Give Your Glass Kitchen Cabinets A Cozy Modern Upgrade With This Design Tip

Glass cabinet doors can do a lot for the kitchen. They make the space look more open and therefore feel bigger, while also making it easier to know what's where just by looking through. Those come at a cost, however, as glass cabinets work best when they are spotless and their contents are organized. To get around this, installing wallpaper behind the glass is one cozy modern upgrade that can help.

Glass-front cabinets have always been around, and can sometimes feel dated. However, they don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. People still appreciate the look because there are always ways to incorporate it in a modern kitchen. With the different types of glass options and various elements that can complement them, this style of cabinet doors continues to be a popular choice. It even goes beyond the top and bottom cupboards. Glass doors are also a good look for standalone units, like a beloved French country cabinet, as well as in-wall pantries.

Wallpaper behind the glass

With clear, see-through cabinet doors, the need may arise for some visual interest or something different. This may be why stained glass kitchen cabinets are making a comeback in homes. They add some elegance and are a clever way to bring in non-transparent glass. Similarly, wallpaper at the back of the cabinet doors can create an interesting sight. It's a unique touch that you don't see often and it's something you can easily do yourself.

The appeal of wallpaper is that it is a non-permanent way to add style to virtually any surface. For glass kitchen cabinets, this means you can pick any wallpaper pattern to adorn your doors and have the option to switch it out when you want something else. It also allows the glass to maintain its reflective properties. Because the wallpaper isn't covering the front, the doors will still reflect the light that comes in. Another benefit is that wallpaper can change when the kitchen decor changes and it won't cost you that much, whether it's the materials or the labor. This is part of what makes wallpaper better than painting.

How to DIY

First, get your wallpaper, scissors, a long ruler, and duct tape. Next, measure your glass sizes and cut your wallpaper strips with an added inch. Place it against the door from the inside, pattern side out, then tape it snugly on the top and bottom. You'll have to get wallpaper that isn't peel-and-stick because you'll be adhering the wallpaper on the front, not the back. We also recommend getting wallpaper with a continuous pattern so you don't have to worry about the seams showing and being uneven.

This Gabriela Blue Floral Paper from Home Depot is a good example of the type of wallpaper to get. It doesn't have a self-adhesive backing, has a repeat design, and can be easily removed. It is 20.5 in. x 33 ft. and costs $25. You can also use fabric instead of wallpaper. A sheet of fabric will have a double-sided pattern so you can just apply your adhesive glue to the front side and place it on the glass. This will even help it lay flatter. And just like the wallpaper, choose a continuous fabric pattern.