Secrets About Crate And Barrel That Only Savvy Shoppers Know

Crate and Barrel is a large and well-known retailer of furniture, housewares, and decor. Since its founding in 1962, the company has seen substantial growth. Currently a member of the Otto Group, the company has 7,500 employees. They currently operate more than 100 stores in the United States and have several franchise partners across the globe.

Crate and Barrel has developed relationships with over 100 designers and artists. The wide assortment of products you can find in a Crate and Barrel store are a result of these relationships and the unique designs created by each artist. As a company, Crate and Barrel is taking steps to reduce their environmental impact through their commitment to responsible packaging, improving their sustainability practices, only using energy-efficient LED light bulbs for store lighting and displays, and working towards achieving LEED Gold certification for their distribution centers.

Whether you've never experienced shopping at Crate and Barrel before or are a frequent customer, you want to ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible. Keep reading to learn some tips to help you get the best deals as a customer. We'll also share some little-known secrets about the company and help you learn more about where the idea for Crate and Barrel came from.

Crate and Barrel was started by a husband and wife team after their honeymoon

Gordon and Carole Segal started Crate and Barrel in 1962. As Crate and Barrel's About page shares, the couple had recently returned from a honeymoon in Europe. They loved the simple and practically-designed housewares that they had seen on their trip. However, they were unable to find similarly-designed products available for purchase in the United States. This inspired the couple to open their own store to start selling the types of products they wanted to share with others. The first Crate and Barrel was located on Wells Street in Chicago in what had previously been an elevator factory.

As Cision explains, the houseware and entertaining products first offered by Crate and Barrel were displayed throughout the store using wooden barrels and crates—which is how the company got its name. While there have been many changes in designs and product offerings over the years, the name Crate and Barrel has stuck.

CB2 is Crate and Barrel's modern furniture and home decor sister brand

If you've heard of CB2, you may not realize that it is a member of the Crate and Barrel Brand. Crate and Barrel explains that CB2 offers pieces designed for those with an eye for modern design. Their product lineup is also designed to match the budgets of a variety of shoppers.

CB2's catalog features several furniture pieces. Many of these pieces are designed for small apartments, such as those found in busy cities. They may be smaller in scale than the furniture pieces you'd find at a Crate and Barrel store, and many are multi-functional to help conserve precious space in a tight apartment. Beyond the popular furniture pieces available through CB2, you can also find unique kitchenware, lighting, artwork, and other home decor items.

The first CB2 store opened in Chicago in 2000. Currently, there are 15 CB2 stores in the United States. They are primarily found in urban areas, such as New York City and West Hollywood. If you're intrigued by the CB2 style, you can always shop online, even if there is not a physical storefront location close by.

Crate & Kids can help with more than just outfitting a child's bedroom

Crate & Kids is Crate and Barrel's line of children's products. Crate & Kids, which used to be known as The Land of Nod, offers a wide selection of furniture, toys, and accessories. Parents and other family members can find what they'll need to outfit and decorate everything from a baby's nursery to a playroom to an older child's bedroom.

Soon-to-be parents can also create a baby registry through Crate & Kids to help make sure they have everything ready when their little one arrives. Beyond the help of getting everything organized and ready for baby, there are other benefits of setting up a baby registry with Crate & Kids. One benefit of setting up a registry is the ability to register for more expensive items and give loved ones the opportunity to contribute towards the gift. This lets you check some of the big purchases off of your list, while allowing friends and family to stay within their budget as they shop.

Crate & Kids also offers free registry consultations to help new parents decide what to add to their registry. You can also work with one of the Design Pros and receive some free advice to help you decorate the new nursery or playroom. When you set up a Crate & Kids baby registry, you'll also be able to enjoy a 15% discount on purchases you make for three months before your due date and six months after your due date. This discount can help save some money as you check off any remaining items from your list that weren't purchased by friends or family.

You can save 10% on your next Crate and Barrel purchase by signing up for texts

If you can't pass up a great deal, then you'll want to make sure that you sign up to receive text messages from Crate and Barrel. Taking just a few seconds to enter your mobile number on the website will qualify you for a 10% discount on an order with Crate and Barrel.

Be sure to read the current terms and conditions when you register your email address to confirm how long the discount is good for. It is also important to note that the discount is only good for one day. So, before you use it, you'll want to plan out your purchases to make sure you can maximize your savings. For example, if you're looking for new furniture and decor items to upgrade your living room's decor scheme, make sure you've determined exactly what you want to buy, so you don't end up missing out on being able to use the discount.

The 10% discount will only be applied to full-priced items, meaning you cannot use it to purchase any items that are on sale. It is also not valid to use at CB2 or on a few select brands available at Crate and Barrel. However, even with the few limitations that are in place, 10% off is a pretty good deal. You can think of it as saving $10 for each $100 you spend, which can really add up.

Crate and Barrel Credit Card holders enjoy several perks

If you regularly shop at Crate and Barrel, you may want to consider applying for a Crate and Barrel credit card. Cardholders enjoy a range of perks, including 10% back on purchases (in the form of Reward Dollars).

If you're looking to make a bigger purchase, such as buying a new bedroom or living room furniture set, you may also qualify for zero interest for 24 months. You'll need to spend at least $2,999 to qualify for this deal. You'll also want to make sure that you pay off the full balance within 24 months to avoid being charged retroactive interest.

