How To Accessorize Your Home If You Belong In House Targaryen From Game Of Thrones

Love them or hate them, the Targaryens could be considered one of the most powerful families in all of Westeros. If you have watched any episode of the HBO hit series, "Game of Thrones" or "House of the Dragon," you would definitely have heard the name uttered by many on (and off) the screen or even captured a few Targaryen family members on dragon's back. According to IMDb, fans were first introduced to the Targaryens (and their pet dragons) in the 6 season series "Games of Thrones" which told the story of how 9 families battled for the power of the iron throne. The Targaryen dynasty doesn't end there even though the show did. A spin-off series titled, "House of the Dragon" takes viewers back to the beginning period of the Targaryens and Westeros –172 years back to be exact (via IMDb). If you're a fan of the Targaryens, you may consider accessorizing your own home just like them.

Even off-screen (or while you wait a few years for the next season), the Targaryen dynasty fascination and fandom don't have to cease. Bring all the elements you adore the most from the show into any room of your house. From the living areas to the bedrooms and bathrooms you could incorporate the house colors, shiny metallic finishes, delicate stemware, and other features that capture the essence of the Targaryens under your roof. Accessorize the existing decor in your home with items that nod to the iconic series and to the house of dragons. For all the inspiration for how to accessorize a space like House Targaryen keep scrolling! Just below are practical ideas just for you to incorporate at home today.

Illuminate a room with an abundance of candles

Even if you're not an obsessed fan of the fictional series you can still adopt some of the decor ideas you marvel at on screen in a contemporary fashion right in your own place. Take for instance the scene above of Khaleesi with Khal Drogo, played by Jason Mamoa. Behind them are quite a number of lit candles on the table tops, trunk lids, and the floor. They brilliantly light up the space and cast a romantic atmosphere around the tent. Do the same in your space and light up a room like Daenerys. Decorate with candles at home that introduce a sense of romance and intimacy when lit.

The word 'fire' is a part of the Targaryen house words, so go all out when staging candles on the table tops and counters in your home to capture the vibe just right. You can certainly place candles (as is) in a holder or find visually interesting ways to elevate their presence amongst the decor instead. For a unique touch, corral candles in wicker or wooden trays or repurpose a vintage mirror as the base instead. Simply, take an old mirror and lay it flat. Then proceed to place several candles (however many will fit on your mirror) on top. You can repaint the frame around the mirror and choose any shape piece for the project. Give your candles the perfect Targaryen finesse with a proper base for them to stand on. (even candles need a throne). Style some on their own or grouped together in several varieties such as votives, pillars, tealights, and taper candles. From centerpieces to beautifully styled trays accessorize any table in the house with an assortment of candles.

Add brilliant pops of black

If you really want to get into character, Targaryen style, then you have to include the right color accessories on the shelves and tabletops inside. Each house in the two shows "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon," are represented by a few unique markers, one being a specific set of colors (per house). As no two houses are the same, each set of colors signifies to which house each person belongs or allies with. So which colors do you choose to accessorize your place like a Targaryen? The same ones that represent them in the series – red and black. These colors can be seen on their house sigil with the three-headed dragon and throughout their clothing choices as seen in the image above of Daenerys in all black, according to Ice and Fire Fandom.

Represent House Targaryen at home by adding trendy pops of black to the existing color palette in your house. (We will get to red next.) "Black adds drama, strength and solidity to a space. It can also portray edginess and creates a contemporary look even when paired with a more traditional furniture," Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown told Homes & Gardens. "Dark colors have become more mainstream – they can really give a room a feeling of luxury and sophistication and work surprisingly well in a small area to give it some grandeur." Incorporate the dominant shade amongst the accessories for the furnishings and walls. You can update the pillows and blankets on your sofa or change the decorative bowls and vases on the shelves in your house with at least one color that shows who you would 'bend the knee' to.

Decorate with a mixture of metals and metallics

Throughout the "Game of Thrones," series, Daenerys Targaryen had many outfit changes that often told their own story. The ensembles consisted of all sorts of materials, colors, and accessories to match. In the earlier episodes of "Game of Thrones," she often wore various metals and collars like the one around her neck in the scene pictured above. In this image, Daenerys is wearing a blue dress with a gold collar and chest piece as she visits Qarth. Nod toward the Targaryen fashion and prominence in the show by using the shiny gold jewelry around her bodice as inspiration to decorate with metallics as accent pieces around your home. Every queen (or king) deserves to be surrounded by luxurious materials – even at home!

