Renovation Mistakes Your Favorite HGTV Stars Want You To Avoid At All Costs

Renovation can be a long and time-consuming process without the added stress of worrying if you've made any mistakes along the way. Luckily, some of your favorite HGTV stars have given out plenty of advice over the years about how to avoid some of the biggest blunders. From double-checking what you have ordered to why you shouldn't go with trendy instead of timeless features, there's a piece of advice to suit every project.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when renovating include not considering the cost of things or trying to do things on the cheap. Many are also guilty of rushing into decisions, and starting out with wildly grand expectations that get shattered. There's no denying that the process is daunting. But with the advice of these design experts under your belt, you'll feel ready to take on your next project and pull off a successful renovation.

Jasmine Roth: Not getting the right permits for work that needs done

Jasmine Roth knows a thing or two about horrid design mistakes, but one of the biggest renovation mistakes she advises to look out for is contractors not pulling the correct permits. In Season 3, Episode 1 of "Help! I Wrecked My House," Roth expressed her frustration that the previous builders carried out heaps of work that wasn't under permit or had even been inspected. In the episode, Roth manages to fix the issue by rewiring the electrical, plumbing, and gas lines. However, it ends up being considerably more expensive. Afterward, the work is inspected and everything is up to code.

However, to save yourself extra expenses and to prevent time from being added to the project, it's always best to get permits before any work begins. Permits can be necessary for both internal and external renovations, whether you're doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor. To find out what specific projects require them, contact your local permitting office or search their website. Being aware of what you need before you go all in will help the renovation run smoothly and without hold-ups.

Chelsea DeBoer: Not being willing to accept that sometimes things can't be done

Chelsea DeBoer of "Down Home Fab" may be relatively new to the design scene. But, the renovation mistake she advises against making is something every aspiring designer should keep in mind. Speaking to HGTV, DeBoer revealed that not being open to change will put a major damper on any project. "When you have your heart set on changing something, and you get into the process, and it's not possible...You have to be able to pivot and figure out a new plan and avoid getting hung up on what's not working," the former "Teen Mom 2" star shared.

DeBoer also advised to stop thinking about what could have been with a project, sharing, "Don't dwell on it — think of a new plan. It's going to turn out beautiful no matter what." It's inevitable that you'll have to change a few things in a large-scale project, but having to change a room that you envisioned being a certain way can feel like a major setback. Nevertheless, by taking a positive attitude about changes like DeBoer, you'll be well equipped for these inevitable hurdles. 

Mike Holmes: Hiring contractors who don't prioritize safety

Mike Holmes is known for his no-nonsense approach to construction work, and one of the renovation blunders he advises avoiding is hiring contractors who don't go above and beyond. When asked by the Chicago Tribune about what contractors could improve upon, Holmes answered, "Builders need to go beyond the minimum building code. There's no medium code, there's no maximum code — there's just a minimum code." 

"We seem to have a lot of problems with foundations because we're building to minimal codes, and with floors that seem to get weaker and weaker every year," the "Holmes Inspection" star added. The best way to prevent this from happening is to talk through all of your concerns with a contractor before hiring them. Remember, you don't have to go with the first one who replies. Waiting a bit longer to choose a contractor could mean your home ends up being sturdier. Additionally, if you're renovating an older home, remember that you may have to change a lot of the wiring and general framework to get it up to code. This is where Holmes' advice is especially important.

Leanne Ford: Adding what you think you should rather than what you actually need

We've all been guilty of scrolling Pinterest for far too many hours on end, but this can lead to a common renovation mistake. Speaking to Insider, Leanne Ford of "Home Again with the Fords" revealed, "I think a big mistake people make is renovating for a life they don't actually have. That's kind of a waste of space...Think big picture first. As you are going to do a renovation think, 'What's the vision for the home? How do I want to live here? How do I want to enjoy it?'"

This advice is solid for when you're in the planning stage of your renovation and get swept up in looking at glorious dining rooms and decadent spare bedrooms. However, if you are going to spend little to no time in these spaces, it's pointless to dedicate so much time, money, and energy to them. Instead, focus on making your kitchen larger or your living room more functional. Those opulent finishes popping up on your feed may look gorgeous, but if you live with pets and small children, they're a disaster waiting to happen. Instead, look for functional ideas that also reflect your style and taste.

