11 Items The Property Brothers Think Every House Should Have

The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, have been inspiring HGTV viewers with their gorgeous yet totally livable designs for years. These engaging brothers have tips to help your home reach its fullest, and most beautiful, design potential. The good news is that these tips are universal to any decorating style, so you can put your own unique touch on them to give your home a glow-up that reflects what you love.

In designing hundreds of homes and creating beautiful decor products, Drew and Scott know a lot about what every house should have. These essentials for your home are more than just eye candy, as all of these ideas have a purpose beyond them. Whether you're selecting the right couch, choosing a functional coffee table, or upgrading your laundry room, these must-haves can transform your home into your dream space. By making just a few changes, you can spark your imagination and inspire a new vision of your home's aesthetic.

1. Decor that's bold in all the right ways

Take a cue from The Property Brothers and reserve daring decisions for decor that can be easily changed. Drew cautions that when it comes to big projects, bold design choices can become a headache down the road. He explains to Insider, "If you go bold and show your personality, do it in areas that are easy to swap out, like throws or accent chairs or artwork instead of something that's a big ticket item, like the color of your cabinets or your countertops."

Large-scale features like walls and flooring are best in neutral supporting roles to your bold design vision. The good news is that this doesn't mean all beiges and browns. Black, white, and gray, can also act as the perfect backdrop for vivid decor. Then, add that funky throw, patterned pillows, or bright seating pouf with the confidence that you can easily swap them out when you're ready.

2. Every living room needs a great coffee table

There's no better way to spark a makeover design for your living room, than buying a new (and fabulous) coffee table. "Quick and easy changes like swapping in a great new coffee table can make a big impact," according to The Property Brothers' Drew & Jonathan blog. The piece can become a focal point in the space, so it's important to choose a style you love and that works well with what you already have.

Living rooms can also be pretty active, so functionality and the way you use the room should also be a consideration. Innovations like lift-top tables can add valuable storage space. And, modular pieces that can be separated are perfect for spacing around sectionals when needed. Using an ottoman as a coffee table is still an on-trend style, and their soft corners make them an ideal choice for homes with children.

3. Floor lamps for ambience and task lighting

Getting your lighting right in any room is essential to creating the right mood or supporting your activities. The Property Brothers are all about flexible lighting and creating an impact. According to their blog post, "Nothing against overhead lighting, but we can't overstate how a few floor and table lamps instantly up a room's homeyness factor...With so many different body types available (textured! smooth! transparent! stick!), you're sure to find something that works with your decor, and a fun shade can help make a statement."   

The secret to beautifully lighting any space is layering your light sources. Most rooms feature overhead lighting as a standard feature. Table lamps are popular in interior design because they add color and can effortlessly express your style for the room. Floor lamps add another layer with their unique blend of style and function and are up to any lighting task. Ones with gorgeous designs can even work like decorative art in your space. Plus, with their small footprint, they can be tucked behind a sofa, next to a chair or chaise, and in any corner needing more light.

4. Smart home features that make life easier

The Property Brothers believe in technology that can make your home more secure, more comfortable, and more fun. "Whether it's creating more safety with health and security solutions, energy-saving features that reduce monthly bills, or even just cool entertainment innovations that are fun to play with," Drew tells the Future of Business and Tech, "Smart solutions are helping families get more out of their homes."

From standard bulbs to mountable strips, lighting can open up entirely new ways of enjoying and even decorating your home. These can be controlled by an app to adjust their brightness and colors to fully customize the ambiance of a room. Options like behind-the-TV lights can be set to react to sound, turning any room into a multimedia experience.

Smart thermostats are another way to bridge cost-savings and convenience. These allow you to set a schedule and control the temperature in your home from anywhere via an app. Plus, most units have an energy-saving mode that automatically detects when you're away from home and adjusts the HVAC system accordingly to save energy costs.

5. A dining room banquette to maximize seating and comfort

The Property Brothers are unabashed fans of banquettes and dining nooks. Though the seating has retro charm, it can be tailored to any decorating style through its design and materials. In their Scott Brothers blog, Jonathan and Drew shared why these are a hot design feature again saying, "More and more, our renovations on HGTV include a solution to these issues: the dining nook. Some homes already have one but with uncomfortable, dated seating and inadequate lighting. Some have a kitchen space just begging for one. We see them as opportunities for sharing space and time, not to mention storing your stuff under the built-in seating."

Comfort is a major consideration when planning to add bench seating to a dining area. Unless you're buying pre-made seating with cushions, you'll want to purchase ones that fit or have custom ones made. Either option allows you to personalize your banquette with stylish patterns that enhance your home's color scheme.

You can also capture the charm of banquette seating by replacing two to three chairs with a bench. This dining nook hack works best for seating that backs up to a wall, to give it a true banquette vibe. Choosing a bench with storage gives you a perfect spot to stash linens or rarely-used serving pieces.

6. A sectional sofa that brings everyone together

Drew Scott sees sectional sofas as gathering spaces. In an interview with Realtor.com, he shared why the seating option is essential, "No home is complete without a really great sectional that you can adapt to your space to make it perfect. Picture get-togethers with family and friends, movie nights with the family, whatever you're doing, it makes it feel like home." 