Metal decorations can be purchased in all sorts of finishes. They vary from ultra-shiny to super matte. For a collected appearance and "old world" vibe vary the finishes of the metal candlesticks, picture frames, knobs, pulls, and light fixtures throughout your own home. Don't hesitate to mix and match several different ones that work well together in the same space. "If you want to use nickel and brass together, go with polished nickel and satin brass," Courtney Mcleod, interior designer at Right Meets Left Design, told Better Homes and Gardens. "Softer, more muted finishes that don't have a lot of shine are easier to mix than polished ones." Whether you style them on the tables, walls, or shelves, metallics are the ultimate way to include the Targaryen influence under your roof.

Make a moment for red on the walls

Throughout both HBO series, the Targaryens (and other houses) show off their alliances and family heritage by wearing various colors. For House Targaryen, we discussed the prominence of black and one other shade – red. No surprise this fiery color runs through the line as they are representative of the house of dragons, who breathe hot red flames. Rhaenyra, pictured above (played by Milly Alcock), wears a red dress and throughout the series the aged characters that play the role follow the same concept, according to Marie Claire. Do as the Targaryens do and add moments of red to your interior. Think of it as a way to show just who you may support if you were ever in Westeros.

Show your confidence like a true Targaryen by adding a shade of red to the walls of your home. Stumped on which room to try the bold shade in? Consider a place where everyone gathers. "For me, red really suits dining rooms. It makes the perfect backdrop for beautiful feasts with loved ones, and looks fabulous at night time with candle light. It's a great color for creating energy and dynamism and therefore is perfect for social environments such as dining spaces," Emma Deterding of Kelling Designs told Homes & Gardens. "It will really set the atmosphere for meal times and will help bring you together with friends and family, making amazing memories." A classic red paint like this one available from Sherwin Williams is a shade to consider for a perfect Targaryen touch of red. If you choose not to paint the dining room, possibly another space in the house where friends and family gather like the kitchen or living area would be more suitable.

Display colorful antique stemware

Keep to tradition, like a true Targaryen, and style your space with colorful stemware. Like in the image above of young Rhaenerya pouring wine for the men of the court, you too should include pretty cups for family and friends in your house. Acknowledge your allegiance to House Targaryen by displaying colorful antique stemware. According to Style by Emily Henderson, when displaying glassware on shelving try to balance the display in terms of color and visual weight. Keep shuffling the items around until you achieve an arrangement that pleases your eye.

When sourcing glasses (if you don't have some already) that nod to House Targaryen, attempt to avoid contemporary stemware and silhouettes of cups and pitchers. Pieces that are ultra-modern will give the opposite of the effect you're going for. To capture the essence of the Targaryen's royal aptitude, scour local and online vintage shops for antique stemware. How do you know what's old versus what just looks old? According to The Outer Banks Candle Co., you can determine the quality of glass by deciphering the type or the maker. Different types of glass include hobnail, moonstone, milk, carnival, or depression styles. As such, popular brands of old stemware are Fenton Art Glass Company or Westmoreland Glass Company. Glass that's pretty when in use and styled on shelving can be an epic way to incorporate the House of Dragon at home.

Include small-scale marble accessories

Are you identifying yourself as a descendant of House Targaryen? If so, you may want to begin thinking about how to accessorize your space with a few finer materials – ones that are more suitable for the tastes of the ruler of the seven kingdoms. After all, there are plenty of contemporary materials available today to imitate (and elevate) House Targaryen's style in your space. While gold may be shiny and attractive, not many materials can add a luxe feel to a home quite like marble can. Effortlessly accessorize your place with a "nicer" stone like marble that glamorously elevates the decor.

