What You Need To Know About The Frameless Mirror Trend

Décor accents are important when creating your home, and no matter what room you're designing, you should consider a mirror. Mirrors not only provide a practical function, but they can also be a stylish addition. You can use mirrors to make a room feel larger or increase the natural sunlight in the space, and placing them in strategic areas of your home also allows you to use them while getting ready.

One type of mirror that's becoming increasingly popular is a frameless mirror. While this style has been popular for vanities and bathrooms, it's becoming a top choice elsewhere in the home now, too. Frameless mirrors are exactly what they sound like: single pieces of glass that don't have a border around them. The borderless swaths of reflective surface tend to make them appear larger and can easily be used by multiple people, especially in a bathroom. 

Frameless mirrors can be any shape but are most often seen in simpler ones like squares and circles; yet another reason why the frameless mirror seems to work well in whatever space you decide to add it.

The clean lines work everywhere

Frameless mirrors seem to be everywhere these days, whether you are shopping for mirrors specifically or spotting them in inspiration photos. But why are frameless mirrors the sudden "it" item? The clean lines of the frameless aesthetic can complement pretty much any and every décor. The overall look is incredibly minimalist, a style that finds power and beauty in simplicity. While clean lines and simple silhouettes are a tenant of minimalism, it also allows a piece of décor to be like a chameleon.

Clean lines are also timeless, which is ideal if you're looking to create an interior that won't go out of style with the trend cycle. Because frameless mirrors are so simple, you won't feel pressure to replace them after a few years. And even if your goal isn't to create a timeless interior, a frameless mirror can easily fit into whatever current décor your home is. Depending on how you style it, a frameless mirror can lend itself to just about any style.

Style a room with a mirror

Generally speaking, mirrors are versatile pieces of décor that can work in any room of the house. For example, a mirror in the foyer allows you a final look before leaving the house, while mirror(s) in the bedroom and bathroom can be useful while getting ready. And in the living room, a mirror can be a more decorative accent. Putting a mirror — frameless or not — in front of a window can help reflect natural light through the space.

If you do place your mirror near a window, be mindful of its placement. As American Art Decor notes, reflected directed sunlight can not only wake you up (earlier than you might like) in the morning, it can cause hot spots during the day. Bottom line: Be cautious of the mirror acting like a magnifying glass in your home.

You should also consider the proportion of the wall and the size of the mirror. Small mirrors will look dinky on larger walls, and large mirrors can easily overwhelm smaller spaces.

Further, according to the rules of feng shui, mirrors facing the bed and the front door can lead to escaping chi, or energy that drains from your space. Feng shui also prefers an unobstructed, intact mirror in the home, like a frameless mirror, as a fragmented mirror or one that obstructs your reflection somehow can ultimately distort how we see ourselves.