in some 1980s yellow

Yellow is an overriding color in the decorating scheme in the homes of multiple characters on "Stranger Things." The Byers house in Hawkins is almost exclusively yellow, with paint and wallpaper throughout (via Screenrant). Dustin's house and Lucas' house also feature prominent yellow elements. In fact, some yellow home decor could be seen back in the 1980s, especially on pieces of furniture, according to HGTV. But yellow can be a bit much if it's the dominant color in an entire home, which Joyce Byers apparently believed was a good choice.

You can introduce yellow into your home in a less overbearing way that hints at a "Stranger Things" vibe instead of clubbing you over the head with it. Homes & Gardens points out that yellow is a fantastic option for your kitchen since it can make your space feel bright and sunny. If you want to really lean into the 80s aesthetic, you can choose to reupholster a thrifted piece of furniture in a bold yellow color — although it may be best to choose a smaller piece, such as a chair, as opposed to the classic 1980s mustard-yellow sofa. Yellow shouldn't be scary. After all, you don't have to go all-out with it in a main space, like your living room. Think of yellow as a great option for walls in transitional spaces, such as bathrooms and hallways, where the color can feel funky and fun without wearing on the eyes.

Don't be scared of black

Maybe the color black was the first thing you thought of when you began contemplating highlighting your "Stranger Things" fandom inside your home, but you immediately dismissed it because basing a decor scheme around the color black seems, well, a little bleak. Well, perhaps not. Black can be tastefully incorporated into a home decoration plan without your house just looking like a bat cave (per HGTV). Black paint is a bold choice but is it also one that makes a small room feel larger since it eliminates edges. It can make details pop, as with colorful photos or art mounted on an all-black wall. 

Keep in mind, black doesn't have to just stay on the walls — black granite is a trendy choice for flooring, especially when used as an accent for cherry wood. Plus, cherry wood is red, and a red and black floor sounds like it might subtly evoke the between-dimensions entrances and exits to the Upside Down. Finally, one of the classiest ways to use black is by incorporating wrought-iron fixtures, such as stair railings, which may or may not look like those famous twisting tendrils and vines linking back to the Mind Flayer. Be careful not to touch and activate the hive mind.

Embrace wood paneling

Since "Stranger Things" takes place in the early 1980s (via Insider), some aspects of the characters' homes still retain decorating schemes and trends from the 1970s. This situation is especially true in Dustin's house, which features one of the most iconic 1970s trends: heavy dark wood paneling on the walls (per Wallplanks Blog). Now obviously, that level of wood paneling would be a little much and seem pretty dated in a home nowadays, but you can still include elements of wood paneling without feeling like you've been sucked back in time. The experts recommend choosing one wall to feature dark wood paneling as a statement piece to avoid the full-on 70s vibe.

In fact, if you have brought dark wood paneling into a space, you are probably going to want to keep the rest of the room a little understated and more modern-looking, which can make for a really great contrast. That being said, some common 70s decor you may want to avoid clashing with your new wall include animal print rugs, bright-colored velvet furniture, and lava lamps (per Elle Canada).

Go for a woodsy vibe

Some of the most epic scenes in "Stranger Things" take place in the Hawkins woods. Therefore, one of the best ways to call to mind one of the show's most iconic settings is to lean into the woodsy decor and a cabin vibe.

Brookfield Residential recommends making your house feel cozy by paying attention to the fabrics of the blankets and throws on your sofa and chairs, making sure to focus on fleeces, and faux fur, which could give off the 1980s vibe. You can also incorporate a few plants and succulents, which may be a good opportunity to evince the Upside Down's vines without going full-on creepy. Additionally, DecoratorsBest advises emphasizing natural materials to play up the woodsy atmosphere, focusing on stone and wood, which is another good reason to consider wood paneling. If you do go with wood for walls or furniture, it's best to leave it unpainted so the natural grain is highlighted — just be sure to watch out for splinters if you run your hand over it.

Focus on the little things

It can be a fine balance when incorporating fandom into your home decor, particularly for a show like "Stranger Things," whose focus on the thrilling and disturbing might not translate particularly well into a welcoming home. In some cases, the best way to pay homage to the Hawkins crew may be to add little elements here and there, as opposed to attempting to infuse the Upside Down into every aspect of your home. The Washingtonian's profile of decor for a "Stranger Things" party might provide some inspiration.

Do you have a game room in your house? It could probably be pretty simple to add in a retro Dig-Dug arcade game in honor of Madmax and the Palace arcade or decorate your game room's coffee table with Dungeons & Dragons memorabilia. Therefore, you may want to attempt to hang string lights in your bedroom or use a Lite-Brite for an art piece, and cross your fingers that you'll never have to communicate with anyone in an alternate dimension using light signals. And if you want to believe for a second that you possess Eleven's telekinetic power to open doors to other worlds, mix red and black curtains on a window that gets a lot of light. You can keep the curtains open most of the time, but when you pull them shut, it will look like an opening the Demogorgon could burst through without any notice.