The Best Place To Start When Designing A Rustic Home, According To Pinterest

Weathered furniture, burlap, barn doors, and neutral colors are some of what make up the rustic decor starter pack because these elements have a connection to nature and represent its rawness and authenticity. This is why the best thing to do when designing a rustic home, per this Pinterest post, is to let nature inspire you and be your guide.

A rustic home is all about charm, simplicity, and natural beauty. The rustic style approaches design from the perspective that authenticity and comfort are key, and nature should have a presence indoors as well. Because of this, the imperfect and unique are celebrated and highlighted. You can have mismatched furniture and a bunch of different materials and textures, and they can all come together in cohesion. Something fun about the rustic style is you can go all in or just incorporate it in small doses and it will still communicate that connection to nature successfully.

Take inspiration from nature

A great place to start is with the color scheme. The best color palette for a rustic home decor style involves earthy colors because they are similar to what's found out in nature. The category of earthy colors provides a wide range of possibilities so you have a lot of leeway in making it your own. First, decide on whether you want your home to communicate more coolness or more warmth. If you prefer warmth, then consider brown, red, and yellow shades like terracotta, taupe, sienna, and mustard. For a cool palette, look for cool shades of blue, green, and gray, or mixtures of any of the three.

Texture is another way to take inspiration from nature. When comparing the natural to the artificial, perfection is one of the main things that set them apart. When you're creating something, either from imagination or to copy something from nature, there's always some pressure to make it perfect and without mistakes. However, nature's strength is in the uniqueness of everything. Knowing that gives you the freedom to embrace imperfections, whether that's with a distressed wooden furniture piece or a raw stone surface.

Choosing furniture and accessories

When you have decided on a color scheme and feel more open to various textures, you can choose the right furniture and accessories to fill your new home. One rustic furniture idea is to go for wood, leather, and metal pieces because they are great natural materials that you can mix and match for a balanced space. This is also true for decor accessories.

DIY crafts and projects are also big when designing a rustic home. For example, you can build a sliding barn door either from scratch or by reviving an old door, knit your own macramé wall hangings, or freshen up and repurpose an antique chest to use as a side table. Of course, you can buy readymade pieces but we encourage shopping at thrift stores and estate sales for vintage items and supporting local artisans for handmade products. You'll have a better chance of getting natural pieces with unique imperfections to give your home that rustic charm.