15 Terracotta Bedroom Ideas To Add An Earthy Feel To Your Space

Terracotta is a gorgeous type of clay that is easily identifiable for its rich, earthy orange hue, meaning "baked earth" in Italian, per Britannica. Few other shades of orange are as stunning and rich as terracotta.

The color has the psychological benefits of both orange and brown, according to Martine Claessens. This makes both a very energetic and stimulating color, having the warmth and vibrancy of orange and the calming and comforting effects of brown. Terracotta as a material is often found in either pottery or tiles, but there are lots of terracotta paint shades, blankets, fabric, etc. It has a lot of range, some shades leaning towards lighter orange shades, others deeper, almost brown colors. Decoratively, terracotta acts as a unique warm neutral, pairing well with various colors. Terracotta's soothing and inviting properties make it a great color to use in your bedroom in many ways. Keep reading to learn how to effectively incorporate terracotta in your bedroom.

1. Terracotta bedspread

There's no need to tile your whole bedroom in terracotta to get the effect of the color across. Instead, start simple with a rich terracotta orange duvet cover or bedspread, pairing it with neutral, light wood tones.

2. Terracotta walls

Terracotta makes a wonderful wall paint color and can act as a good base to center the rest of your bedroom around. Pair with some rustic or boho décor and a neutral light color palette, letting the paint be the star of the show.

3. Green and terracotta

Terracotta is a very eye-catching color, and you don't need much of it to be effective. Use it sparingly in a green bedroom for a twist on the classic green and orange trend.

4. Boho style

Terracotta is innately a very boho, natural color. Lean into this by incorporating it in a boho bedroom, starting with your bedding.

5. Warm palette

Terracotta is a rich and warm shade that looks lovely when paired with a rich and warm color palette. Mix in lots of warm-toned woods, other shades of orange and brown, red, and yellow.

6. Earthy terracotta walls

Another option for terracotta walls is to texturize them, giving them a raw, earthy finish. This highlights the earthiness of terracotta as both a color and a material.

7. Modern and clean

While terracotta has a very natural, earthy vibe, it can also be used in a modern bedroom. Opt for a modern neutral base palette with lots of beiges and creams. Then, add a slightly cooler terracotta-colored bedspread.

8. Black and terracotta

Since it is such a rich color, many people prefer pairing terracotta with lighter neutrals. If you want more contrast and for your terracotta bedspread to pop, consider opting for black paint in your bedroom.

9. Accent wall

If having all terracotta walls is a little too intimidating to start with, consider just adding a terracotta accent wall. Pair with white or light-colored walls to tame it a little bit.

10. Throw blanket

Another way to more subtly incorporate terracotta in your bedroom is with a throw blanket, which can help add a pop of color to a neutral white bedroom.

11. Pinky terracotta

While terracotta mainly exists on an orange and brown color spectrum, warmer shades of terracotta can lean pink, which has a very warm and lively effect.

12. Wicker and terracotta

Wicker is a material that almost seems made to pair with terracotta, both of them having a very boho, rustic, and natural effect.

13. Industrial style

Terracotta can also be used to contrast an industrial, industrial style bedroom. Look for a lighter terracotta comforter, pairing it with gold hardware and some contrasting grays.

14. Colorful Scandinavian

While most Scandinavian décor prefers neutral shades and light blues, there's still plenty of room to add pops of color. Try adding a terracotta blanket to a Scandinavian bedroom for some color and texture variation.

15. Pale terracotta

Lighter and paler shades of terracotta blend in wonderfully with warmer neutrals like beige, cream, honey, and peach.