Nate Berkus: Hopping on trends rather than staying timeless

As a designer, Nate Berkus knows all about when to stick to trends and when to keep things timeless. And his helpful advice could save you from hating the design choices you have made down the line. Speaking to MyDomaine about kitchen renovations Berkus shared, "This is not the place to start experimenting with trends...Your personality can shine through by what you have out on your countertops, what napkins you're using, what your coffee mugs are, what set of dishes you buy."

Berkus summarized his thoughts by saying that choosing a trend that would require a professional to change is not something he would endorse. You shouldn't recreate or copycat everything you see on Pinterest. Instead, choose styles that have been around forever and supplement them with smaller items to add an on-trend vibe. For example, opting for a trendy cabinet color in your kitchen could feel like a mistake three years down the line, but swapping out your stylish fruit bowl is much less hassle. 

Joanna Gaines: Not double checking paint swatches in various lighting

Joanna Gaines has her design style down to a T these days, but she didn't always feel so confident in her choices. The "Fixer Upper" star shared one of her worst design blunders in an interview on YouTube (via Real Homes). "Early on, one of the biggest mistakes I'd make, almost on every job, was paint. And that would be the most costly mistake. One time, I painted our house. I really thought it was going to be a light tan – buttercream was the goal. I looked at the swatch and I remember holding it going, "I've got this!'"

However, once the exterior of the house was painted, the color was completely different. "We get home three days later, and we have neighbors standing outside, you have people driving by shaking their heads. It was highlighter yellow," Gaines continued, adding that she cried when she saw it and ended up paying a ton to repaint it. It may have been a costly disaster at the time, but Gaines learned from her mistake, and you can too. Avoid this paint swatch mistake by viewing any samples you have in different lighting. A color will look extremely different from day to night, not to mention in separate rooms, so it's important to cover all angles and potential lighting situations.

Christina Hall: Not double checking items you have ordered

Christina Hall has helped plenty of homeowners transform their house into their dream home, but there's one thing even she can't help with — delays. In Season 4, Episode 8 of "Christina On The Coast," Hall found herself in a tricky situation when turning a couple's home into a calming coastal space. Speaking to the clients, the designer revealed that there would be delays on some cabinets and countertops they had ordered due to them being the wrong color. Though Hall's clients were understanding, the message to take away is that delays of some sort can be inevitable. So, you should always double-check an order, whether it's countertops or a table.

Though you may not think so, errors like this can happen easily. The person taking the order could select the wrong color, or the warehouse could ship the wrong item. You can't stop every delay from happening. But you can at least prevent the wrong items from being shipped to you by calling to confirm your order has been put through. You can also verify that the right material and color are selected on both your end and with the vendor.

Karen Laine: Not budgeting enough money or allowing adequate time for a project

Mother and daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk from "Good Bones" have tackled their fair share of renovations and stumbled across many setbacks along the way. However, according to Laine, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting too much trust in your contractor. This includes believing a renovation can be done on a tight budget and time span. 

Per House Beautiful, Laine explained, "Everyone underestimates time and money. Contractors are the most optimistic people in the world, and they really believe they can get something done in two weeks and they can't. They just can't. And it's just an optimism getting in the way. And then when they start digging in, they find problems that no one knew were there, so that's going to be more money."

To prevent this, have an honest chat with your contractor about time and budgeting. If they don't listen to you properly, they're not the right contractor for you. If you plan to do the work yourself, add extra time to your plan even if you feel you won't need it, and include more money in the budget if possible. It's always better to finish early and have money left over than to not meet a deadline and be left trying to make ends meet.

Drew Scott: Trying to cut corners to save money

The Property Brothers, aka Drew and Jonathan Scott, are all about mixing style and functionality to create the perfect home for clients. One of their best design tips explains how being too frugal can sometimes have a negative effect on your renovation. As Drew told Insider, "With a renovation, a lot of times people are trying to find a simple or cost-effective solution to finish a home, but sometimes you need to spend a little more money to do things right."

"For example, if you have a wall that needs to move, some people try to save money by not opening it up and just working around it. In the end, your finished space doesn't really have the wow factor that you wanted," he added. Finding the money to do all you want to do in a project can be tough. However, it's typically better to wait and save enough money to realize your full vision. Plus, you may cause more harm than good by attempting to save some cash and do things yourself. If you want to do major work like remodeling your kitchen, calling in professionals will be an extra expense that's well worth it in the long run.