Create Extra Storage Space With This Over-The-Door Dollar Tree DIY

Cute and stylish storage solutions are a must, particularly in smaller spaces like bathrooms, where space is often at a premium. Storage racks from retailers, however, can be costly, and many options aren't quite right for your space or decor. TikTok user @chocolate_dutchezx has an ingenious solution for an easily mounted storage rack. Their brilliant DIY hack uses only products available from Dollar Tree to create an over-the-door storage rack perfect for scents, shower products, and other bathroom essentials.

To create this DIY rack, you'll need over-the-door hooks, zip ties, two metal cooling racks, and several wire mesh drawer organizers. You can create a rack of any size with your desired number of trays, all for around $10 in supplies. Customize the project to your desired storage needs by simply increasing the number of racks and trays you use. As @chocolate_dutchezx suggests, you can even paint the rack your desired shade or, as they do, use the original stainless-steel finish.

Making a DIY over-the-door storage caddy

To create your over-the-door rack, start by determining your rack's ideal size and the number of trays you'll need. Fasten your oven racks together with zip ties at each end, cutting off the ties' excess after they're secured. To add the trays, loop a zip tie through the rack and the mesh tray, fastening the trays securely against the rack. To hang, place the rack over an over-the-door hook unit with the rack resting on the hooks.

While @chocolate_dutchezx creates their rack to hang over the bathroom door, it can also be hung on the wall using nails or high-capacity adhesive hooks. You can even hang it next to the sink where it'll sit tightly against the wall and provide ideal storage for items like toiletries, cosmetics, or nail polishes. To accommodate some hanging objects like jewelry, hair tools, or other accessories, add some small metal S-hooks to your rack for additional storage capacity and a perfectly organized bathroom.