20 Tempting Teal Bedroom Ideas That Bring Color Into Your Life

Equal parts blue and green, the color teal exists on its own spectrum, ranging from light to dark shades, all of which produce a soothing, tropical feel. Color Psychology identifies teal as dignified and elegant but quite down to earth, creating a sense of calmness and tranquility while also being stimulating and positive.

It's rare that a color is simultaneously bright, colorful, and invigorating, while still being soothing and palatable. Teal's unique ability to be all of those at once makes it a fantastic color to incorporate into your home, especially where you sleep. Whether you add an occasional throw blanket or dedicate the whole room to becoming a teal paradise, it's a nearly foolproof shade for your bedroom space.

Aside from its psychological benefits, teal is a great color to work with, meshing well with a whole host of colors, aesthetics, etc. Keep reading for ideas on how to create a teal haven in your bedroom.

1. Black and white base

While very versatile, teal is a bit of a scene stealer, especially when used to paint your walls. Keep it simple to start with a basic black-and-white theme in the rest of your room.

2. Teal and brown

Teal isn't necessarily a retro color, but it does have a vintage charm. Amplify this with a similarly vintage-inspired shade of brown and warmer, mid-century-toned wood furniture.

3. Shades of blue and green

Teal isn't definitively blue or green, sharing in the best each color has to offer. Play around with teal undertones by decorating your bedroom in shades of complementary greens and blues, along with a teal base.

4. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse décor tends to be a little bit rustic and neutral in color. Spruce it up with a teal makeover, painting your shiplap walls a rich, peacock feather shade.

5. Trendy teal

Teal is by no means a neutral color, but it does fit well into almost every design trend. Have teal as a comfortable base shade on the walls of your bedroom, varying your furniture and décor as trends shift and change.

6. Teal accents

Teal is a powerful color, and can be very effective when used sparingly. Instead of a whole teal bedroom, go for a teal throw blanket on your bed, along with some artwork with matching pops of teal.

7. Kid's room

Another way in which teal is incredibly versatile is that it meshes well with any maturity level, looking just as good in a nursery as it does in an adult's bedroom. This makes it a perfect shade for your kid's bedroom, able to mature along with them and their ever-changing preferences.

8. Sophisticated teal

Teal has a sophisticated quality that can be revealed through equally sophisticated furniture. Look for luxurious statement pieces, like tufted headboards, sleek nightstands and dressers, etc. for your bedroom space.

9. Simple boho

Bohemian décor is generally quite airy and bright. Anchor it down a bit with a rich, almost earthy, teal base, pairing it with wicker, bamboo, and other light, natural boho materials.

10. Vintage inspirations

Lean into the vintage allure innate to darker shades of teal in your bedroom by incorporating lots of retro inspired furniture pieces.

11. Simple and stunning

Teal is a striking color, and can take even the plainest of bedrooms from basic to stunning with only a few coats of paint.

12. Rustic light teal

Rustic décor tends to avoid bold colors, but teal makes for a great exception to that rule. Opt for a lighter, more blue-heavy shade for a slight tropical influence.

13. Teal and wood

Darker, richer wood tones are a perfect match for equally dark and rich shades of teal. Whether you go for a wooden headboard, side table, dresser, or any combination of the three, pair it with a deep ocean shade of teal.

14. Modern and minimalist

The minimalistic design also isn't one to favor bright colors, but a simple addition of color can transform a minimalist bedroom from sterile to inviting in an instant. Teal adds a layer of depth and complexity that lots of minimalist rooms could benefit from.

15. Teal and pink

One of the drawbacks you may find with teal is that it's an intense, heavy color. Lighten it up while adding some dynamic contrast with a touch of pale pink.

16. Teal accent wall

If you don't want to go all out with teal walls in your bedroom, settle for a simple but certainly effective accent wall.

17. Split pink and teal

As mentioned earlier, pink and teal are a complementary duo, the pink lightening the darkness of teal, and the teal helping add some depth to pink. Have fun combining them with split pink and teal walls.

18. Muted teal throw

Another simple way to involve teal tones in your bedroom is to add a muted teal throw blanket and pillows, which can help liven up a neutral-toned room.

19. Teal futon bed

If you want to decorate your guest bedroom in shades of teal, consider including a fun and vibrant teal futon.

20. Teal and red

Since teal is such a strong shade, you may feel wary of pairing it with other strong shades. That being said, another vibrant and powerful color, like crimson red, can work well to help contrast and amplify teal.