Fixer Upper-Approved Updates That Can Be Done In A Weekend

There's no one more successful at refreshing outdated homes than Joanna Gaines, so it makes sense that homeowners are dying to follow in her footsteps. If you watch her show "Fixer Upper", you'll feel inspired to make tons of changes to your home that are stunning and full of style. But, let's be honest, who has that much time? Luckily, there are some home updates you can complete over the weekend that can instantly inject the star's trademark style. The best part is that they're simple and easy to do with a huge payoff in home design — like updating fixtures and tidying up the exterior.

Using the weekend for home renovations is a great way to utilize your free time to bring your visions to life. Not every renovation has to include knocking down walls or building an addition to make your home feel new. Freshening up the details in everyday areas of your home gives you something new to look at while updating your space (and maybe even adding value to your home). As Gaines points out to Architectural Digest, "...Simple changes like new light fixtures, a new backsplash, or a fresh coat of paint can go a long way."

Upgrade light fixtures and fans

Updating your lighting is an easy weekend update that you'll be glad you did. Instead of viewing lighting as simply practical, consider updating the light fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom to statement ones. Statement lighting ups the drama in your rooms and sneaks in a design element that's also functional. While you're at it, swap out any old incandescent bulbs for energy-saving LED bulbs in the Edison styles Gaines loves. You'll inject character into your lighting and benefit from 50,000 hours of light instead of the 1,000 hours that older bulbs offer. 

For your bedrooms or living room areas, replacing the ceiling fans offers similar benefits. Many newer ceiling fans are made in sleek finishes and with sharper lines for a cleaner look. Focus on options in matte black for Jo's quintessential modern farmhouse style. Or, opt for weathered wood blades for a more rustic touch. Not only will these provide a refreshing breeze, but they'll draw the eye upward to visually heighten your space.

Refresh your wall color

Though the thought of spending your weekend painting might not seem desirable, we promise you'll think differently once you're done. Wall colors play a major part in your interior's appearance and the mood of your home. If you're looking to switch aesthetics, want to touch up some scratch marks, or just want a new color, painting your walls is a weekend upgrade to consider. For a truly Joanna-inspired home, opt for a color from the designer's own Magnolia Home paint line available at Lowe's. Create an airy feel with the light and bright Castle Cream hue. Or, add an on-trend blue-ish accent wall coated in the line's Sir Drake shade. 

The color of your home's walls has a greater impact on your house than you realize. Wall color is responsible for the feeling of a room. For example, darker colors can make a room appear smaller than it actually is whereas brighter colors have the opposite effect. This is because the hues of a room, mixed with lighting, trick the eyes into seeing a small or large room. Does your home feel too small but you don't have the budget to expand? Updating your wall color or using the same shade throughout adjoining spaces can create an expansive illusion.

Spruce up the exterior entryway

The outside of your home matters just as much as the inside when it comes to weekend renovating. Boosting your curb appeal may seem like a spring-only task, but in all actuality, it can be year-round. Break out the pressure washer on a clear day to remove dirt, grime, or moss so you have a fresh exterior. You can also add some potted flowers to bring more life to your front entrance. If you really want to go the extra mile, sprucing up your clean porch with decor is a great way to make your home more welcoming. Look for "Fixer Upper" staples like oversized lanterns or wooden signs to instantly add charm and character.

Gaines tells Architectural Digest that one of her recommended weekend renovations is "wrapping dated columns with redwood or cedar wood," explaining that the project won't "kill your budget." This adds a nice rustic element to your front porch that, when stained, can add an eye-catching contrast. Plus, what better way to add the designer's iconic modern farmhouse vibe to your home?