Grab A Few Pool Noodles And Ornaments For This Genius Holiday Lawn Decor DIY

Foam pool noodles are fast becoming every DIY-er's favorite material for creating gorgeous decor at a tremendously low price. This is especially true off-season, where you can find this versatile element let loose from poolsides — making everything from charming fall mantles to chic wall decor. They are particularly great for the outdoors, where they are moisture and temperature-friendly, which means they stand up far longer to the elements than other materials like styrofoam. TikTok user @hometalk recently showed off a great holiday DIY by creating ornament poles that are useful for all manner of things simply by covering the foam cylinder in ornaments, garland, and holiday greenery and adding an old mop or broom handle to provide some stability. 

This piece works great outside when covered in water-resistant ornaments or indoors, where your ornamentation and greenery can be a bit more delicate. While similar decor pieces at home retailers can cost upwards of $50, you can buy pool noodles inexpensively at places like Dollar Tree and Micheal's, making this DIY, even with ornaments, under $10 to create. This means you can assemble as many as you need to make your yard or home more festive. 

Creating holiday ornament poles

To create a pool noodle ornament pole, simply cut a pool noodle to your desired length and slide it over a wooden rod. @hometalk uses an old mop handle, but you can use any wooden stick, including inexpensive broom handles from Dollar Tree. This will make your pool noodle less likely to bend under the weight of the ornaments and allow you to stick it in the ground or a planter. Use a hot glue gun to add ornaments, twinkle lights, holiday greenery, sprigs, and other decorative elements to the pole. You can also use a dab of glue and drive picks into the foam itself, creating a very secure hold. 

These ornament poles are great for a variety of uses, including lining your front walkways and turning them into a whimsical holiday wonderland. You can also place them in large outdoor planters in lieu of traditional trees or bushes, where they will add some height to your festive decor. Create beautiful holiday arches by combining the ornament pool noodles with this great holiday archway DIY. Indoors, the ornament poles are lovely on mantles or as holiday centerpieces. Place them alongside or above doors by creating loops with zip ties that allow you to fasten them to command hooks. Combine the poles with other similar DIY projects like this Christmas pool noodle tree or this pool noodle holiday garland.