Crate and Barrel's app allows you to manage your credit card account and keep track of your rewards. You can also shop directly through the app and link your credit card for quick and easy check-outs. Crate and Barrel also offers their cardholders exclusive access to special events, promotions, and more.

In addition to being able to apply for a Crate and Barrel store credit card, you may also be interested in applying for a Crate and Barrel Mastercard. This credit card offers all the same benefits of the store credit card, but adds some additional perks. Because it is a Mastercard, you're not limited to using it only at Crate and Barrel stores. You can shop anywhere and earn between 1% and 2% back in Reward Dollars for every purchase you make.

If you're trying to decide whether one of these Crate and Barrel credit cards are right for you, you'll need to consider your current credit score, spending and savings goals, and any other factors that could impact whether getting a new credit card is a good idea at this point. According to Bankrate, applying for a store credit card can be a good choice if you regularly shop with a given retailer and want to earn discounts or rewards towards their products. Store credit cards are also often easier to qualify for and can be a good option for those looking to build up their credit.

You should take advantage of the free design services offered by Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel offers free interior design services. Whether you're having a difficult time deciding the ideal layout or color scheme for your space or want a professional's help in bringing your vision to reality, one of Crate and Barrel's design professionals can help. Choose from both online and local appointments where you can work with a designer to receive free 3D renderings and a 360-degree virtual tour of your space. As part of the design services, you'll also receive ideas to help you choose the right color palettes and patterns for your space.

If you don't want to work with someone else, but still feel like you could use a little extra support designing your space, try some of Crate and Barrel's free design tools. These design tools allow you to save some of your favorite furnishing and decor items from Crate and Barrel to see what they'll look like when paired together. They'll also allow you to get an idea of how everything will look in your actual room through the use of augmented reality. Once you have selected a few pieces you like, you can even request free swatches to make sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Visit their Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes page

Who doesn't love saving extra money on a purchase? Crate and Barrel has a section of their website dedicated to sharing the latest coupons, promo codes, and discounts with their customers. Before making a purchase, be sure to stop by this section of the website to see if there are any current offers that will help you save some money on your purchase.

While there may not always be coupon codes available, this page will also direct you to the sale section of the website. Crate and Barrel's sale section allows you to browse through all of the current specials to find the best opportunities to save money. If you're looking for something in particular, you can also click on specific categories, such as kitchen, bedding, lighting, or bath, to find products that will match your needs or preferences.

The bottom of the coupons section of the website also includes some helpful FAQs for customers looking to maximize their savings. The FAQs will help you find answers to common questions, such as whether promotional codes work in-store and online, how to qualify for free shipping on an order, and how you can earn a friends and family discount for shopping at Crate & Kids.

If you're getting married soon, consider a Crate and Barrel wedding registry

Are there wedding bells in your future? If so, a Crate and Barrel wedding registry may be right for you. Crate and Barrel has made it easy for couples to set up their registry. They offer one-click registries, allowing you to add some Crate and Barrel favorites and popular bundles to your registry with ease.

A Crate and Barrel wedding registry offers many perks for both the couple and the guests. You can attend an in-person or virtual registry event to help you complete your list. You'll also enjoy a 15% discount on products for six months after your wedding to help you get everything you need.

Your guests will appreciate your Crate and Barrel registry, too. All gift purchases of $49 or more ship for free. Plus, the group gifting option makes it easy for a few friends or family members to chip in for a more expensive gift.

Crate and Barrel offers a price match guarantee

If you've ever made a purchase only to realize that you didn't get the best deal, you know how frustrating it can be. Crate and Barrel's price match guarantee can help to eliminate some of this frustration. If you find a lower price on an item from one of Crate and Barrel's direct competitors, you may be eligible for a price match.

There is some fine print to this offer that you'll want to read before starting your next shopping trip with Crate and Barrel. First, the item you purchase must be identical (in terms of color, weight, size, model, etc.) with the lower-priced item from one of Crate and Barrel's competitors. You're also only allowed one price match for each type of item per customer. Crate and Barrel will verify the advertisement or website you show them and will only issue the price match if the lower-priced item is in stock and available from their competitor.

It is also essential to understand that you can only request a price match on the same day that you made the original purchase. This means that you would not be able to request a price match if you bought an item from Crate and Barrel on Saturday and then saw it advertised for a lower price from a competitor on Sunday.

Hit up a Crate and Barrel outlet store for deep discounts

Crate and Barrel has outlet stores in 10 different states across the country, including California, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. The outlet stores offer a mix of home decor products, entertaining goods, and furniture, all available for discounted prices. However, the selection can change frequently, so you may want to stop by often to find the best deals.

According to Ramsey Solutions, there are pros and cons associated with shopping at outlet stores. One of the benefits of shopping at an outlet is the opportunity to save on retail prices. However, if the outlet store isn't that close to you, it may not be worth the drive. You'll also want to verify that you're getting a good deal by doing a little comparison online shopping with your phone before making a purchase.

If you want to get the most out of your outlet shopping experience, be sure to have a plan in place before you start shopping. Consider what you're looking for and your budget to prevent impulsive or overly expensive purchases.