The luxurious appeal of marble can exude elegance. While it may look expensive, decorating with marble material doesn't have to be costly. Consider incorporating marble as an accessory (in small forms) on the shelves, table tops, or countertops around your house. According to Kathy Kuo Home, a decorator can shop for one or two marble accent pieces for a room to place on these surfaces. Consider items such as vases, trays, dishes, or three-dimensional forms. A marble sphere like the one from CB2 could be a small-scale way to add the marble accent to your home and represent the Targaryens. In the image above, Rhaenyra grasps a sphere object. These "markers" are used at every court meeting in "House of the Dragon" (via Downtime Bros.) Transform your space to impress even the Targaryens, with marble accessories for a contemporary and classic touch.

Create a stone accent wall

Natural materials were in abundance in Westeros as most shields, swords, bows and arrows, helmets, knives, armor, and lances were handcrafted using sources from the environment. Fans of the series know all too well the rarity of dragon glass, the durability of Valyrian steel, and the commonness of iron or wood used throughout all 7 kingdoms. Consider the statues on the board in the image above as an example of the craft; each represents a house in the kingdom. Here, Rhaenyra selects a knight, Ser Criston Cole (played by Fabian Frankel) for her father's kingsguard, unaware of the future that lies in the decision ahead (via IMDb). It could be presumed those markers are hand-carved out of natural materials found right there in King's Landing.

Accessorize your home with natural materials (minus the dragonglass) for the ultimate Targaryen vibe at home. If you admire the stonework throughout the series, rally the bannerman and find ways to include the material in the living areas and bedrooms. Create a visual focal point in the room by designing a stone accent wall. Surround a fireplace or fill an entire wall with natural stone in any style slab you prefer. In lieu of real stone which can be heavy and costly, consider the option of installing veneer-style stone instead. (via Lowe's). Natural elements appealed to the masses including those noble families, like the Targaryens. Blend in other organic features such as wood, iron, or fur to comfortably capture Westerosian Targaryen style in any room you decorate.

Line the halls with oversized pottery

Echoing the atmosphere at Kings Landing, consider lining the walls or shelves in your place with pottery. Ceramics are a great way to add something natural and beautiful to the decorations in your dwelling. There are numerous styles for you to choose from. A home with large hallways could benefit from oversized statement pieces like the Targaryens displayed in the halls of the Kings Landing pictured above. No halls, no problem, Still get the look by decorating with smaller-sized pottery that fits better on the shelves and tables. There are ceramics like this artisan ginger jar from Pottery Barn that would do well in compact areas.

Everything about pottery – from the colors to the shapes and silhouettes – can introduce influences of House Targaryen into any interior style. "Pottery and ceramics have been an important part of human culture for thousands of years," Beth Peterson, a pottery expert and artist told Houzz. "From prehistoric storage jars to tiles on the space shuttles, pottery and ceramics have played a key role in innumerable human endeavors." For a cohesive look, when decorating with multiple pieces of pottery in one space relate the ceramics – in shape, color, and texture. Try to select pieces with different textures either rough or smooth for a balanced display (via Medium). Stay away from ultra-contemporary forms as they don't reflect the Targaryen style. Include decor in your residence that's as mature as House Targaryen.

Create a color palette of muted earthy tones

What colors make up your kingdom? One simple way to incorporate Targaryen influence in your home is by choosing the correct colors for the inside. And no we're not talking about red and black shades in their sigil and house banners. Establish a base color palette for the home based on Kings Landing. Live like a Targaryen by mimicking the design of their kingdom and adopting an earthy color palette for yours. Consider painting the walls and adding accent rugs, throws, or pillows in toned-down colors of charcoal, brown, terracotta, cream, or taupe. These colors run through the streets of the city as you can see in the image above. "For those looking for a complex, dark feel, this rich brown is a color that feels extra cozy and will spark a conversation," Nicole Gibbons, CEO of ClarePaint told Better Homes and Gardens. "Trendy colors come and go, but the natural beauty of earthy tones is here to stay." Pick colors that will last hundreds of years like House Targaryen. As such, the colors of Westeros were not overly intense making the combination of colors suitable for many households.

If you're a fan of the series or the books or both and you're trying to recreate the Targaryen style at home, we hope this guide helps you out. The choice is yours when it comes to accessorizing a room for kings and queens so choose one or all of the inspirations we shared as additions to your own home. From candles to colors and all the finishes and materials in between, you could live like royalty by accessorizing your home with influence from House Targaryen.