14 Amazing Ways To Reuse Bottle Caps Around The House

Bottles are typically easy to recycle, but what do you do with the cap after recycling the bottle? Unfortunately, bottle caps often end up as litter, as people aren't supposed to put the caps in the recycling bins with the bottles. For instance, take this TikTok video, posted by @sendit4thesea, which shows someone who found 142 bottle caps on the beach. Rather than let your bottle caps turn into litter, consider reusing them. 

There are many ways to reuse bottle caps, allowing you to have fun and be creative while benefiting the environment. Believe it or not, you can even save money by transforming your bottle caps into cute and chic decorations for your home. There's a decor idea for everyone, whether you want a new hot pad, man cave decoration, or festive pieces. So, please explore the various creative ways to reuse bottle caps in your home before you just forget about them.

Make a cute hot pad for your kitchen

Do you need a hot pad for your kitchen table and have a bunch of bottle caps that you don't know what to do with? Kill two birds with one stone and use bottle caps as the base for the inside of the pad. You may even want to impress your guests by using the circle shapes to create a fun design, such as a cluster of grapes.

Assemble a small decorative table light

Are you looking for a fun way to light up your table but don't want to buy a traditional, boring table lamp? Consider doing something different by fusing a bunch of bottle caps in a cube formation around a mini-light. For a uniform look, try using bottle caps in all the same colors, but for a more free-spirited vibe, use caps in all various colors.

Design decor to hang on your doors

Bottle caps can be great starting points for embellishments for your doors. Dress up the bottle caps with yarn, paint, cloth, or any other materials, put them on a string, and hang those decorations up on your doorknobs to add personality to any door in your home or even your house's exterior door for a unique and welcoming look.

DIY letter art

An excellent way to personalize your home is to use letter art to spell out your name, a loved one's name, or any other words and phrases that have significant meaning to you. Try using a hot glue gun to attach the bottle caps to the letter decor. Whether you mount the decorations to the wall or let them sit on a table, they'll add more character to your home.

Make bottle cap magnets for your fridge

Everyone with a fridge knows how fun it is to embellish that fridge with magnets, adding personality to the appliance. Instead of buying a new decorative magnet or pre-embellished magnets for your kitchen or dorm room, save money and get creative by repurposing your old bottle caps into magnets. One way to create a bottle cap magnet is to attach two buttons to each bottle cap and then attach the small magnet.

Put together a romantic spin on bottle cap decor

"Bottle cap" and "romantic" don't typically go together. But you can still DIY bottle cap decorations with romantic twists by creating a heart shape from your various bottle caps and fusing them in that design or attaching them to a heart-shaped canvas. Put the heart-shaped bottle cap decoration up in your room for a unique spin on romantic decor, or gift it to that special someone for their home.

Explore ocean-inspired art

As mentioned, many bottle caps sadly end up as litter on beaches. So, remind people to reuse items rather than ruin beaches by transforming bottle caps into beachy art. Turning red caps into a lobster or crab design can be fun, as can mimicking ocean waves with blue and green bottle caps, especially if you have an ocean theme in your home.

Make a one-of-a-kind blanket

If you want to do something ambitious, collect as many bottle caps as you can. Rather than using them to create a small item or accessory, turn them into a blanket. If you have friends, family members, or roommates interested in helping the planet, make it a group project. Even if you don't cuddle up under the blanket too often, it will still make for an eye-catching decoration.

DIY adorable lanterns

Whether you hang them in your home or outside on tree branches or strings, lanterns are beautiful and exciting. Rather than going to a store and buying expensive, generic lanterns or using elaborate art materials, why not DIY mini-lanterns with bottle caps? Stand some bottle caps up vertically and enclose them with horizontal caps on the top and bottom to form a lantern shape. They'll be sure to start conversations with guests!

Create bar-inspired man cave decor with caps from your drinks

Are you dying to add new, unique decorations to your cozy man cave to create a bar-inspired atmosphere? Collect the bottle caps from all your favorite drinks — and your friends' favorites — all the beer brands you appreciate. Then, attach them to a canvas and display them on the wall, a table, or the bar area in the cave. Even if you and your friends aren't big drinkers, try the idea with your favorite soda brands' bottle caps instead. 

Represent your love for flowers

Are you a flower enthusiast? Flaunt your love for floral decor by using bottle caps to create flower designs and folding the caps into petal shapes. If you have a garden, consider showcasing your floral bottle cap art in or by the garden — whether you hang it on a fence or display it on a tree.

Commit to a table decorated in bottle caps

If you want to do something daring with your bottle caps and are willing to commit to a more time-consuming project, use them to embellish a table. For instance, if you have a small, circle-shaped table, fill in the tabletop's circle outline with caps featuring every color of the rainbow — or at least every bottle cap hue you have. Also, research the best methods for approaching the embellishment and finishing processes to avoid damaging the table.

Form an ornament or a mini-Christmas tree

Why not opt for a creative spin on ornaments by making some out of bottle caps? Not only will doing so save you from going out and spending money on new ornaments, but the reused materials will add more character to your tree. If you want to take the festive theme even further, consider making a small Christmas tree decoration out of the bottle caps, and feel free to make bottle cap decorations inspired by other holidays, too. 

Add 3D details to paintings

Do you enjoy painting and want to add a 3D component to your art? Bottle caps can be that exciting new element. Whether you start by only adding one or a few caps as subtle embellishments or make many bottle caps the focus of a colorful piece, bottle caps hacks like this can bring your art to life.