15 Landscape Artists You Need On Your Walls

From antiquity to the present, landscape paintings are a beautiful addition to the walls of a home, evoking vistas and panoramic views while bringing the outdoors into even the most closed-off rooms. Artists throughout time have favored the landscape, from the masters of impressionism like Monet and Cézanne to the artists who emerged from the famous Hudson River Valley School, all of whom made vivid renderings of what was in their own backyards. Not merely for centuries past, landscapes are still a favorite among contemporary artists, manifesting through various mediums like drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage.

Whatever the style of your home, landscapes can complement it, coming in sizes and formats that fit various spaces beautifully. From classic paintings of tree-lined fields to surreal or abstract renderings that hint at sky and sea, there's a landscape artist to fit any design scheme or aesthetic. While choosing the perfect artwork for your home is a highly subjective endeavor, we've rounded up a few landscapes we think you'll like.

1. Sara Roberts

Australian artist Sara Roberts' work is known for its glowing ethereal interpretations of the natural world and its inhabitants wrought in soft, muted colors. Roberts' work is perfect for rooms where you want to bring in color in a subtle way to complement neutral or pastel shades. 

2. Rob Van Hoek

Dutch artist Rob van Hoek's landscapes capture pattern, surface, and color in striking and innovative ways, often drawing from a bird's eye view of the surrounding countryside and using spreads of unusual color and texture. As bold statements, these paintings would fit seamlessly into modern and contemporary-style rooms that need a signature focal point. 

3. Hernan Bas

Miami artist Hernan Bas combines painting, silk screen, and block printing to create strange and atmospheric landscapes, drawing from his interests with the occult, cryptozoological, and gothic themes. These unique renderings are perfect for eclectic, maximalist, and modern-style rooms.

4. Hannah Winters

An artist whose beautiful rich landscapes and seascapes you may have seen all over Pinterest, Hannah Winters creates classic and antique-inspired works that transport you to times past in a number of rich neutral shades, along with those drawn from nature. These dreamy landscapes are a great fit for farmhouse-style and traditional spaces. 

5. Inka Essenhigh

Inka Essenhigh's gorgeous imagined landscapes stem from the artist's love of fables, myths, and surrealism, often presenting alternative worlds that meld both the artificial and the natural together. Definitely bold in subject matter, the colors of Essenhigh's paintings make them not only a beautiful addition to maximalist rooms, but they can also serve as focal points in more minimal ones. 

6. Geoff Diego Litherland

Geoff Diego Litherland's unique landscapes are influenced heavily by surrealism and science fiction. Often in fragmented and collaged style, the artist's work explores the intersections of both the built and natural environment. These works complement the lines and angles of mid-century modern rooms or masculine-inspired design schemes. 

7. Makiko Kudo

Makiko Kudo's primitive brushstrokes and vivid color create dreamlike sequences populated with flora, fauna, and humans in a swirl of natural beauty, creating innovative, eerie, and lush scenes. Kudo's work would look stunning as a focal point in minimalist rooms filled with neutrals as a way to bring in both whimsy and color.

8. Elaine Ford

British artist Elaine Ford creates dreamy abstract renderings of sea, sky, and land in soft yet intense color combinations that seem to glow off the canvas. These richly beautiful shades would stand out especially well in all-white interiors. 

9. Lois Dodd

Using vivid nature-inspired shades, Lois Dodd's landscapes draw from expressionism and pop art equally, presenting imagistic paintings with an eye toward incredible natural detail. They are a perfect match for bold-colored and maximalist spaces. 

10. Emily Davis

Emily Davis' beautiful moody and vintage-inspired landscape paintings and prints are loved by designers and homeowners equally. They also come in a number of beautiful antique gilt frames of various sizes that are ready to hang. Davis' works are most often found in farmhouse, shabby chic, and provincial-style rooms. 

11. April Gornik

April Gornik's dreamy and large landscapes are almost photographic in their accuracy of sky, land, and sea, but also wrought in vivid, deep, and imaginative color. Due to their size, they would work great as a focal point in a room with high ceilings and a clean, modern design.

12. Sabine Maes

Sabine Maes creates large format abstract landscapes incorporating a slew of colors in shades of brown, blacks, and grays that are perfect for more neutral rooms to add texture and a dramatic focal point. 

13. Elfi Cella

Elfi Cella is a Swiss artist who creates richly textured landscapes incorporating 3D materials like lace, buttons, and buckles in a number of muted shades. The rich texture complements neutral rooms, adding both depth and dimension.

14. Jennifer Lanne

Jennifer Lanne's gorgeous linen tapestry-style paintings and other smaller works immediately evoke the feel of a castle or French country house, utilizing classic landscape techniques, weathered effects, and rich colors that look like they're centuries old. 

15. Sam Boughtion

Sam Boughton's abstract landscapes evoke the UK land, sky, and water, as well as the movements of birds and other wild things across the canvas in rich earthy colors and gestural shapes. Boughton's work is a perfect fit for earth-toned rooms and more modern design schemes.