What You Need To Know About Furniture Shipping And Delivery At Target

Retailers have — and continue to — experience unprecedented shipping challenges and thus aren't able to deliver at a rate to meet ongoing consumer demand. We saw this at the beginning of the pandemic when products from big-box retailers were either on hold or delayed from being delivered. According to Women's Wear Daily, items purchased took longer to arrive at buyers' homes due to an influx of packages that needed to be delivered by carriers with a limited staff. In addition, most deliveries were delayed due to numerous packages being shipped locally and internationally. 

Now, nearly three years later, shipping and delivery policies have changed. Yet, a few retailers have instituted some restrictions that could affect certain locations. Target is one of the largest retailers that people, particularly DIYers, enjoy visiting when they want to spruce up their home with new décor or the kitchen with the latest in kitchenware. 

On the other hand, anyone who shops at Target knows it's impossible to leave with only the things on their lists. If you've been eyeing a new piece of furniture, like a sofa, end table, or coffee table, but can't find it in-store, Target's website offers a wide selection, but there are some things to know about its shipping and delivery policies.

Furniture delivery drawbacks for multiple locations

Target has various restrictions in place with regard to its furniture shipping and delivery policies for places outside of the United States. According to Target, there are significant limitations to getting items delivered to international countries, Hawaii and Alaska, and overseas military personnel. Additionally, the national retailer has stopped shipping globally since the early stages of the pandemic; in fact, since that time, only orders fulfilled before Feb. 1, 2020, were allowed to be processed.

Additionally, any heavy or oversized items can't be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, especially if the manufacturer sends them directly. However, Target's product description page will notify you if anything you buy can be shipped before paying. As for overseas military personnel, Target doesn't ship heavy and oversized products to the Army/Air Force Post Office, Fleet Post Office, or Diplomatic Post Office (via Target). However, they can be sent to U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa, since they don't have restrictions listed.