How To Accessorize Your Home If You Belong In House Stark From Game Of Thrones

Fans of "Game of Thrones" have had something fun to look forward to every week since "House of the Dragon," the "Game of Thrones" prequel, began airing. Though, it's been a little unfortunate for those who love House Stark, as the prequel does not cover too much about the beloved family. From the onset and throughout "Game of Thrones," House Stark was the biggest protagonist family. The Sun confirmed the house is made up of Eddard (aka Ned) Stark, and his wife, Catelyn. Together they have five children: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Then there is Jon Snow, Ned's supposed bastard.

The Starks call Winterfell, the snow capped region of Westeros, their home. This is probably why the decor House Stark displays leans towards coziness, warmth, and comfort. In the first season, the Starks head to King's Landing, where Ned performs his duties as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. Despite enduring many hardships, House Stark members remain noble. They all fight to survive and eventually the living members find their way back to Winterfell, reuniting for an epic battle against the Night King and the Army of the Dead.

House Stark is undoubtedly a cherished and respected house, hence why many fans most surely would love to bask in their essence while reminiscing on their rituals, values, and more. Decorating your home with "Game of Thrones" inspired decor, and specific Stark-inspired items, is one easy way to inculcate their core values and traditions into your life. Keep reading to discover how to do just that.

Make way for a marble fireplace

One way to elevate the decor of your home to be just like House Stark is to set up a fireplace in your living room. Winterfell has a cold climate, so there's no surprise that a fireplace can be found in House Stark's castle. The size of the fireplace may seem massive if replicated in a small room, but this castle boasts airy rooms so it works perfectly to warm up the area. If you live in a cool climate, having a fireplace can work not only as a focal point, but also as a practical heat source. Jon and Sansa surely used their stone fireplace as the perfect spot to hold court with other leaders in the North, as pictured in the scene above. 

If you already have a fireplace in your home, feel free to decorate it and revamp it to a style that is grand, cozy, and Stark-approved. One way to do so is to follow the lead of April Waltrip and create a faux marble fireplace. Her fireplace needed a facelift, but instead of hefty changes, she  successfully used stick and peel marble wall paper to cover her current fireplace and add elegance. You can find a similar version on Amazon for as low as $10. Do you not have a fireplace in your home? For a quick fix to help you decorate like House Stark, consider inserting a contemporary mobile version into your space. They even make ones with grand mantels for the full effect.

Invest in a few faux fur throws

Pictured above is Bran Stark recovering from being maliciously flung from a high tower by Jamie Lannister. Bran is covered in a textured fur throw blanket to keep him warm as he heals. In order to decorate your home like House Stark, you need at least one fur throw blanket, which can be placed in your home to beautify your space. Before making the purchase, outline all the areas within the home where you'd like to place the blankets. According to Emily Henderson, different throws work best for different areas and pieces of furniture. One for your bed may not work efficiently on your chaise or your sofa because the bed has a longer length, and therefore requires a blanket of a different size. There's an art to arranging throw blankets, too

Once you outline the spots where you wish to decorate, it's time to choose the fur throw blanket. In the year 1929, people started leaning towards faux fur as an alternative way of achieving the same cozy feeling of natural fur, except this product ensured there was no harm to any animals (per Just Brennon Blog). Ever since then, more and more brands have been producing faux fur home accessories in the form of blankets, pillows, and other styles. Some of these look so much like the real thing, it would have you fooled. 

Some fur blankets are predominantly decorative and are not advisable for snuggling or daily use, as they require intensive maintenance. Others could be made from materials which shed a lot or tend to gather pet hair, so before you finalize your purchase, read up on the characteristics of the blanket and the materials used to make it. One fur version which is perfect for low maintenance is the a sherpa blanket. One reason you should opt for sherpa-style fur blankets is because they are cost friendly and durable. This one from Amazon has one side with a furry decorative aesthetic, while the inner part is made from a flannel material which could easily be kept clean using a washing machine. There a various colors to choose from, so feel free to consider your current color scheme and choose a blanket that complements it.

Surround yourself with wolf decor

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." recite Arya and Sansa, as the sisters remember their father's wise words. This statement is not the only time we hear House Stark members refer to wolves. Each house in "Game of Thrones" has a unique sigil, which shapes the values and everything the house stands for. According to FreeLogoServices, House Stark's sigil boasts a running gray direwolf on an icy white field. House Stark's sigil translates into real life as viewers get to discover that each child of the family has their own wolf cub which protects them from birth into adulthood.

Because these canine creatures are integral to House Stark, you need to consider introducing them into your home decor if you wish to decorate your home like the royals of the North. Indeed, the chances of keeping actual wolves in your home are slim, but you can at least find other ways to decorate with wolves. You could find unique spots in your home where you could place wolf sculptures. Marble is a beautiful material for your wolf sculptures and figurines, and it can elevate your decor adding a touch of luxury, per Marblising. If you can find a gray marble wolf figurine, you'll successfully achieve your House Stark aesthetic.

Another stress-free way of decorating with wolves is by introducing wall decor. Free real estate on the wall can mean an opportunity to mount decor around and free up floor space in a small room. Consider this black and white art print from Society6. It could work wonders for both a rustic or a minimalist home. Or opt for a wolf throw pillow, just like how Jelica of A Pretty Fix was able to do with her caribou and owl pillows.

