25 Paint Colors That Will Bring Autumn Vibes Into Your Home All Year Round

Fall is the coziest time of the year, with the vibrant green flora of summer fading to multifaceted oranges, yellows, reds, and purples. Inside, too, people tend to move away from bold and vibrant summer colors to softer and more subdued shades, creating a cozy and seasonal home.

The cozy aesthetics traditional to fall decor don't just have to be contained to three months out of the year, though. While some things aren't able to be a year-round staple — pumpkins, mums, etc. — others, like paint colors, can become permanent features in your home. While most people only think of shades of red, orange, and yellow, there are other classically fall colors like purple, brown, beige, green, and even some shades of blue (via Storables). Whether you paint an entire room, an accent wall, a hallway, cabinets, or any other feature of your home, keep reading for some classic fall paint colors to incorporate into your home year-round.

1. Benjamin Moore Autumn Orange

Orange is one of the most classic and timeless fall colors. So much so that Benjamin Moore has a whole paint color named after the season. This paint color is a rich, spicy, dark orange, and is perfect for an accent wall or to make a large space feel more intimate.

2. Glidden Cider Toddy

Another variation of a fall orange shade is from Glidden. This orange paint has a slightly yellow, golden tint, with that same spiced effect. It's slightly bright, making it great for a smaller space like a bathroom or hallway.

3. Benjamin Moore Mulberry Wine

Purple is another gorgeous fall color. For a lighter, less in-your-face option, go for a mauve tone, like this purple from Benjamin Moore. It's light enough that it could go in any room in your home, but it would look particularly stunning in a living room or bedroom.

4. Sherwin-Williams Bold Brick

Red is also a very classic fall shade, but it looks great in your home year-round. This red from Sherwin-Williams is a rich, brick shade, with a warm, spiced finish. Avoid painting a whole room this color, but instead, use it as an accent wall or backsplash shade.

5. Benjamin Moore Antique Bronze

Warmer, golden shades of yellow are a quintessential fall shade, like this golden bronze paint from Benjamin Moore. The dark mustard shade would look great in an antique-themed dining room or kitchen.

6. Glidden Capuccino

For a more neutral shade of orange, go for a dark, nearly brown, coffee shade, like this one from Glidden. A more neutral shade like this would go great in a main room like a dining room or living room.

7. Benjamin Moore Warm Sienna

The same can be said for red — darkening the shade and adding some brown undertones makes it more neutral and easy to use in your home all year. Since this warm red from Benjamin Moore is still quite intense, consider only using it to paint an accent wall.

8. Sherwin-Williams Gingery

Ginger as a color is somewhere between orange, brown, and gold yellow, and is perfect for a permanent fall-inspired shade. This Sherwin-Williams shade is a beautiful, rich hue that would look great paired with other lighter brown and orange tones.

9. Benjamin Moore Mink Violet

True fall purple is a lot more of a brown shade, just like this Benjamin Moore color. It's a lovely mix of a dusty mauve and a spiced brown, and neutral enough to go wonderfully in any room. It would look best in a more intimate room like a bedroom or living room.

10. Glidden Nutmeg

Another fall brown paint is this warm, spiced brown, almost red-tinted shade from Glidden. It has a very antique look and would go great in a room full of vintage finds.

11. Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind

Blue is another color that is stunning during the fall, but classic year-round. Go for a darker, flatter shade of blue, like this one from Benjamin Moore. Darker colors like this can be used all over in larger, open rooms, or as an accent wall.

12. Glidden Ginger Spice

Gidden also has a ginger paint color, which is just as rich, warm, and spicy — perfect for a year-round fall home. It's a little darker and would work great as an accent wall shade to anchor other brighter shades.

13. Benjamin Moore El Sereno Gold

Gold is a stunning fall shade, found both in home decor and the falling leaves during the autumn season. This soft and almost muted gold paint from Benjamin Moore would look fantastic with trendier modern furniture in a bathroom, kitchen, or dining room.

14. Sherwin-Williams Mature Grape

Don't feel afraid to play with purple paint in your home, especially when going for a fall look. This stunning Sherwin-Williams paint is a rich and warm purple and could help add depth as an accent wall or be a dramatic wall color in a living or dining room.

15. Benjamin Moore Antique Pewter

Neutrals are also very important in fall color schemes, whether to center the room or use it in combination with bolder shades. This gray-toned beige from Benjamin Moore is unique on its own, but could also help calm down some richer reds or purples.

16. Glidden Vintage Yellow

While gold is the color of the season, lighter shades of yellow are also undeniable autumnal. Keep it light and airy with a softer, paler shade of yellow like this one from Glidden. Since it's so versatile, you can use it in pretty much any room. Liven up your kitchen or bathroom, or add an accent wall.

17. Benjamin Moore Badlands

The spectrum between red and orange is a great place to find some gorgeous fall paint colors like this Benjamin Moore option. Go for a deeper, burnt shade, and use it in your living room or hallways as an accent wall.

18. Sherwin-Williams Merlot

Go even deeper and bolder with this luxurious, rich, wine-purple paint from Sherwin-Williams. Painting a whole room may be a little intense, so consider either using it as just an accent wall shade or adding a lighter accent wall for contrast.

19. Benjamin Moore Olympus Green

Greens and blues are a nice, somewhat alternative, option for fall palettes. Go for a dark peacock shade like this Benjamin Moore one. Use it to add some depth to a more modern room, or to enhance a more eclectic, vintage-inspired room.

20. Glidden Feldspar

Don't write off grays from your fall color scheme. As a year-round shade, they're incredibly versatile, and a warm, busy shade of gray like this Glidden paint only enhances fall décor.

21. Benjamin Moore Orange Blossom

Most fall oranges are quite subdued and spicy, but there's still plenty of opportunity to play around with brighter, more vibrant shades. This orange paint from Benjamin Moore is still very warm and autumnal, but it's a little more punchy.

22. Sherwin-Williams Crabby Apple

Just like with the earlier dark purples, experiment with reds and go for a deep, dark, wine-red paint, like this one from Sherwin-Williams. Pair with darker wood tones to lean into the moody vibes, or lighten it up with modern, brighter pieces.

23. Benjamin Moore Verdigris

For an earthier, moodier green, go for a deep, medium-toned green, with mossy or olive undertones. Use it to paint your whole living room for a sophisticated look.

24. Glidden Sugar Maple

Another great autumnal brown is this spiced maple shade from Glidden, which has an almost retro feel to it. Pair with other similarly retro oranges and mustard yellows in a living room or bedroom for a groovy fall feel.

25. Benjamin Moore Hearth Red

This dark, brick red from Benjamin Moore has a dusty feel, and could almost behave like a brown if treated like a neutral. Pair with other rich and warm-toned colors and wood finishes for a dreamy, year-round fall look.