20 Bay Window Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

Bay windows enhance the feel and space of a room, whether in common areas or the kitchen. If you're considering a renovation to change your windows, installing bay windows will open up any room, making it look bigger. According to Scott James Windows, bay windows were first used in homes at the end of the 19th Century after the Building Act of 1894 was passed. With the new regulations, windows no longer needed to be intact with the rest of the wall to look flat. Instead, they could stand out and almost float in the air making the side of the home look rounder.

If you've ever visited San Francisco, you've seen bay windows throughout the metropolitan area. Since most homes in large cities are designed with limited space, adding these multiple windows close together lets in considerably more sunlight, brightening up the room and making it feel roomier. However, it can be arduous to dress them up since each window is a slightly different size, which of course, means finding various-sized curtains. Nonetheless, everything falls into place when you figure out which curtains to use, so we rounded up a few different ideas to make it easier for you to place and design a bay window.

1. Bay window in the dining room

Depending on where your dining room is located, it can be the best spot with the least sunlight. Bay windows in the dining room open up the space toward the outside. You can use beautiful sheer curtains with a pop of color, such as green, to layer them. Add extra color with floral valances.

2. Reading nook

Some bay windows can make a corner look empty, but installing a banquette seat like the one seen above allows you to create a cozy reading nook. The black shades limit the light that peers in through the window when it's too bright. If you prefer more light, opt for tan shades or sheer curtains.

3. Bay window in living room

If you have multiple windows in your living room, add contrast with bay windows. For example, this living room has a couch in front of the bay window filling the awkward space. The plant and lamp liven the area.

4. Bay window seating area

This seating area by the bay window is stunning, with a crystal chandelier, a small coffee table, and outdoor views. The windows are tall, almost reaching the ceiling, letting in a vast amount of light. Using neutral tones lets the sunlight bounce from every corner of the room, brightening it completely.

5. Teal bay window

Sometimes bolder and darker paint colors can make a room look somber if there isn't enough light filtering inside. However, natural wood finishes create a softer and cozier look. In addition, large bay windows with white roller shades illuminate the space from the outside. Finally, contrasting colors, like teal and white, make a room look less dull.

6. Bay window in the bathroom

Some bathrooms have no windows, and finding the perfect light fixture to illuminate the space might not be enough. Installing a small bay window in the bathroom provides an extra boost of sunlight during the day. This bay window by the tub makes the bathroom feel like a spa.

7. Bay window alcove

Bay windows and alcoves are a match made perfectly. The flowers hung between the windows, the farmhouse-inspired sign, and the simple shelving unit make this kitchen table area homey. The windows could be opened in the morning to let in a little fresh air. Here, the blinds allow for more privacy.

8. Bay window in kid's bedroom

This kid's room is neat with minimal décor, yet sleek with bold colors. The bay windows have car-themed rolling curtains tailoring to a child's interests. We think a simple orange seating bench would work better than the striped armchair, which clashes with the rest of the prints in the space.

9. Arched entryway sitting room

This gorgeous arched entryway into the sitting room gives the illusion that the bay windows are also arched. They add beautiful architectural interest, and the floor-to-ceiling windows enliven the space. In addition, having multiple green plants makes the area look like a peaceful sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy the views.

10. Bay window in playroom

Use the bay window as an accent wall in a playroom by styling it with funky printed wallpaper. For example, this playroom has beautiful multi-hued wallpaper surrounding the windows with vibrant red curtains. The inside space is darker with the wall colors, but the windows fill it with sunlight. 

11. Relaxed linen curtains

This seating area by the bay window is crisp and clean, but also cozy and fluffy with relaxed tie-up linen curtains and extra plush pillows. It's the perfect spot to take a nap with the sun keeping you warm and lighting up the rest of the room. 

12. Multi-window bay

Typically a bay window consists of three windows, but in this area, six windows do even better to brighten up the space. The smaller windows in the corners are perfect for letting in a small amount of breeze, instead of the larger windows. Simple décor makes the area look clean instead of cluttered. 

13. Bay window with black shutters

Placing furniture around a bay window can be awkward, but this living room makes it look easy with a long sectional couch stretching to the bay window. The hanging light fixture adds interest to the space, and the black shutters up the contrast against the solid white interior.

14. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Styling a short bay window with the same size curtains can make the walls look smaller, but incorporating long floor-to-ceiling curtains actually makes the windows look just as long. Layering the curtains with sheer and taupe panels adds a soft feel to the interior, and the plush armchair with the throw blanket boosts the cozy feeling. 

15. Stacked windows

High ceilings can make for a lot of empty space above the windows, so stacking a second set of windows on top of the others, like in this room, fills it right in. Plus, it allows double the sunlight, especially on gloomy days. On the other hand, the double bay window adds an airy feel to the space.  

16. Arched bay window

The striking paned windows and arched frame take over the space with gorgeous views and comfy armchairs. The wide arch adds architectural interest and boasts light from the outdoors. Keeping the windows open lets in the natural smells and sounds of nature, creating the ultimate sense of relaxation.

17. Bay window with mini wine bar

A minibar adds charm to the area if your bay window is on the smaller side. In addition, the curtains add a different tone of color to the red window without making it look dull or dim. The extra lamps illuminate the space at night while the sun lights it up during the day. 

18. Plant filled bay window

Painting the interior of your home a dusty pastel color is an easy way to make the space brighter since it's a light shade. This pastel pink invites the sunlight to bounce off the walls. Lush potted plants feel at home in this the room as they happily absorb the sun's rays. 

19. White bay window interior

Style your bay window with sheer curtains on the bottom half of the windows for some privacy while light enters through the open top half. Like pastel colors, a white interior will also brighten the space and increase the room's energy. 

20. Colorful surround bay window

An interior full of maximalist décor includes bright furniture, colorful walls, and exciting prints, which can brighten up any room. The bay window area has a multi-hued valance and a beautiful magenta couch perfectly placed so that the afternoon sunlight hits it.