A white tree with red leaves must be introduced

According to Refinery29, House Stark has a weirwood tree in the garden of Winterfell. This mystical tree boasts a pale white trunk and branches, and pointed blood red leaves. It yields much respect, possibly due to its enormous size and the fact that the tree lives for endless amounts of years. Weirwood trees are fictitious, so unfortunately you cannot find them at your local garden center and grow them at your home. However, you can still find a similar style tree to display as home decor in your abode. White bark trees, such as birch trees, are real statement-makers — especially if they have rich, red leaves.

If you have the garden space to plant a real life tree, there are certain trees which you can insert with red leaves just like the weirwood (though not all have white bark). One is the Acer, a type of Japanese maple, and another is a Katsura (via Gardening Etc). Even your Christmas tree can be House Stark themed if you get a white version instead of the the traditional green. If you are not keen on taking care of a real tree, opt for an artificial one, that way you'd never need to worry about it dying.

Set up swords as a focal display

While many swords were used and displayed throughout "Game of Thrones,"  Arya Stark's sword pictured above was one of the most memorable. It is called Needle, and can be considered a House Stark family heirloom. When Arya finally reunites with Jon Snow in the show's last season, she displays it proudly to him as pictured in this scene above. In order to decorate your home like House Stark, you should invest in a sword as soon as possible. Since you are surely not going to use the sword in battle, feel free to stick with a decorative sword rather than a real one. 

According to Reliks Inc., decorative swords are made from stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material in order for them to withstand external influences while still remaining in good condition. Therefore, if you are buying a sword from an antique store, ask as many questions a possible to ensure that it is a durable decorative sword which you'd be purchasing. Atlanta Cutlery Corp. stocks swords similar to Ayra's, but keep in mind, they cost a pretty penny. Once you have your sword in hand, the next step is to display it. The current aesthetic of your home plays a part here, because the sword decor needs to be able to seamlessly fit into that. 

One idea that could work for you is to hang a sword gallery wall. These mounting styles could surely be ice breakers for guests who come over. You can either get it professionally mounted, or you could do it yourself, as seen on YouTube. You'd need to purchase a wall mounting kit from your neighborhood supply store and get to work. Ensure you take the necessary measurements to see how high you want your swords to be mounted. Alternatively, if you do not want to have to drill holes to hang the sword, you can display it on the fireplace mantle, or within a sword stand in the corner of the room. If you live with children or pets which may be harmed if playing close to the sword, keep this in mind. Instead of the sword gallery wall, you can recreate the display within a cabinet — this surely poses less harm.

Say yes to a stainless steel dining set

"Game of Thrones" occurs in a fictional world, yet it leans heavily on the lifestyle of prehistoric empires such as the Vikings, Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, who all used metal dishware and cutlery. You already know that steel swords play a massive part in House Stark's lives, so it's no surprise that this will transfer to their dining sets. On the show, a lot of discussions and plots are made during meal time, and whenever House Stark members are pictured in a dining scene, you can count on spotting their metallic dining sets. Hence, if you wish to recreate a House Stark aesthetic, you need tableware that displays the same qualities.

One plain metal version similar to the one used on their dining tables is this one from Etsy. For adventure lovers who are always up for a challenge, consider indulging in a DIY, whereby you transform an existing glass cup into a goblet using black clay which you mold onto the glasses. Stencil some designs onto the clay, and then bake them for 25 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius (or 230 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the time is up, the clay hardens and can then be painted or accessorized using metallic paint and beads. This is exactly what Nerdforge did on YouTube. If you are keen on representing House Stark on a deeper level, courtesy of your home decor, then your focus should be on a cups and dishes with a deeper House Stark emblems.

Find ways to introduce floor standing candelabras

Since the era of "Game of Thrones" is before that with modern electricity, it will come as no surprise that candles are the biggest source of light used. Bespoke Lights states that candles have been a trusty source of illumination that has not wavered in use within households from time of our ancestors until now. The manner in which House Stark members choose to display their candles is through different forms and styles of candelabras. Some rooms have candles in floor standing candelabras, and others boast candles placed on the wall within sconces. Additionally, in certain halls where solemn or religious activities are held, viewers can see groups of candles placed together in vignettes.

You most probably already own a candle or two within your abode, but should you wish to decorate your home like House Stark, you can inject a vintage-meets-contemporary vibe all around your space by using candles within candelabras. The first step to achieving this is deciding what size and style works best for your home's build and aesthetic. Keeping this in mind, when choosing one, ensure that the size of the candelabra is not so big that it overwhelms the room, and not so small that it'll be lost amongst the decor.

Warm up to wall candle sconces

If your room is not wide enough to hold floor standing candelabras, as it may choke up the space, look to your walls and find a free area to mount your candle via a wall sconce. One positive thing about this move is that it will help you save space, while still inserting beauty and lifting the mood of your home, no matter where you choose to place them (via Galleria Lighting). These light fixtures have since undergone various developments thanks to technology, but you cannot deny that there is still a wow factor to having a medieval-inspired candle sconce in your home. That being said, whether you choose to insert a wall candle sconce or a modern lamp sconce, you will not regret the decision.

One piece of advice is to think beyond your living room when mounting your sconce. Consider areas where you wish to relax and unwind, such as your bathroom when you take a bath. Also, imagine having candle holders in your dining room. When you wish to hold a dinner party, light that baby up and that will be a party for the books. Lastly, it goes without saying that adding a wall sconce into your bedroom could introduce relaxing and romantic vibes. Amazon currently has wall candle sconces available.