Sectional-style sofas have become the top choice for consumers, coming out ahead of traditional couches and loveseats. Comfort and flexible configuration make them a natural choice for gathering spaces. The shape can encourage interaction by allowing for face-to-face conversations and the flexibility to accommodate more people. 

Planning out your set-up is important before purchasing. So, measure your space and use painter's tape on the floor to outline the footprint of any pieces you're considering. This will allow you to better visualize the set-up and flow of the room. Other pieces of furniture can further enhance the perks. Look for accent chairs or poufs to place opposite the couch to make the set-up even more gathering-ready. You'll also want to ensure there is a table accessible to every seat.

7. Flooring that flows throughout the home

The Property Brothers are fans of using the same flooring throughout spaces to enhance flow. "I have a rule: You should never see more than two types of flooring from any one place in your home," Jonathan explains to Realtor.com. One way to make this possible is by choosing flooring that can handle dry and wet environments, making it suitable for the entire home. Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) is a popular any-room product because of its wood-like appearance and water-resistant properties.   

It can also be practical to vary flooring in some rooms in consideration of moisture and traffic, like mud rooms and bathrooms. When you're mixing flooring types, keeping a cohesive look can be as simple as echoing a similar color or pattern. For example, if you have a light oak floor throughout the living areas, look for a ceramic tile in a similar shade for the bathroom. Or, if you want carpet in the bedrooms, opt for a similar shade as any hard flooring to maintain a more continuous feel.

8. An entrance that sets your house apart

Your foyer or entryway is the perfect opportunity for creating a warm welcome. According to the Property Brothers in a recent blog post, "When you live in a neighborhood that's a sea of similar-looking homes, you want to stand out with your very first impression." 

No matter the size of the space, you can make it wow guests. A statement-making rug can give the space definition. This is especially helpful in an open-concept home where the entryway is loosely defined. Ones designed for both indoor and outdoor use are durable and add function in high-traffic areas. They also come in tons of designs and colors to make a statement in the space.

Lighting is another important component of a well-designed entryway. Many foyers have chandeliers that set the tone for the space. Revamp an existing light fixture with spray paint or swap it out to reflect your current style. If your entryway doesn't have a ceiling fixture, set up a console table with two table lamps flanking a mirror to create a welcoming glow. 

9. A great vibe that pulls everything together

Surrounding yourself with what you love, and choosing colors and decor that make you feel good, is a must-have according to the Property Brothers. "No home is complete without the perfect vibe," Jonathan tells Realtor.com. Drew adds, "It's really nice when you walk into a space and the moment you walk in, you see the personality of the people who live there — that's what I love. I mean, if you have that little bit of glam or that little classic style, and that's what you see when you walk into that space, it's perfect." 

Getting to know your personal style is the first step to making sure your home aligns with what you love. Start by noticing what you really gravitate toward, including colors and brands. Then, create a mood board with images you love, which will help you define your style. It will also give you a visual reference for making design decisions like paint colors and furniture purchases. Apps like Pinterest make the process easy and will give you tons of inspiration. 

Once you've created a base for your decor, it's time to add unique items to express your personal style.  Visiting local art shows and maker's markets is a great way to source unique pieces that speak to you. You can also inject your personality into a space with framed photos, your collection of vacation souvenirs, and artfully displayed family heirlooms.

10. Closet organizers that keep things together behind the scenes

Some think that design is all about looks and forget about function. However, The Property Brothers are known for blending aesthetics and top-notch functionality. "Storage is everything," Jonathan shared with Architectural Digest. He explained, "If you add some open shelves, drawers, and double racks for storage, you wouldn't believe how much you can get into one small, standard closet. The systems look clean, and they're also modernizing your closets."

It isn't necessary to have a large closet or an entire room to enjoy the advantages of a closet organizer. The most important element in any closet organizer is identifying what your unique storage needs are, and incorporating them into your system. An organizer designed for your closet may need room for your collection of dresses and shoes. This means hanging racks with plenty of clearance and cubes for footwear are ideal. However, if you're planning an organizer for a kid's closet, easy-to-access components like bins, hooks, and drawers are super useful.

You have two options for creating a closet organizing system. The first is working with a company that specializes in the design and installation. Your second option is to DIY your closet system. If you choose this route, it's essential that you begin with exact measurements. Then, you can use tools like IKEA's PAX system planner to create a custom system and purchase the components you need.

11. High tech in the laundry room to maximize your time

Technology has made homes smarter and more efficient, and now innovation is making a splash in the laundry room. Appliance designers are introducing features that make laundry more efficient and enjoyable. Washers and dryers have been given a high-tech update with the capability to pair them with apps. These can track the progress of laundry loads and offer alerts like when it's time to switch wet clothes to the dryer.

New high-tech laundry room appliances, like clothes refreshers, can minimize the energy and time needed for running a washing and drying cycle. Jonathan shared the benefits of the LG Styler Steam Closet in his Instagram post, "you can de-wrinkle, you can iron, you can also put in the kids' stuffed toys [to] sanitize those." Clothes refreshers operate with no chemicals, and some offer an app for remote start and other features, making them a great companion to your laundry routine.