Fix A Broken Broom With Items You Already Have Around The House

Oh, snap! Breaking a plastic broom is a major bummer. Whether it's due to a cleaning session gone wild, a clumsy moment, or simply the toll of time, the sound of plastic snapping is a definite downer. But fear not, fellow cleaning warriors! We've got a clever fix up our sleeves. Grab a plastic bottle, unleash your inner MacGyver, and give that broken broom a second life. It may be a minor setback, but with a little DIY magic, we'll have your cleaning game back on track in no time.

Who would have thought that a simple plastic bottle could come to the rescue of a broken broom? It turns out that this humble bottle has a hidden superpower – the ability to affix the base to the handle, mending the broken bond and saving the day for your trusty cleaning companion. With a bit of ingenuity, that broken broom will be ready to sweep away the dirt and dust once more. It's a powerful reminder that even the most ordinary objects can have extraordinary abilities. So, instead of tossing out your broken broom, grab hold of that plastic bottle and witness a quick and easy fix in action.

From trash to treasure

To breathe new life into a broken broom, you'll need a plastic bottle, a sharp knife or scissors, and a couple of screws. Start by removing the drinking spout from the bottle. Then, align the mouth of the bottle with the end of the broomstick. Use a screw to securely attach the bottle to the handle, ensuring it stays in place.

Now, onto the base of the broom. Slice away any remnants of the broken plastic until it appears flush, free from protrusions. Retrieve the plastic bottle cap, and screw it into the base of the broom. Once both parts are skillfully mended, reassemble the broom by screwing the handle into the revived base.

Voila! Your DIY magic transforms a simple plastic bottle into a sturdy connector, restoring your broom and making it ready for cleaning action once again. So, let your resourcefulness shine, for even the most everyday objects can be heroes in disguise.